Around the Planet: 6 New Bathroom Design Trends 2021

The bathroom often gets the least attention when it comes to home decorating, but its interiors are just as important. After all, it is extremely relaxing to have something lovely to look at while you’re having a bath.

6 New Bathroom Design Trends 2021

If you’re looking for ideas, don’t forget that the world is your oyster. And with their unique design elements, let’s explore 6 stunning bathroom design trends from around the world.

1. France: Rustic Wooden Accents

Credit: Home Bunch

Although the French’s design sense is rather sophisticated, their bathroom interiors have more rustic charm. A fundamental feature that stands out is the wooden accents.

In our ‘Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas‘ post, we discussed how wood is a key element for rustic bathroom decor, as it makes everything look more natural. Charming furniture like a wooden vanity or a towel rack will give your bathroom a French feel.

2. Japan: Deep Soaking Tubs

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Credit: Trendir

There’s something to be said about how soothing Japanese bathrooms look. And this Zen atmosphere can be credited to the presence of the deep soaking tub. PureWow shares that this immersive tub goes back to ancient Japan, and was used for Buddhist cleansing rituals.

Moreover, it was designed to be a replica of a hot spring. Nowadays, it has become a beloved bathroom fixture of the Japanese because of its therapeutic benefits.

3. UK: Exposed Pipes

modern bathroom design
Credit: The Style Files

A key element of industrial design, exposed pipes are especially popular now, with Yahoo sharing how it’s a must-have design for British bathrooms. This eye-catching trend strikes the right balance between style and function because it elevates the room’s look by simply highlighting this essential bathroom fixture.

But it goes beyond the industrial aesthetic, as you’ll need to ensure that your pipes are properly protected too. Pipes can get damaged easily, especially if they are exposed, which is why UK-based HomeServe recommends that you take proper care of your plumbing through good coverage.

A broken pipe can be very costly to repair if not budgeted for, and with the added danger of exposed pipes getting knocked it is better to be safe than sorry. That being said, don’t be afraid to experiment with this British design trend, as incorporating exposed pipes is a great way to give your bathroom a chic yet industrial touch.

4. Indonesia: Lush Greenery

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Credit: Bali Interiors

The Indonesian island of Bali has an extremely relaxing environment. And this even extends to their bathrooms because they can make anyone feel like they’re in paradise, too. A big reason behind this is the lush greenery that’s placed inside.

It’s important to note, though, that some Balinese bathrooms are partially open, but you can replicate this by having plenty of plants in your space. In fact, TreeHuggers points out that plants like orchids, ferns, and air plants are gorgeous choices that can thrive in your bathroom.

5. Italy: Grand Vanities

bathroom design trend
Credit: Nella Vetrina

Italians are known to be makers of luxury, which is why it should be no surprise that their bathroom vanities have grand designs. With its massive mirrors and marble counters, the Italian vanity is undeniably glamorous.

But if you’re afraid that you don’t have enough room for it, there’s no need to fret, as you can simply incorporate its design elements. You can install ornate wallpaper for a luxe feel. Another option is to hang up a beveled mirror to enhance your space.

6. Greece: Stylish Tiles

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Credit: Camille Styles

A Greek bathroom isn’t complete without artistic tiles from the classic meander style to the playful geometrical print. Not to mention, the famous blue-and-white variant can make you feel like you’ve traveled to the Mediterranean Sea. Installing these in your bathroom adds an element of elegant texture to your space.

Don’t forget that every room in your home is valuable. So, why not show your bathroom some love by sprucing it up?

And perhaps drawing inspiration from these dazzling bathroom design trends from around the world is the fixer-upper it needs

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