Easy Ways to Make Your Living Room Extra Cozy

Honestly, there’s no better time to make some effort and give your living room a cozier feel. After all, we’re spending so much time at home and under stress that we all deserve some extra relaxation in our lives.

So how can you make your living room cozy without spending too much money or time? Here are a few easy tips to keep in mind: 

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Embrace dark colors

Light and airy rooms are pleasant and great for lifting up your mood, but if you’re looking to boost comfort and coziness in your space, dark colors are a way to go.

Black, blue-gray, forest green, and other deep and moody colors will just make you want to chill on the couch with some Netflix and forget about the world. In order to break the monotony, sprinkle a few metallic or gold accessories just for fun and glamour. 

Go all-in with pillows

Netflix binge can quickly turn into a nap if you’re not careful, so you’ll need something to rest your head and feet on. In that case, pillows will come in handy when you can’t sit straight anymore.

Buy a bunch of overstuffed pillows and throw them on your couch, sofa, and even floor (these are a great replacement for real seating). Mix your pillows and invest in all sorts of textures to make your space cozy yet aesthetically pleasing.

Include a soft fuzzy rug and a few throws in the picture and you’ll achieve levels of comfort you’ve never experienced before. 

Embrace rustic vibes

Think about how you feel about your rural vacation. Super relaxed, right? So why not imitate at least a little bit of that vibe in your home?

Calming pine trees and fern wallpapers on accent walls, some greenery, faux animal fur, and voila you have a real woodland paradise in your living room.

If you love a touch of macabre mystery, you can even hang a handcrafted animal skull on the wall to serve as an interesting conversation starter. These pieces usually have a very strong rustic vibe, so if you want to know more you can read about it here – https://skullbliss.com/blogs/news/rustic-interior-design. Expect to get plenty of other rustic ideas! 

Supersize your furniture

When you’re redesigning your living room and want to improve comfort, think big seating that invites you to sink between the pillows and take a power nap. Think deep-seated couches, cushy yet ergonomic chairs, and plenty of ottomans to rest your feet.

To further improve comfort, get one or two smaller side tables and place them within arm’s reach so you can always have your snacks and your drinks near.

And if you really want to be known as “comfort royalty” get furniture with USB ports for easy charging of your phone, tablet, or Nintendo consoles! 

Cozy up in front of a fire

There’s nothing more relaxing and romantic than nesting in front of a fireplace while you listen to some soft music and enjoy wine. If you have space for a hearth, go for it, but if you don’t, you can opt for a gas fireplace that will look just as relaxing as the real thing.

Don’t want to invest in a fireplace yet?

Buy a bunch of candles online, light them up, and enjoy the gentle flickering of the fire. Just don’t forget to kill the fire before you doze off it can be a serious health hazard! 

While you might not be able to relax somewhere away from home, you can still enjoy luxurious comfort in your living room. So, study these easy interior décor tips and your space will not only feel cozier than ever before but also look like a million bucks!

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