Excellent Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

Decorations are so enjoyable during the holiday when they are finally all in place. Some families take it down the day after and others let it linger, enjoying the festive decor a bit longer.

There are traditions for each household, some with live trees and others with artificial ones. Many homes decorate more than one tree and room as well. 

Just about every person responsible for decorating their home for the holiday season has experienced issues with Christmas storage and packing.

Using these tips will help as you organize all of the decors, once and for all when you repack it after use. When the holiday rolls around next year, always faster than you think, you will be ready! 

Take Photos

Take pictures of decorations before packing them. This way you can place the decorations together as they are in the picture keeping them organized for the following year.

Go a step further and laminate the photo either placing it in the box or on it allowing you to know not only what is in the box but also how it should be displayed. 

Label Bins

Be sure to label the boxes according to where the contents are to be displayed. For instance, it might say den tree/ornaments or holiday village/living room.

You can also number the boxes if you have a particular order for decorating. If you put trees up first, they will be numbered one. If you decorate the outside first, those bins will get number one. 

Store Vertically

If you have space in your home to store all of the Christmas or holiday decor, store the boxes vertically going higher up a wall possibly in the garage.

You can do this safely with added shelving and it creates extra space going up. It is important to place heavier boxes on the bottom, keeping breakable, lighter items on top. 

Use White Packing

Even though it is tempting to use newspaper for packing, it is not a good idea because the ink can stain delicate ornaments leaving them permanently damaged. Wrapping in white packing paper or tissue will keep all decorations protected and free from stains. 

Take Care with Candles

Candles should not be wrapped with paper or plastic since it will stick to them. You can use soft rags or socks instead. You also do not want to store candles where they can melt. This will be disastrous as they melt all over your other ornaments losing the candles and other decorations. 

Keep Ornaments Dry

You can place silica gel packets in with the decorations to keep them dry from any moisture that may accumulate. One easy way to stock up on these is keeping them from items you purchase.

The packets are used in shoe boxes, purses, and other items to keep them dry when staying on store shelves or being shipped. Another tip is using dryer sheets to keep the boxes pests free.

They will keep spiders and other bugs out of your decorations but need to be replaced each month for it to work effectively. 

Consider A Storage Unit

Over the years as your decoration collections grow, it may be difficult to find space at home to properly store your holiday decor, especially if you don’t want to store it outside in a garage or in a hot attic.

If this is the case, a great option is renting a storage unit. Smaller units can be very economical and you have the option of choosing a climate-controlled unit keeping your decorations in pristine condition.


Often what makes holiday decorations priceless is the memories that go along with them. In addition, it would be financially difficult to replace all of the ornaments you have collected over the years.

Taking the time to organize ornaments and pack them accordingly will be well worth it, especially next year when you see how easy it is to decorate with everything stored together in bins, with photos, and marked for the room where it belongs.

All of the packing tips will keep your decorations organized and ready to display each year. 

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