Guide To Choose The Right Size Wall Art For Your Room

So, you are planning to redecorate your room?

While decorating a room, you find the couch of your dreams, a matching rug, a beautiful lamp, and a stylish table. But, if still, you find the decoration incomplete, then focus on the wall décor, and your room will be complete.

When it comes to wall décor, it is a challenge to choose the perfect artwork for your room. There are so many colors, styles, framing options, and price points available in the market.

Selecting an appropriate wall art from so many options is overwhelming. Usually, you focus on choosing an attractive wall art that is colorful and stylish.

But, apart from looking for eye-catching wall prints, consider the size of wall art too. Do you find deciding the size of an art piece a daunting task?

If yes, you can refer to a guide below to select the right size of art for your wall space.

How to Decide Wall Art Sizes for a Room

When you plan for wall decoration, ensure that your space looks complete, not cluttered. Following are the variety of sizes that you can select based on your room space.

Small Size Art Piece


While decorating a small room with limited space, you can choose small artwork pieces. Choosing artwork with small sizes can be perfect while you decorate the shelves.

You can hang the group of small art pieces on a gallery to make them complement each other and the wall. The small size wall ark consists of sizes that range from 18 to 24 inches in height to width.

Medium Size Art Piece


Medium size artwork looks excellent for hallways, foyers, and office walls. Wall art pieces of medium sizes can sometimes stand alone and sometimes grouped based on your space. They do not add too much distraction, or they do not look cluttered.

If you hang a medium-sized piece on the wall that looks small, hang multiple pieces of the same size vertically. You can look for art pieces with a size range between 25 to 32 inches (two to three feet) in height and width.

Large Size Art Piece


Choose a wall art with large size to give your wall a polished look. It acts as a focal point in the space and can stand alone. Decorate your blank walls with large wall art to create a focal point in the living room.

Large-sized wall pieces would be a great source to show off the canvas prints, as canvas paintings are usually larger. It would be best to avoid hanging large wall pieces together of similar size.

But you can display a large art piece next to a group of smaller ones to create beautiful gallery art. You can look for large paintings with a size range of 33 inches in width and 40 inches in height (two-and-a-half to four feet).

How To Arrange The Wall Art in a Room

Are you looking for tips to arrange your perfect-sized wall art in a compatible design? If yes, you can look at the suggestions below before making decisions for art pieces arrangement.

Gallery Wall: A gallery wall is an innovative and fun way to design your pace and show off your personalized art pieces. For proper arrangement on a gallery wall, you should trace all art pieces’ dimensions and note them on paper.

Rearrange the layout for all paintings on the floor first before putting any hole in your wall. Take a picture of that arrangement on your phone for reference, then hang everything according to that picture.

While arranging art pieces, ensure enough space between each piece to avoid a messy layout.

Centerpiece Wall Art: If you want to give an excellent focal point to a room, you can show off a single piece that can fill up the wall in the right way.


Staircase Wall Art: Hang the art pieces in a straight line that is parallel to the stairs. Aim to hang a painting so that the imaginary straight line runs through the most significant art piece’s center.

This style looks best on staircases that are not narrow and have enough space.

Final Thoughts

To amp up the beauty of your interior, it is important to decorate walls with right-sized wall art. The general rule to choose the perfect size is to ensure that wall art takes up at least two-thirds of the wall space.

According to the available wall space in your room, consider buying small or large-sized artwork. Try to mix up pieces to create eye-catching wall decor.

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