How To Beautify Your Backyard

Backyards often look dingy, dirty, and smell stale. They’re normally used for storing things we wouldn’t want to keep in our main home and are prime estate for insect breeding grounds.

Backyards come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter how big or small it is, it can always be transformed into something bigger and better. Here are 12 ways you could try to create a more relaxing backyard.

Beautifying Your Backyard

Clear the Clutter

Our backyards are usually treated as a dumping ground or a place separate from reality. Overgrown trees, grass, and plants are not uncommon but that’s exactly where we should start. If you have furniture or anything that you might want to get rid of, get rid of that first.

Donate toys or furniture to other families who might need it more. Our aim here is to start from scratch, giving yourself ample space to work with.

Once that is done, take some time to think about what you’d like to use the yard for – whether you want to create a place of refuge or use it for a pool, then take the necessary actions to make that work.

Comfortable Seating

Planning the seating positions of your backyard may seem easy, but it is actually quite a tiring process. You will also have to take into consideration the types of chairs you’d like. If you’d like your backyard to be cozy it would take a lot more than to just get seats in.

You can try getting lawn chairs or even your own hanging hammock chair! Depending on what you’d like to use your backyard for, you would also need to think about the other furnishings you might need, in order to plan the space accordingly.

Take Advantage of a View

Not all backyards have views, but if you do, you’re one of the lucky ones that need to take advantage of that!

If your view is absolutely stunning, don’t plant trees or hedges around your fencing as this could block the view a fair bit. Similarly, this applies to outdoor furniture.

Having anything high or wide can cause quite a bit of clutter, taking your focus away from the main view. You can consider framing the view with landscaping plans but do note that furniture and landscaping should complement the view, not compete with it.

A Water Feature

Water has such a calming effect that having any sort of water feature can instantly make you feel better about the day.

While we understand that not everyone has the extra space to install a pool, there are other water features you can explore having as well such as a pond, portable fountain, etc.

A Hot Tub

Who doesn’t love a hot tub?

Whenever we’re on holiday, a hot tub is a must. If space permits, you can consider installing a hot tub in your backyard.

The feeling of soaking in a hot tub after a long day of work sounds enticing, you’ll definitely want to do that if you have the opportunity to.


If your backyard gets a lot of sunlight throughout the day, you might want to consider getting a shade. Spending more time in the backyard under the hot sun can prove damaging to your skin.

As such, having sufficient shade can keep the area soothing and sheltered, allowing you to fully enjoy the area without getting sunburnt. Some form of shade includes installing gazebos, awnings, umbrellas, or even just simply planting trees.

The Right Landscaping

As mentioned before, landscaping needs to gel with the scenery, not compete with it. When selecting plants, don’t just pick which you find pretty, you would also need to consider how it’ll look in the grand scheme of things.

Depending on where you live, you would also need to have an understanding of which plants would or would not thrive in your backyard or even how much sunlight it would receive. If you’re unsure, you can always consult an expert in landscaping.

Design a More Inviting Patio or Deck

Nobody likes ugly flooring. Simply cementing your floors won’t transform your backyard.

Apart from planting grass (we recommend carpet), you can also consider building a deck or patio, which would be great for your personal activities like yoga, exercise, or even reading. Having a nice space for yourself would make the area more inviting and cozy.

Create Privacy

Privacy is such an important aspect that people often overlook, especially if your home is visible from outside. If you’re going to make the backyard you’re personal hang out spot, it’s important to consider privacy.

For example, having screens, walls, or fences at a suitable height can not only protect your privacy, but it can also blend in with your landscaping plans.

Add Fire

Unless you live in a humid, tropical environment, you might need a fireplace for the winter. You can pick up a portable heater from the Home DIY store or simply build a little spot for a fireplace.

Having a nice spot to sit outside and chill can prove to be a good investment in the long run.

Add Fragrant Plants

Scented candles might sound good for now, but it isn’t practical. Instead of constantly replenishing your scented candles, you might want to consider scented plants.

These plants will continuously fill your backyard with the fresh scent of botanicals, keeping you in a good mood.

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Outdoor lighting is essential – nobody wants to be kept in a cool dark spot without being able to see anything. The importance of lighting becomes clearer in the night, where having a well-lit place can help navigate and give a romantic touch to your backyard.

Turn Your Backyard Into A Place You Want To Be In

Our yards are more often than not, cluttered and somewhere we wouldn’t like spending much time at. Transforming your backyard into a more cozy environment might be difficult when you think about it – not knowing where to start.

We hope that this has served as a good guide for you when you think about transforming your backyard. Have fun!

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