How to Create the Perfect Gym Space at Home

Finding the motivation to exercise doesn’t come easy to everyone. Even the most athletic individuals struggle sometimes to get out of bed and hit the gym.

A good excuse for not working out is not wanting to pay to join a gym or it taking too long to get there at all.

This excuse can be eliminated if you have a gym at home! A home gym is a great way to stay motivated and keep up with a fitness routine.

While it doesn’t have to be as fancy as an exclusive fitness center, it can fulfill all the exercise needs you have. All you need is your favorite equipment and some great music to get excited about staying fit.

Getting started creating the perfect gym at home might be the most difficult part. Once you know where to begin, it’s all a breeze from there.

Find a Dedicated Space


The first step to putting in a gym at home is finding the perfect space for it. It doesn’t have to be huge as long as it can fit everything you plan to use!

Empty garage space or an unused shed that only collects junk can easily be transformed into something more purposeful.

Make room for the items that you need and that you will use frequently. Creating a gym space at home is a reason to get rid of the old junk you’ve always meant to throw away.

You can also turn the room that you don’t know how to use into a perfect workout space. It’s just a matter of putting in the equipment that you love!

It can be a fun idea to surprise your partner with a well-designed space that they’d never expect. Imagine how happy they would be if you made the space you never use into an awesome gym! Marina Turea, writing for Gift Wits has created the perfect list of fun accessories to fill any gym space and impress your partner.

Install Proper Flooring


A big part of a functional and comfortable gym space at home is the flooring that you install. When you are doing physical activity, you want to make sure you are doing so on a material that is best for your body.

Hard flooring can damage joints with impact. Flooring that is too soft can inhibit your ability to balance.

Opt for rubber flooring to make the best use of the gym space. This is the safest and it is what many fitness centers use themselves.

Rubber flooring also tends to be easy to install. Even the DIY newbies will not struggle with laying it down.

It comes in interlocking tiles or a roll, depending on what suits your needs best. Rubber is also optimal because of how easy it is to clean. You will sweat a lot, so cleaning is a must!

Make sure your gym space has the most beneficial flooring to make it safe and clean.

Purchase A High-Quality Speaker


Getting motivated isn’t always easy. That’s why a catchy playlist featuring upbeat songs is so important.

Without a speaker, playing those songs won’t sound as good. You could always wear headphones, but those fall out and can be a nuisance sometimes.

The speaker on your phone just won’t get loud enough to pump you up and make you want to keep going.

Invest in a loud, high-quality speaker to play the songs that get you most excited to stay active.

Any streaming device will work, from an Echo Dot to a TV with smart functionalities. As long as the volume can go up high your workout space will be awesome.

Look for a speaker that will last you a long time. It might be worth spending those few extra dollars to get the speaker that will never fail you.

Only Get the Necessary Equipment


When you are putting in a gym for yourself, it is definitely easy to get carried away. Ellipticals, treadmills, barbells, and leg presses might all sound great, but what are the odds you’ll use them all frequently?

Try to limit yourself to only purchasing what you will use daily. Weights are a definite must-have, as is a cardio machine. 

While having everything a big gym would have might be impressive, it will ultimately be a waste of space. Think of the other fun activities you can do in that room that won’t involve a bulky machine.

Save some room for the days you feel like doing some yoga or a fun Zumba routine. There is so much you can do in the new designated gym space if you don’t want to fill it up with equipment you will rarely use.

Pick your favorites and start with those. You can always get more as you go, but start small! It is a good idea to see how much you use the space and what you wish you had later.



Every good gym has a mirror hung on the wall. It might be embarrassing to watch yourself, but this is the only way to make sure you are doing workouts properly.

Maintaining proper form in any workout you do is so important. Doing it wrong could lead to injury or discomfort.

Mirrors are especially helpful for doing squats, lifting weights, practicing yoga, or dancing. There is no way to improve if you can’t see what you are doing wrong!

A body length mirror can make a huge difference in the home gym you build. It will feel just like you are paying for an exclusive membership but from the comforts of home.

Other Fun Accessories


There are many essentials to a fully functioning gym but there are also many fun accessories that can really jazz it up depending on the person.

If you have room, you can put in a water cooler to make sure you stay hydrated or a mini-fridge to keep stocked with Gatorade.

Look for decor that you love and other useful items that will keep you on track with your workout routine.

Exercising will be so much easier and a lot more fun if you can do it from home. Create a space that you and your partner would love to use to stay fit and healthy together.


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