How To Move A Storage Shed

Having a shed can be a great way to maximize space without having to add on to your home. But, what do you do if you need to move it to another location? Is it possible to move it without having a professional moving company?

Of course, it is! We will tell you how you can do it and what are the most common methods.

Why Would I Need to Move A Shed?

Before we look at how to move a shed, we should look at why you might need to do it. There can be many reasons you might want to choose a better location for your shed. One of these could be:

  • Need for other things in your yard, such as a garden or a pool.
  • Trying to make the most out of the space you have.
  • Having a problem with the drainage in the area where the shed is.
  • Maximizing sunlight to your shed.
  • Making it easier to access your shed or having it closer to your house.

Whatever your reason, you can move your shed without having to hire a pro.

Moving your shed does not have to be difficult or expensive. Let’s look at some of the ways to do it.

The Most Common Method

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Moving the shed by yourself is possible if you are organized and plan properly. If you follow the basic steps, you should be able to move it without any problems.

  1. Clear your shed. This seems obvious but should be stated anyway. If there is less stuff in your shed, it will be easier to move. Also, your stuff won’t get damaged from being tossed around in a moving shed.
  2. Find dependable friends. The size of your shed and how strong your friends are will determine how many to call.
  3. Gather your tools. Most people don’t have a crane in their backyard, so you’ll have to gather hands-on tools. Here is what you’ll need:
  • An auto jack. This can be a hi-lift jack or a floor jack, but any auto jack will do the job.
  • Metal or PVC pipes (at least three). These should be the width of the shed or a little bit wider. These will act as wheels.
  • Wood tracks- at least two.
  • Wood blocks or cinder blocks.
  1. Clear the path. The new place for your shed should be cleared of debris, trees, shrubs, etc. it should also be leveled. The path to get there across your yard should be wide enough for the shed to pass through safely.
    This path should be clear of debris and leveled as possible. Don’t forget overhead! Pay attention to tree branches and electric lines that might hinder your move.
  2. Jack up your shed. You want to jack up the back end of the shed as high or a little higher than the rolling pipes and wood tracks combined. Put wood blocks under and then repeat these steps for the front of the shed.
  3. Insert rollers and tracks. With your wooden blocks in place, put the rollers (pipes) under the shed. These should go past the edge of the shed a little bit to account for a little bit of wiggle room.
    Once these are inserted, you can start rolling. Push the shed toward its new spot, slowly. You can use the same pipes as you go, grabbing the pipe from the back and putting it in the front.
    To turn the shed, one person in each corner swiveling it around will work. When you get the shed in position, put the woodblocks back in and jack it down on each end.

Other Alternatives

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The above method may not work for every circumstance. There are other ways for you to move your shed either by yourself or with a few friends.

Move Your Shed by Hand

By hand. This is for small sheds, made of plastic or metal. You’ll need to disconnect the shed from the foundation by removing any connecting bolts. Then find 2x4s that can be attached to the sides of the shed (not the door side).

These should be longer than the shed length. Once these are attached, you and three friends can simply carry the shed to the new location. This can also work if you only have the help of one friend. Use longer 2x4s on the sides and use them as handles to drag the shed.

Use a Moving Roller

This is equipment that is often used by moving companies. You would have to rent it either from a moving company or from a home improvement store, such as Lowe’s or Home Depot. They are similar in size to floor jacks but don’t have a long handle.

These can be especially useful if you have a smaller yard and don’t have space to use the pipe roller method mentioned above. This will have many of the same steps as the pipe roller approach.

You will need four rollers, a jack, and wood tracks (runners). Jack up the shed and place runners under the shed to start a track and line up the rollers under your shed. You’ll want to put them at intersections where bank boards and floor joists meet.

If your shed is on skids, the rollers can be placed under the four outer corners of the skids. Slowly lower the shed down on top of the rollers. Use extra precaution because of the shed comes off a roller, you have to jack it up again.

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Start moving your shed! Have a friend watch you as you move your shed and make sure it isn’t coming off track.

Drag the Shed on Skids

This one requires a truck or a tractor that can handle the heavy pull. Attach a chain or heavy-duty strap to the outer sides of the skids. You can use carriage bolts or long lag bolts. If you only have a floor frame and no skids, you jack your shed up and attach runners.

You would need to use brackets for this. Make sure the ends of your skids, front and back, are cut tapered so they look like a sled. This will help prevent them from getting caught on the ground during the move.

Brace the doors and windows of your shed and make sure the pathway is cleared. Then you can hook your shed up and pull!

Use A Forklift or A Tractor With Forks

This will take some extra money to rent if you don’t have a forklift- which most of us don’t- or fork attachments for your tractor. You will have to reinforce the door and window openings before moving your shed by using cross braces.

This prevents the shed from collapsing in these places. Then you slide the forks under the shed, lift them and tilt backward. If it’s a larger shed, use straps around the shed and attach them to the forklift. This helps keep it steady while in motion.

Use a Trailer

This is very effective, particularly if you need to move your shed further than your yard. You will need:

  1. A truck. It doesn’t have to be a heavy-duty truck, but it should not be attempted with a car
  2. A trailer that is large enough for the shed.
  3. The trailer needs to be a flatbed with an area that is bigger than the shed.

You will need to jack up the shed. You can jack up the whole thing using four jacks, little by little, and place the entire trailer underneath. Or you can jack up one side, allowing for the back part of the trailer to be put underneath.

If you use this method, you can use straps around the shed attached to your trailer hitch to pull the shed on the trailer. Brace all of your openings and secure your shed on the trailer before moving it.

What Works Best For You?

You can move your shed without having to find a professional to do it for you. With some friends to help and hard work, it is something that can be done relatively quickly. Find the method that works best for you and you’ll be on your way!

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