How To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Daytime Haven

When I moved into my first apartment having left my parents’ home, I had a clear idea of what I wanted my bedroom to be. As a teenager, it had been my only personal space, but now I was an adult and had a whole home to myself. My bedroom became the place I slept and got dressed, and occasionally used for other suitable reasons.

Years later, when my husband and I bought our first house together, we retained the same sort of attitude. Our bedroom was not the most important part of the home to furnish extravagantly. We did not want a TV in the bedroom, as we did not want to fall into bad habits. And so we barely spent any waking time there at all.

However, after a while, we decided to try something new with our bedroom. We committed to making it a more habitable space and became aware that it was perfect for spending quality time together, reading, pursuing our hobbies, and simply lying on the bed talking about everything and nothing.

To help you turn your bedroom into a daytime haven, you can use some DIY home ideas. Consider the following projects to get you started.


A reading nook


 Bedrooms are perfect for reading, especially when much of our brain space is taken up by work. Retiring to a corner of the bedroom where you can relax and read a novel is the perfect way to give your brain a fun but productive break.

Building a reading nook is not difficult. All you need to do is to put up some creative shelves. You can even use an old book to support other books, a tried-and-true technique for keeping a space exciting but open. With a simple daybed by your shelves, you already have the perfect space.

A comfy headboard


 Let’s be honest. Beds are not the ideal shape for waking activities. You are generally either lying down or sitting uncomfortably against a wall. However, if you use some cool DIY tricks you can create a headboard that is comfy and practical, that you can lean against as you write, play music, or do some meditation.

The key is to use a cushioned, fabric headboard, even if you prefer the look of a sparse wooden design. Minimalism in the bedroom can be conducive to your waking hours, but this is not the place to cut back on the accessories that provide comfort.

Your own art


What does your bedroom need to make it even more conducive to creativity? Your art on the walls is a symbolic and practical gesture that states your intent. You can spend time in your bedroom crafting those artworks if you are not going to be using substances that will make it difficult to breathe at night. But otherwise, your art makes it a space you are proud of and want to spend time enjoying.

Your bedroom is the ideal space to showcase your hobbies. Use this fact to turn it into the daytime haven you’ve always wanted.

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