How To Use Decor To Add Value To Your Home

Finding the right decor is a crucial step in making a home truly yours. With pieces you love and decorations that highlight your favorite parts of the house, it becomes the welcoming space you’ve always imagined.

More than just something to improve your home while you’re living in it, décor can also add real value to the house when you wish to sell or rent it.


Creating Value


While decor does not impact the actual foundations of the home, it can certainly attract more potential buyers, pushing up your home’s value. After all, most buyers make their decisions based on what catches their eyes at first.

High-quality décor can give the impression that your home is modern and sleek or it can give the impression that it is cozy and homely, with a class factor that people are willing to pay for.

Of course, not just any old decor adds value to your home. You need to make changes and choose pieces that are not simply sentimental but create a feeling of comfort and space.

They don’t have to be super expensive because money can’t actually buy taste but they do have to be well thought out and carefully selected.

Before embarking on any major home decoration projects, though, make sure you have the right homeowners insurance.

The chance of pouring money into a home and then having something happen to it is not something we like to think about but such things do happen so why not be as prepared as possible? Go to to find out more about affordable homeowners insurance that will protect you from unforeseen disasters.

To make it worth insuring, though, it has to be worth keeping. The following projects are some such examples that can add real value to your home.

Painting walls and ceilings


A fresh coat of paint makes a huge difference to how your house is perceived. Dull, dirty walls and ceilings give the impression that your home is old and has not been cared for, regardless of whether that truly is the case.

Painting your walls and ceilings immediately uplifts the entire home for potential buyers.

But you don’t need to stop at a new coat of paint. A statement wall in a bright color or with interesting patterns makes your home look chic. While this is a superficial change to the home, it impresses people and impacts their experience of the home’s aesthetics.

Innovative shelving

Putting up floating shelves and finding other innovative shelving options adds more than just a modern look. It also creates space which is very important for many buyers. It is tricky getting the right balance with storage, as you don’t want to use up rooms of the house.

Shelving gives you options to keep treasured items on display without cluttering up the house.

Make sure to use your design eye to curate what you put on your shelving. The right decor can give viewers a good impression of your home, showing them that they can bring in everything they own without causing too much clutter.

Clean finishings


The finishings in your home can make a huge difference when showing it. Window frames that look old and worn are going to put people off, while fresh, modern frames bring the outside in. They also reassure potential buyers that the home has the necessary insulation.

The same is true with doors. Focus on getting all the finishings right, including the door handles, visible hinges, and locks.

Light fixtures impact how the light falls on different parts of the house. Beautiful new light fixtures are themselves very attractive and are often more effective than old-style fixtures which placed form above function. The lighting in the home is all-important.

Open up spaces

Extraneous walls do a tremendous job at making your home feel smaller than it is.

While previous owners may have wanted extra walls to contain some of the chaos in the house, they take away from the experience of showing your home. The last thing you want is a sense of claustrophobia.

Knocking down walls that are not load-bearing is fairly easy and cheap. You will have to spend a bit of money on cleaning up the remaining walls and ceilings. With extra walls out of the way, your house will get more light and give a greater sense of modernity.

Decor can make a huge difference to the value of your home. While it will not raise the price as much as structural and foundational changes might, it can add to it significantly without you having to spend too much money.

And, if you’re not planning on selling your home any time soon, it makes your living space more comfortable for you and your family.

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