Best 10 Inexpensive Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the place where you feel most relaxed and composed. It is a place to rest after working for a long tiring day. If your bedroom lacks interest and style, then it is time to make some changes.

You might feel confused about where to start. Paying close attention to the decor decisions can result in a stylish space for relaxation. There are many ways to transform your bedroom from boring to wow, and they are not difficult or expensive.

10 Inexpensive Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom

Following are some bedroom upgrade ideas that will not break your bank but make it feel refreshed and expensive instantly:

Hang Budget-Friendly Artwork


Prints are a great and affordable way to decorate a bedroom and turn a bare wall into stylish and exciting. Plus, it is a one-time investment. Once you have the frames, you can change the prints when you feel bored.

You can pick cheap canvas wall art online or frame the items you already have, like postcards or magazine cuttings. If you want to save more money and like a more relaxed vibe, you can go frameless.

You can also create a gallery wall by refinishing old and empty frames, souvenirs, trophies, or smaller framed prints.

Style Your Nightstand


Many people let their nightstand devolve into a trash drawer. But it should not be regarded as a junk drawer, but it is basically for display purposes.

Clear the glasses that most people place above the table or drawers filled with creams, papers, etc. Make a room look glamorous by putting genuine efforts into styling your nightstand.

Choose a lamp, cute vase, or small plant to put on the nightstand. You can also hang something small on the empty wall behind the tabletop.

Paint One Wall, or Them All


Paint is one option that refreshes a room quickly, and you can easily change it when you tire of it. It depends on your budget if you want to paint one wall and make it a feature wall or change the whole makeover.

But before beginning, this project, make sure to protect your furniture and floors with proper covers.

Hang Personalized Artwork


The best spot to display the collection of your personal photographs is your bedroom. You can surround yourself with precious memories by simply decorating a bedroom wall with photos of your loved ones.

You can test different designs for your artwork by cutting various shapes from craft paper and paste them on a wall. To hang them easily, pick pieces of the same style to make a picture rail.

Install decorative hooks on pieces and hold them with a chain to display a mix of photos and add visual interest.

Upgrade Your Mirror


Do you have old mirrors you bought during your college days? If yes, then it is high time to change them. You can hang an antique-inspired brass mirror or something curvy that will glam up your room.

You can also pick a mirror with a shelf to get a bit of vertical storage space. Mirrors can be a bit expensive. For cheap mirrors, you can search them online or at a flea market.

Mirrors are excellent reflecting devices, so they will reflect light in your bedroom and illuminate it more. In addition, mirrors also create an illusion of more space. Your room will look open up and big.

Fill Your Space with Plants


Plants are a very cheap way to spruce up the bedroom room décor. Try to decorate the bedroom with fresh foliage, tiny succulents, or hanging plants. They will breathe a new life in your bedroom.

They make a room look fresh and colorful.  There are some air purifying plants available in the market, such as Snake Plant or Spider Plant.

People who struggle with sleeping disorders can add calming Jasmine, Aloe Vera, or Lavender in the room. The best thing about decoration with plants is you can toss them into the trash guilt-free after some time.

Change Your Throw Pillow and Bedding


The bed is the focal point in the bedroom. If you change the throw pillows or a duvet, it will effectively make a drastic change to your bedroom. Try to select a bedding color different from the old one.

It will make a significant impact on the bedroom decors. White bedding is an all-time favorite, and you can layer it with the wool blanket in the winter season. In summers, you can add boho-inspired pillows to make a significant effect.

Try different patterns and colors for a beautiful outcome.

Make a Statement with Wallpaper

Wallpaper is an easy and fantastic way to create a statement in a bedroom. You can find a variety of wallpapers in the market. You can quickly refresh the bare walls with wallpapers of your choice on an affordable budget.

You can easily replace it in the future if required. It adds a new style and glam up your bedroom.

Throw Down a Large Rug


An area rug can cover the old-fashioned floorboards. You can pick a rug as big as you can afford. It looks best if the majority of furniture covers an area rug. It will the room look more prominent in size too.

You can layer up the rugs if you have more space and add smaller rugs on both sides of the bed. It will give extra texture and coziness to the room.

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Pick Out New Lighting


There are so many affordable and gorgeous bedroom lighting options available in the market. Instead of a standard cream lamp, look for something that is going to make a style statement.

Replace your bedroom lights with new lighting that adds texture and glam to your bedroom. Rattan shades or industrial-style metal numbers add elegance to the room.

It is an effortless and simple way of transformation. Changing shades or adding fairy lights is something you can do any minute. Moreover, it also illuminates the bedroom space.

Final Words

Your bedroom is a place where you love to spend time and relax from the pace of the day. You can follow the above design tips to redesign the bedroom without spending a considerable amount.

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