Guest Post >20% Off!


I received a lot of proposals for guest posting.

I mean, a lot!

Of course, I can’t accept them all.

So that I made terms for guest posting.

If you are interested in posting article(s) in, here are some terms for that:

1. The price is $50 per guest post
2. You can get 20% off if you can send your article before the end of this month, it means you only have to pay $40 per post.
3. Yup, more discount for bulk order. You can get two posts for only $70, or, get 3 posts for only $100!
4. You can put 1-2 dofollow backlink per post. The posts/links will be permanent as long as I own the site.
5. The post must be in home & garden, craft, or in other topics in general that we agree.
6. Your backlinks can not go to sites like banking/ financial, it also can not goes to sites like porn, gambling, Marijuana, Drugs, alcohol, or something related.
7. Also, your articles can not talk about banking, erotism/porn, gambling or related. Your article also can not talk about Marijuana, Drugs, alcohol, or something related (even a little bit).
8. Of course, we need to review that article first before we post it
9. The payment must be sent to my Paypal account. You only have to pay after the post is alive.

You can surely check my sites quality to make sure the price is worthy.

Please contact us: Contact

Thank you.