11 Cozy Rustic Interior Design Ideas That You Can DIY

Rustic interior design ideas have become quite popular in the last decade, with interior designers coming up with several unique décor ideas for a rustic home. These designs are usually described as coarse, simple, and beautiful.

Rustic designs are usually dominated by natural materials like raw wood, with the main challenge being creating an interior décor that resembles the beauty found outside.

Rustic designs are perfect for both modern flats and country houses. If you are not ready to renovate your home, there are some unique DIY rustic interior design ideas that can give your house a rustic décor.

So instead of paying a professional to renovate your house, why don’t you try these DIY rustic interior design ideas?

DIY Rustic Interior Design Ideas

Deadwood-Style Rustic Headboard

rustic interior design ideas

Headboard: Photo by Gus Tu Njana on Unsplash

If you want to add a beautiful rustic décor in your bedroom, then you should consider building this unique rustic headboard. Making this DIY headboard is quite simple, and no experience is required.

All you need are some pieces of wood, wood glue, and some small nails. You can start by measuring the pieces of wood and then cutting them with a powerful miter saw. Miter saws are actually the best saws for making furniture.

Therefore, Inspire, Design & Create recommends that you should always have your miter saw when building this headboard. After finishing the building process, you can stain it as light or as dark as you want. This simple headboard can elevate the feel and look of your bedroom.

Add Wood Blocks Wall Mounts

If you have some beautiful antique pieces that tend to get lost in a bookcase or traditional chest, then you should add some DIY wood block shelves.

Each block supports a single piece, so you can create as many as you want. The DIY wood block shelves can make each displayed piece stand-out.

Build a Beautiful Rustic Coffee Table

You can put together some slats of wood to create a beautiful rustic coffee table. These pieces of wood don’t have the same color or shade.

Just place the pieces of lumber in a unique pattern and stick them together using small nails and wood glue. You can then add some legs and have a beautiful coffee table at a very low price.

Stone Kitchen Island

Even though this project can take more time and more cash, it is worth it. A stone kitchen island can give your entire kitchen a rustic look, and it is actually easier than you think.

The island creates more space for preparing food in the kitchen. It can also be a central place for family and friends to eat.

Wooden Backsplash

Several pieces of wood put together can make a unique wooden backsplash that will give any room a rustic feel. Wooden backsplashes can suggest several things, depending on the kind of wood you select and your inspiration.

Stripped backsplash suggests a creaking ship’s galley. Adding a wooden backsplash can be a perfect way of upgrading bathrooms and kitchens.

Wooden Mail Sorter

You can give your walls a little rustic look by installing a wooden mail sorter. Other than giving your home a rustic look, this mail sorter can keep all your mail neatly organized in the house.

To build this sorter, you need some pieces of wood and some small coat hooks for hanging keys. You can paint this sorter using the color of your choice.

Tree Trunk Coffee Table

With rustic interior design ideas, you don’t have to purchase an expensive coffee table. All you have to do is gather a stump or tree trunk from the backyard. Cut it into several sizes and then sand them off to make them flat.

You can add a collection of tree trunk coffee tables of different sizes and shapes in your living room. Once they are all flat, you can stain the tree trunk coffee table or leave it with its natural look for a unique rustic look.

Birch-Log Coffee Table

You can build an excellent coffee table in your home by just stacking several pieces of logs together. You can start by stacking the woods together to create a circle of any size. And then tie them together using twine or rope to keep the logs secure.

Just make sure the logs have the same height and remember to sand the top part to make the table smooth. You can build this table using any wood, but the birch is easy to handle, lighter in texture and tone, and smooth.

Decorate Your House Using Firewood

Other than keeping you warm during winter, firewood can be used to decorate any house. You can cut the firewood to an even size and store them in a long vertical column in your living room.

The well-stored firewood can give your living room a rustic design. Just make sure you use only kiln dried logs, which you can use during winter and replace them when summer begins. You can also place them in an empty corner near the fireplace.

Edwardian Schoolhouse Hat and Coat Racks

Finding a coat rack that fits perfectly with your interior décor and space can be quite challenging. Therefore, instead of purchasing a coat rack, why don’t you build it yourself?

This way, you can customize the rack to your needs. For this project, all you need is a simple shelf and a wooden board or a repurposed barn door.

An Edwardian Schoolhouse hat and coat rack will be perfect for plants, frames, and bags. This rack will enhance your entryway and give the home a rustic look.

Add Exposed Bricks in Your Living Room

rustic interior design ideas living room

Photo by Jessica Johnston on Unsplash

Exposed bricks can be a perfect focal point for a modern rustic house. Rustic brickwork can give character to any home. If your house isn’t built using bricks, then you will have to add an exposed brick wall in your house as a partition.

These bricks come in several colors, so choose the color that matches your interior design. If your home has brick walls that have been plastered and coated, you can expose one part of the house.

The task of striping the wall is not difficult, but it can be very messy. So make sure you isolate the wall with a nylon sheet and then remove the roughcast and paint using a spatula.

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