6 Tips To Make Your Home Office Look More Professional and Expensive

Maintaining a clear, personal-business life division can be challenging, especially when your office desk stands right next to your cozy bed. Home office used to be a luxury reserved for the lucky, but the current situation made many of us re-define our workday structure.

When a morning commute and going to the office are not available, you have to make the best of what you have at home. Lazily crashing on the couch with a laptop may be tempting, but it can seriously reduce your productivity in the long run.

The good news is that many people have already mastered the fragile art of setting up a home office. This space should let you get your work done efficiently AND allow you to handle Zoom meetings without the fear of colleagues peeking at your freshly done laundry.

First impressions are crucial, so make sure your business partners see exactly what you want them to see. Consider adding a bit of “fanciness” by investing in office dividers (check out the Portable Partitions), meeting tables, and elaborate lighting.

Tips to Make Your Home Office Look More Professional

Tips To Make Your Home Office Look More Professional
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Let’s see what else you can do to make your home office look more professional and chic!

Start With Your Desk

The right desk can make a world of difference for your work ethic, productivity, and professional vibe. To maintain the impression of professionalism, go for the desk with drawers. This way, your working space will be free of clutter and mountains of paperwork.

Another great way to add a bit of luxury to your home office is by choosing a desk with a black panel. It will require a bit more cleaning, but the end result is certainly worth it. In case you don’t have enough space to accommodate a big desk, go for buzzing ladder desks.

Customize the Lighting

Office illumination choices are what can transform your working space from an interrogation room that gives you headaches and no productivity (which no one wants) into a magazine-worthy interior.

Try to let into your office as much light as possible. You can maximize the effects by investing in mirrors and mirrored furniture.

For the offices with low natural-light delivery, consider going for warm light in your general and ambient lighting. It will highlight the room’s features and create more depth. For cool design inspirations, check out these helpful office lamp ideas by FancyCrave.

Personalize (but Not Too Much)

Tips To Make Your Home Office Look More Expensive and Professional
source: unsplash.com

Maintaining a life-work balance is vital when it comes to personalizing your working space. Adding two or three family photos is OK, but they shouldn’t be the first thing your coworkers notice when you join a video conference.

Add wall grid panels or a small plant in the background to lighten up your space, but remember to be moderate. The key is to avoid clutter and over-accessorizing.

Add a Carpet

In conventional office circumstances, shoes are a must, but hardly anyone wants to be stuck in them for hours when they work from home. Being able to kick them off your feet and enjoy the feeling of a soft fuzzy carpet is a real blessing!

Choose a carpet based on your room and desk measurements. For smooth office chair movements, consider low pile rugs made from practical materials like hand-knotted wool. If your walls are in earthy tones, a colorful carpet may be a perfect lighten-the-mood accessory.

Keep It Clean

Avoid cluttering up your space with too much junk. Your desk and workstation surfaces should be reserved for working equipment and be free of book and report piles.

Make sure that your space is organized and ergonomic by investing in multiple storage solutions. Open shelving is always in fashion and is perfect for storing all your office supplies.

A fully enclosed workspace is another excellent idea. It will work best when your space is limited, but you still want to keep it clean and chic.

Divide Your Space

Tips To Make Your Home Office Look More Professional and Chic
source: unsplash.com

Not everyone has a whole room to spare for a home office. In situations when your workstation is set up in your living room (or another busy place), think about investing in office dividers.

Portable walls are perfect if you want to add a little privacy to your office space. It will boost your productivity, professionalism and give you a true “office” feel.

Additionally, portable screens can help you keep your personal life clutter behind closed doors (or walls) and add some aesthetic appeal.

Expensive and Professional Home Office

A comfortable and efficient workstation setup is a must when you work from home. At this point, many of us have already found a healthy work schedule (and won a battle against slumber and couch temptations) but struggle to keep our offices look professional and expensive.

You don’t need to break the bank for a luxurious look. It is all about keeping it clean, organized, and paying attention to essential office elements like a solid desk and lighting.

When you are your own interior designer, it may take time and effort to find the perfect ergonomic and trendy office setup. Don’t rush and feel free to look for inspiration online or in various magazines.

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