What to Do with a Spare Room

Sometimes, we have more space at home than we know what to do with. Whether you’re a new empty-nester, or you bought a house while having a roommate and they’re moving out: many of us find ourselves with an extra empty room.

Although it can easily exist as a spare guest room, why make a room only for people who might be there for two weeks out of a year?

There are plenty of great things you can do with a spare room, you might just need some help finding its purpose.

Are you trying to figure out what to do with your spare room? Here are the top ways to use your spare room without letting it gather dust.

Take Up New Hobbies

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Do you already have some crafty hobbies? If not, consider trying out some new ones! Being crafty and creative can increase our quality of life and help you know yourself better.

You don’t have to invest in this like a business, but let yourself explore creative options you didn’t consider before. Some hobbies require you to have a whole space set aside for them, which could be a good way for you to get some use out of your spare room.

This could be anything from soap making to painting figurines, even taking up caring for snakes or other uncommon pets. Hobbies are the most rewarding thing you can do for yourself, and this is a great way to help yourself enjoy them more.

Make It Into A New Entertainment Space

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While you probably already have a living room or family room in your home, an entertainment room is still a valuable addition for many people. There’s a big trend of people creating movie and theater spaces within their homes.

Having your own entertainment room might seem like a luxury that’s hard to get, but this is easy to do if you already have an extra room at home. All you have to do is clear out space and buy what you need, which doesn’t have to be very expensive.

This can be done simply by setting up a projector and some comfortable chairs, or you can put in work and put in a bar or popcorn machine. Blackout curtains and some dimming lights can complete the look.

Follow Your Childhood Dreams

Is there anything you wanted as a kid that you didn’t get to have? Many millennials are reaching their childhood Beauty and the Beast dreams and are allowing themselves to build an extensive library in their homes.

If you have a lot of books and aren’t sure what to do with them, this is a perfect use for your spare room. Others create beautiful aesthetic places where they can take pictures and relax away from where they sleep or watch television.

There are many possibilities when it comes to finding ways to enjoy extra space in your house if you really put some thought into it. Think about what would make you happiest, and do it! This is your home, don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself.

Rent It Out For Income

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Why not make a little extra money off of it? Many don’t think they’re ready to become landlords, but it only takes a little work to create a space you can rent out. Take a crash course online for landlords and research ways to make your home best for a roommate or renter.

One of the best ways to do that is to allow the door to have a double lock on it and make it so that the guest bathroom is theirs only. Research the rent out of other Little Rock houses for sale in your area, and consider following a similar price.

You can also try renting it out for just a weekend or a few days at a time for people traveling in your area.

Make An Extra Closet

Do you have too many clothes for your current closet?
Do you feel awkward bringing home clothes that you know aren’t going to fit with your others?

Even if you aren’t pressed for space in your current closet, you could still benefit from a large one, especially since you have an extra room available. Many have turned to create a large walk-in closet that they’ve always wanted.

You can either fill its closet and stop there or set up in-room racks and storage for your clothing. Put up mirrors, a vanity if you’re so inclined, and lean into creating a space where you can let yourself feel gorgeous.

If you don’t want to use the room to dress up, you can also use it to store your off-season clothing until you need it! You can create your spare room into the walk-in closet and changing room they’ve always dreamed of, so getting ready each day feels special.

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