Which Glass Should You Use As Safety Option: Laminated vs Tempered Glass?

Homeowners searching for chic and durable renovation ideas often find themselves in the midst of the safety glazing dilemma. Both laminated and tempered glass are classified as safety glazing options and are used widely in interior space and home renovation projects.

Both these alternatives are considerably stronger than regular glass and are designed with high standards of durability and strength in mind. Their broad range of identical advantages and similarities make it hard for homeowners to select between the two modernistic glass options.

What’s the difference between Tempered Safety Glass and Laminated Safety Glass?

Tempered safety glass and laminated safety glass both are designed for similar purposes yet their manufacturing processes and applications greatly differ from one another. Tempered safety glass is most commonly used in home applications where safety is the utmost priority.

On the other hand, laminated safety glass is mostly used in car windshields and security applications as this glass type equally values both safety and security.

Differences in Manufacturing Processes

Tempered safety glass is manufactured through a process termed “Quenching” and is prepared in a tempering furnace. A standard piece of glass is pre-cut, customized, edged, and then heated to 1200°F and is cooled afterward.

This process hardens the outer skin of the glass and augments its strength and impact resistance to almost 4 to 5 times as compared to standard glass.

The laminated safety glass is produced through the process of lamination and is composed of multiple layers of glass having a vinyl interlayer. The majority of its strength and resistance comes because of the interlayer material and the integrity of the whole lamination system.

It is extremely difficult to break the elements of laminated glass apart and the glass remains intact even when broken.

Safety Characteristics

Both tempered glass and laminated glass come under safety glazing options and are preferred by homeowners in need of better safety. Both these glass types can withstand great impacts and never shatter into harmless sharp pieces like the regular glass.

On breakage, tempered safety glass shatters into harmless spherical shards while the laminated safety glass remains intact yet broken.

Other Key Features

Augmented safety and better security aren’t the only key features of these modernistic glass alternatives and there are multiple other unique characteristics associated with these types. In terms of laminated glass, homeowners also relish the benefits of sound insulation and UV-light resistance.

These glasses help in developing a safe, secure, and serene indoor environment and barricades the outside noises and clatters causing a nuisance. Not to forget, these glasses are best-suited for homes with children as they impose no real harm on breakage.

Cost Consideration

In terms of cost, tempered glass is relatively cheaper than laminated glass and is the leading reason why it is more commonly preferred. The cost of laminated glazing can exceed even beyond three to four times the cost of tempered safety glass.

That’s the reason why homeowners requiring augmented safety at affordable rates prefer tempered glazing solutions over laminated glazing options.

Which one is the best safety glass option?

To make a resolute decision of choice, it is essential to understand the pros and cons of both the safety glazing options. It is also important to identify if the need exceeds safety and other key features such as UV-light resistance and sound insulation are also desired.

Homeowners and design enthusiasts who know their priorities and understand the house needs can easily select from the tempered and laminated glass.

Tempered glass is definitely the better safety glass option considering the key elements of cost and affordability. It is impractical to renovate the entire living space with laminated windows and doors costing way beyond the needed repairs.

That’s why tempered safety glass is normally used as it makes it possible to renovate the entire living space staying within budget. In this way, homeowners can practice better coherency and consistency in design and augment the safety standards of their living space economically.

On the other hand, if the homeowners desire a premium safety glazing solution benefitting the interior space in multiple ways then laminated glass is certainly the better option.

The laminated safety glazing solution encompassing multiple glass layers with vinyl interlayers provides benefits exceeding beyond safety improvement and security augmentation. These glasses are made to barricade outdoor noise and restrict the ingress of harmful UV rays.

Hence, it contributes to protecting the home furniture from the UV rays and helps in developing a calm and serene indoor environment.

However, it is essential to remember that the modern home encompasses more than one unique design idea and innovative solution. Homeowners often renovate their interior space with a combination of both glass types.

Laminated glass is often preferred for places requiring better privacy while tempered glass is used in other windows and doors.

From where to buy tempered glass or laminated glass?

Homeowners can buy tempered safety glass and laminated safety glass from countless retailers and shops online. However, it is essential to be circumspect and guarded when buying such a delicate and precious décor element online.

Design enthusiasts can ill-afford a compromise on quality and want to secure the best deal and get the best prices for the best products. Fab Glass and Mirror is the leading glass seller in the USA and provides homeowners with the luxury to customize their glazing solutions with ease.

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This is one of the best glass sellers and their website encompasses an amazingly interactive user interface designed to help homeowners customize and buy the glass solution of their dreams.

With tons of unique glass types, homeowners can select a safety glazing solution tailored specifically for their unique design needs.

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