Basement Laundry Room Ideas

Maximizing the empty spaces on your home helps a lot for you who struggle to arrange all your thing. Thank God, there is always an abandoned spot where can give you extra space, and the basement is one of them. You can alter that place with the best basement laundry room ideas.

If you are meticulous enough to figure out what suits them best for your basement laundry room, then it will perfectly complement your whole room design. Just because the basement is a room where you rarely visited, doesn’t mean you can leave it empty and plain.


Awesome Basement Laundry Room Ideas

basement bathroom laundry room ideas

You can choose a plethora of inspirational and stylish options down below for your aesthetic basement laundry room remodel.

1. Adorable Basement Laundry Room Ideas

basement bathroom laundry room ideas

There are so many people feel sluggish every time they have to finish their laundry. The basic reason is that it takes a lot of energy and time which not every people has that. After a tiring day at work or school, no wonder if finally, they tend to find out laundry service out there.

But, there is one factor which can help you boost your mood and energy: room decoration. A well maintains basement with adorable detail will make washing clothes be more fun.

2. Beauty and Simplicity Basement Ideas

flooring for laundry room in basement

If you are a believer in “beauty in simplicity”, then you have to apply the simple sophisticated design. Choose a neutral color palette or monochrome black and white to give the sensation of effortless beauty. To make it stand out, give a piece of detail from bold color, ex: red stool.

A simple hanging rod underneath your table will both functional and good looking at the same time. Moreover, it also fits with almost all of the home design, whether you have a classic, minimalist, or rustic design.

3. Unfinished Concrete for Basement Room

basement laundry room floor ideas

There is always a reason why people tend to keep their basement to be unfinished. Besides the fact that it is the simplest way to maximize your home, you also can maintain the perks of not paying so many bills for energy, less maintenance effort, and reduce the number of storages.

A problem that may occur is the cold floor due to the unfinished concrete. Make it more comfortable by adding a fluffy rug to elevate the convenience level every time you have to spend time there, Pick the most stylish colorful rug to make your basement more fashionable.

4. Clean and Neat Basement Laundry Room Ideas

basement laundry room floor

If you have a basement where big enough to be arranged into more than one function, then you may need a trick to give an illusion for your basement laundry room ideas feels like separated from the rest space of your unfinished basement.

The curtain is the simplest thing you can do to get this vibe. Curtains will define your spot by make a border between laundry and remaining space. Another function that is useful too is hiding your dirty clothes. So, the entire look of your basement laundry room will stay clean and neat.

5. Basement Laundry Room Ideas With Kitchen Sinks

basement laundry room design

Talking about the washing room and its appliances, probably you will never think about the sink. Especially if your laundry spot near the kitchen or bathroom where there also sinks in there. But, you can add a sink for re-making your laundry room to make it looks freshly new.

Not all of your clothes can be washed inside the washing machine. Several fabric materials like lace, chiffon, etc are better to be manually cleaned. You can use this sink to wash clothes without facing any troublesome of moving to another room.

6. Basement Laundry Room Ideas With Cabinet

basement laundry room plumbing

The basement laundry room ideas is not a place for washing only, but also to iron, fold, and sort as well. Meaning that you need extra storage to make sure all of those workflows can be done properly. Not only for the clothes but also the equipment.

Closed cabinets without shelves perfectly fit into your laundry spot. It is both functional and eye-pleasing too. However, you also will get extra drawers just in case you need to keep something small there. Don’t forget to choose the color which in line with your wall and the whole design.

7. Basement With Laundry Room and Bathroom

small basement laundry room ideas

Remodeling laundry room with the idea of mixing it in a bathroom is not something new even though not all people understand how to make it works. This plan will only be good if your bathroom is so spacious.

Do you want to have bathroom laundry but only have a medium size bathroom? It was still possible anyway. Maximize the nook around the corner or just simply stack it on the corner to make sure you don’t bother anything at your bathroom.

8. Before and After Basement Laundry Room Ideas

laundry room basement ideas

Nobody wants to spend their time in the laundry room where the place is gross and dirty. Particularly, the basement is well-known to be uncomfortable damp space at home. Don’t make laundry activity becomes exacerbate because of improper design.

Sometimes, the only trick to make your basement laundry room ideas better than ever is changing the way you put your laundry machine and how to organize kinds of stuff. To save more space, put your machines standing side by side and it’s possible to add more storage for your tools.

9. Laundry Room Flooring Ideas

unfinished basement laundry room makeover

The remodeling basement laundry room ideas will be best to be started at the bottom. One of the best flooring ideas that will suit your home is wooden pattern flooring. It can be made of the real natural wooden piece or wooden accent from vinyl based.

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Make your floor to be eye-catching as possible with a combination of a plain white wall. When you opt for this option, you can explore everything you want. If you add extra bold detail, this plain wall helps every people around the basement will suddenly stare at that stuff.

10. Finished Basement Laundry Room Ideas


Convert your unfinished basement into a finished room that can be used as a laundry area is not as a hassle as you think. There are three things you have to consider to makeover your basement: plumbing, sink, and countertop.

If your basement used to be abandoned, it makes sense if the plumbing is so disorganized. We don’t recommend fixing the plumbing by yourselves. Sink and countertop are not only elevating your decoration but also make your room to be more functional than before.

11. Laundry Room Integrate With Mudroom Ideas

finished basement laundry room

Do you have a garden or mudroom as a whole? Well, you can make your basement laundry room integrates the mudroom too. It will be a very important room for your family member to peel the dust off after outdoor activity and directly change your clothes with the clean one.

Make it effective and efficient in arranging the stuff, where are washing spot, ironing, and folding area. It will be best if you have a sink, faucet, or semi-bathroom for the place to clean up the body. So when you go upstairs, you already clean.

12. Clean White Laundry Room on Basement

basement laundry room flooring ideas

Spending too much time in your basement to finish your laundry sometimes makes you feel bored and need refreshment. On the other hand, consideration about money, hassle, and the possibility to ruin your workflow may haunt you and be an obstacle to do makeover.

Turns out, there is the easiest way to give new look into your room without dealing with overwhelming troublesome. Just paint the wall and floor, and your basement will look like a new room!

13. Laundry Room Bohemian Ideas

basement laundry room before and after

The laundry room is versatile. You can combine it with the other chores activity. For example, if there is a sink near the washing machine, then you can use it to clean the dishes while waiting for the machine works. If that so, you need backsplash ideas to maintain the wall.

There are a plethora of options you can choose for your backsplash. From the material, you can pick marble, ceramic, tile, stainless steel, or natural stones. The pattern is also various. If you are brave enough, choose something like bohemian or floral printed. Prefer plain? That is great too!

14. Small Room With Bright Color Ideas

basement laundry room remodel

Modify a small room is always identical with bright colors instead of dark. Pastel for the wall and light color for appliances and decorations will illuminate your eyes for a more spacious room. Either way, the lightroom comfort you more since it is a room for you to finish chores.

But, the design is always about combining one and another element. Even though you are insisted to use a dark color for the wall, outsmart it with lighting which can light up your room. If so, then your darkroom will feel okay though.

15. Plumbing Ideas for Basement

laundry room in basement

Plumbing is a common obstacle when we have the plan to use and decorate the basement because it may ruin the look. But, when knowing the tips, you can alter this problem into an advantage. First, call the plumber or contractor whether this plumbing can be hidden or maybe change the construction.

If it sounds too much, just pain it with the same color as the wall, or make it into bold detail by painting it with shocking color. For example: if you have white or monochrome as the dominant color, then paint the plumbing with red to appeal the appearance.

16. Basement With Separate Laundry Spot

laundry room basement

A room for machines may create an annoyingly too loud sound. Especially when it happens in the basement were usually more echoing than another room. If it’s your problem, you need to add a door to a separate laundry spot with the rest space in your basement.

Every time you run the machine, close the door to reduce the unwanted sound. Don’t get yourselves trapped in that room if the sound bothers your ear. Regularly open the door to let the air circulation inside there well flows.

17. Laundry Room Floor and Walls Design

unfinished basement laundry room

Accentuate something unique and out of the box in a room where you are rarely visited can be one of the ways to elevate your entire home design. Especially when it has to deal with floor and wall. That is why it is a great idea to put some “wow factor” on your floor.

It has not to be too much. Sometimes, solid color tiles that are arranged in diagonal can give simple yet beautiful sight. This detail also contributes to making an organized workflow to be enjoyed.

18. Basement With Cabinet and Laundry Spot

unfinished basement laundry room ideas

Even though it is not a room with the purpose to amaze people who come is, it doesn’t mean you cannot allocate budget and effort to prepare a good design and proper floor. You deserve to get an astonishing room for your willingness all over the time handling all about laundry stuff.

Tiny marble ceramic tiles can be your best option to get unique vibes through it. it is unique because only a few people have an idea to use marble for the laundry room. The point plus is, you still can explore so many ideas for the wall. Plain or wallpaper, which one is your option?

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19. Laundry Spot With Minimalist Design

basement laundry room ideas

Be brave in picking the idea of the flooring laundry room. You don’t need to always follow what becomes ubiquitous. It depends on the condition of your home, but it is still tolerable if your basement design is slightly out of the line of your existing home decor.

Because it likes secret places underneath your main room where to give you surprising effects. That is why even though your home is dominantly using minimalist design, then you still can decorate your basement floor with black and white tiles like a chessboard.

20. Basement Bathroom And Laundry Room Ideas

basement laundry room

Having a basement laundry room means you need additional storage for your equipment and both dirty and clean clothes itself. But sometimes it can be tricky because when you cannot place your washing machine, the dryer, iron, or any other machine, you will have no extra space.

Make a customized open structure for the laundry spot. If it is possible, give enough gap between those two spots for your detergent, brush, or any other washing tools. On top of it, make a bulkhead to distinguish space for hanging clothes and baskets or any other smaller kinds of stuff.

In a nutshell, your basement laundry room ideas deserve to get a proper design and decoration. Don’t leave this room to be dingy, especially if you spend a lot of time there. Among all of the options, which one is your favorite?

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