How to Make Romantic Bedroom Lighting

Of course, you know that sleeping is one of the most important conditions to feel good, work productively, and even stay healthy. The lack of good sleep doesn’t let you concentrate on work tasks, and enjoy the day.

That’s why you should take care of a high-quality bed, and equip your bedroom so that it becomes the best place to relax.

However, night sleep is not the only purpose of the bedroom. It is also a place where you can spend time with your second half. So, what should you start with to ensure this room is healthy and romantic at the same time?

Start with lightning! It is not a secret that light has a great impact on people’s health, mood, and energy. It can create the appropriate atmosphere, help you relax, forget about problems, and focus on the person you love.

That’s why we want to provide you with some wonderful tips on how to make bedroom lighting healthy and romantic. 


Consider the size of your bedroom


Before you get your feet wet and start looking for various lighting options at room service 360, it is important to consider the background, i.e. the size of your room.

It is not a secret that lamps, wall sconces, and ceiling lights can make the bedroom more or less specious, highlight some details of the interior, and hide other ones.

On the one hand, when your bedroom is big enough, it means you can experiment, and mix various options. However, it is a challenging task because, without the knowledge and the right approach, you can create something chaotic.

It is important to have a unified concept. Small rooms don’t require too much equipment, but good lighting can make them look better. 

Basic lighting is a king

The first thing you should always start with is the basics. It is also very important to consider how effective natural light is in this concrete placement: do you have a window in your bedroom? How big is it? Where exactly is it located? Answers to these questions are decisive to the power level and luminous flux of the lamp choice. 

Professionals recommend mixing several types of lighting devices: 

  • walls (overhead models, sconces);
  • bedside tabletop;
  • point versions. 

A chandelier is also a good idea to make the atmosphere more romantic.

Think about bedded lighting


A bedroom is a place where we spend time before sleep: reading, discussing news, and hugging. Sometimes the bedside area is the only source of light, so you should approach it attentively.

The simplest design solution you can make is to put lamps on each side of the bed. Don’t think they are not romantic: modern tools really look very nice and sophisticated. They create a family atmosphere, and give some hint of closeness and intimacy. 

Decorative lighting: the most romantic thing ever

Basic lighting or lighting you just can’t without is very important. You can kill two birds with one stone and make it romantic. Or you can rely on decorative lighting to bring comfort to the bedroom with a dim diffused light. 

There are some actionable tips you can use to organize the romantic atmosphere:

  • Spotlighting of the ceiling. If your bedroom has a multi-level stretch or suspended ceiling, just illuminate it with point light sources. They will create an interesting interior, and make your ceilings look higher. Another option is to use multiple colors for illumination. 
  • If you have the podium, think about its illumination as well. When you turn on such a backlight at night, it will look like your bed is floating in the air. An alternative is to create lighting on the floor around the bed, the effect is the same.
  • Illumination of a niche, sculpture, mirror, or painting, can play a special role in the interior of the bedroom. In this case, you should rely on rotary luminaires, which provide directional light.
  • Nightlights are presented in such a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes these days, that they can become a real decoration of the bedroom during the day and create soft light at night.
  • Candles are the best choice you can ever make. They can become a decoration of the room, and if they are lit, they create a truly cozy atmosphere. You can group candles, and place them in lanterns, candlestick chandeliers, transparent vases, and so on. Besides, you can come up with a lot of other creative options to decorate your bedroom, for example, using garlands.

As you can understand, lighting is an essential part of the romantic atmosphere. However, the choice can be challenging since you need to find the necessary attributes and ensure they look good together.

Consider the idea of hiring a professional designer who will help you to make the bedroom the place you want to spend all the time in!

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