35 Epic Types Of Chainmaille Designs

NECKLACE TORSOS WRISTS HANDS FEET CHAINS MISC 1. Chainmaille Designs – Necklace Interwoven 4-1 collar: Made from 20awg 1/8″ titanium.   Dragonscale posture collar: Made from 16swg 5/16″ stainless and 18swg 3/16″ titanium.   Helm Chain necklace: Made from 24awg 5/64″ …

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All About Printing Chainmaille Tutorials Free

Chainmaille Tutorials

Simple weaves that are suitable for beginners. Intermediate weaves that let you expand your horizons. Advanced weaves to perfect your craft. Only attempt if you’re in need of a serious challenge.   Printing CGMaille Chainmaille Tutorials   1. Camelot    2. …

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