Camelot Chainmaille Tutorial



Camelot chainmaille is a weave by PrairieGal of Beaded-Baubles. It is a variant of Celtic Visions that makes ‘nodules’ by connecting the edge rings of adjacent cells.


Camelot takes 2 ring sizes. In this tutorial they are 20awg 3/16″ steel (AR – 6.6) and 20awg 3/32″ bronze (AR – 3.5). Any rings with the same AR’s can be used for Camelot.Metric sizes – approximately 0.8mm wire with 5mm and 3mm inner diameters.


Large rings are steel and small rings are bronze.

Step 1: Make a 2-1 chain with the large and small rings as long as you want the final chain to be.

Step 2: Lay large rings over top of the small rings. Don’t connect these large rings to anything yet.

Step 3: Connect large rings to the small rings, trapping the large rings from Step 2.
Note: In real life, you’ll end up adding one loose ring, trapping it, adding another loose ring, trapping it, and so on. That gets repetitive when making these pictures, so I didn’t bother showing each individual ring.

Step 4: Add small rings through all 3 layers of large rings. This is the Celtic Visions chain. The 4 rings on the very left and very right are technically going through 2 layers of rings, but they’re needed to make the final chain balanced.

Step 5: Connect a small ring to two of the rings you added in the previous step.

Step 6: Connect 2 small rings to 2 rings from the previous step.

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