Fire Pit Ideas

Fire Pit Ideas – A fire pit can be a nice addition to your landscaping design, especially for your backyard. It can complete your patio, making it more enjoyable to have barbecues and to chat with friends and family.

A fire pit ideas is also considered as a key element for your backyard décor as it can make your patio set look more amazing with a lovelier vibe and atmosphere.

Fire pit ideas are also popular among those who enjoy camping. Imagine sitting under the sky, stargazing while listening to each other’s story.

You can have these good times and memories if you add a fire pit ideas to your backyard. They are also adored party lovers who may host a party or any gathering events in their home.

The good thing is that fire pit ideas today come in various options from their styles to their materials. Talking about the materials, granite is one of the most popular ones.

However, there are still endless options you can choose from to beautify your backyard. Not only does the natural stone beautify your garden, but it can also increase your home’s value.

Another reason why many homeowners are interested in adding a fire pit to their outdoor area is because of its flexibility.

You can, for example, place a grill on top or add wheels so it becomes portable. It also fits nearly all seasons from the beginning of spring into the end of fall.


DIY Fire Pit Ideas You Can Develop Yourself

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If you are looking for some DIY fire pit ideas, here are some options that you can take into account.

1. Propane

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There are endless benefits that a propane fire pit offers. First of all, they are available in different shapes from end tables to campfires. Even there are many other unique shapes that you couldn’t imagine.

If you spend much of your time at home, a propane fire pit is what you exactly need. There are three words to describe it: beauty, light, and warmth.

This option is also perfect for campers. With propane fire pits, get a fire will be a very easy thing to do. There is no need to look for firewood.

Propane gas fire pits can produce clean-burning flames all night long. The flames look beautiful. Besides, they can be easily ignited.

Some people think that starting with a propane tank is stressful but this is not true. Even if you are a woman who is not handy, you can still do it without any problems.

What you need to do is just flip the switch and push the ignition button.

When the flame goes out, there is no need to worry about the firewood or add charcoal. So, what happens when the fire goes out? You just need to replace the tank.

That’s all. Because of the easiness, you can have a relaxing warm fire anytime.

2. Natural Gas

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With natural gas fire pits, you don’t need to worry about the safety matters since they don’t cause ashes, smoke, and dangerous embers. In other words, they are safe for use in a family with kids.

They can be safely placed around the pool, on decks, or anywhere around the house. You can also turn on them directly. You won’t waste time to build up the fire.

Also, some natural gas fire pits come with more features such as temperature controls and speed selections.

If you want to, you can also get the fire pit customized to suit your particular needs. For example, if your home has a rustic styling, you can have a fire pit with rocks or imitation logs.

What about the materials? The most popular materials for these fire pits are metal structures or masonry. These materials provide a heating source with a stunning look. Moreover, you can use them to cook.

That is why these fire pits are also widely used by campers who need to prepare their meals. Whatever the activity is, the fire pits can create warm cozy fires that everyone will enjoy.

3. Wood Burning

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Another idea is to have a wood-burning fire pit. Not only does it provide warmth during the cold nights, but it also gives the real campfire atmosphere right in your outdoor living.

You can hear the crackle of wood and smell the real smoke in your backyard.

For your information, there are several types of wood-burning pits that you should know. The first one is the wood-burning grill. This type is suitable for those who like to cook and grill at the fire pits have a grill grate.

If you like to host an outdoor party, the wood-burning grill is worth buying.

However, if you choose to have wood-burning fire pits, you have to allocate time and money for maintenance. First, wood is required to start and run your campfire. It means that you have to buy wood regularly.

Second, you have to store it in a dry, covered area. Also, the wood can sometimes attract insects.

4. Brick Firepit

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The other popular type of fire pits is brick or stone fire pit. Usually, this type is available as a DIY project that is relatively easy to work with. People like this idea because it is cost-effective.

It can be made using just any bricks or stones. You can go to any local hardware store to buy bricks and stones you like.

Some of them are designed to be portable while some others come with the built-in design. Both will improve the overall look of your patio.

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Although they are set outdoors, their design is quite similar to the ones designed for indoor.

5. Gas Fire Pit Ideas

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While propane and wood fire pits are considered as popular ideas, gas fire pits can be a great alternative. A gas fire pit ideas are known for its flexible design. It can be bought in pre-built or custom designed.

It is also made of various materials such as steel, aluminum, and other material types for the inner sections while the outer ones are typically made of stone, resin, or masonry.

The materials contain heat-resistant metals. You can find it in either square or circular shape. Among popular styles of gas fire pits are pit rings, fire pits, and chimneys.

Designs are often circular or square and many styles provide seating all the way around. Pits made of resin are formulated to mimic other textures and materials such as wicker or stone.

Popular styles include fire pits, fire pit rings, and chimneys. A self-contained propane tank is commonly used for this type of fire pit.

6. Patio Fire Pit Ideas

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You can also find a portable patio fire pit which is ideal for moving around the backyard. This portable design is also perfect for camping trips. When the fire pit is not in use, you can turn it into a table.

This table can serve as an extra table for entertaining, for example, when many guests coming over. In order to light up the fires, you can either use a built-in electric ignition or use long-stem igniter that comes with the fire pit kit.

7. Portable Firepit

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While some people are okay with permanent fire pits that cannot be moved easily, some others prefer the portable ones. A portable fire pit is designed to be light.

This kind of fire pit idea is ideal for those who enjoy tailgating so much. You can load the fire pit in your car or truck without any problem.

Imagine the ultimate fun of fan-made outdoor experience in a campsite or venue’s parking lot. By using a portable fire pit, you can tailgate anytime and everywhere in a cool way.

You can grill hot dogs and burgers in a sight of glowing radiant fire pit. Does not is sound fun?

8. Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

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Not only is an outdoor fire pit a great idea for those who love tailgate, but it is also good for any serious outdoorsmen, those who love camping.

A fire is a must in every camping trip and there is nothing better than providing flames using portable fire pits.

This is something permanent fire pits cannot do. As the portable designs have a small and compact design, you can easily transport your fire pit effortlessly.

You can do a lot of things with fire pit ideas from cooking food to warding off pesky insects.

Bringing a fire pit is more recommended that creating a traditional campfire as it will alleviate the possibility of a forest fire.

The fire is contained inside the pit so no stray embers will be produced. You can turn off fires simply by pouring some water.

9. Fire Pit Table

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Many people often ask about the ideal size of the fire pit table. There is no exact answer to this question since there are things that need to be considered when selecting the right fire pit table.

At least you have to take the environment of your backyard and the purpose of adding fire pits into account.

Things like size, architecture, and scale of your outdoor living will affect the ideal size of your fire pit table. Generally, the size varies from 20-inch to 45-inch models.

The 20-25 inches are usually used in porches, patios, and other compact spaces while bigger models are intended for a larger outdoor lounge.

Firepit tables are available in various material constructions. Knowing the material is very important as you can determine their quality from the materials they are made of.

Make sure your fire pit ideas table is made of high-quality materials to ensure open and authentic flames.

From sleek to rustic styles, many options are available for you to choose from. Due to the various styles, you can easily find the one to complement your outdoor aesthetic without neglecting the functional value.

10. Metal Fire Pit Ideas

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Consider metal construction because this type of construction is well-known for its durability. Moreover, it comes with various shapes from rectangular to round.

Some metal fire pit ideas are coated with a rust-resistant powder that can make them last longer.

Because they are resistant to rust and weather, not-so-heavy, and sturdy, their price is a little bit more expensive compared with other fire pit models.

Alternatively, you can choose a fire pit table constructed in aluminum. This material is widely used due to its resiliency and lightweight that many people find it convenient.

The best thing about this material is that it does not absorb heat.

11. Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

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Backyard fire pit tables are mostly made of cast aluminum, bronze, fiberglass, and faux stone. Cast aluminum is preferable because it is stable and rust-resistant.

The only downside is that is quite heavy. That is why it is often used as the material for permanent fire pit.

Sometimes cast aluminum fire pit ideas come with ornate details that can complement your outdoor style. Bronze is also rust-resistant yet it has a higher price.

For a more unique and natural aesthetic, people opt for wicker construction. Wicker fire pit tables usually are constructed with metals framed with woven wicker that hide the metal.

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Another stunning visual look can be achieved from lightweight and durable fiberglass construction. Alternatively, you can consider faux stone as another unique material. It is sturdy and it has a distinct aesthetic.

12. Square Firepit

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When it comes to talking about the different styles of fire pit tables, a square fire pit seems to the most popular option. There other interesting styles that may go well with your outdoor landscape.

The most common model for fire pit ideas is a mantel table style. It is a combination of bistro and coffee table. This mantel style can be either round or rectangular.

It is also made of different material constructions. Its hybrid style can enhance the aesthetical value of your yard.

13. DIY Fire Pit Bowls

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If a square or rectangular fire pit tables are not for you, think about the fire bowl which has round shape just like a bowl. There are many other unique shapes that you can choose.

Every shape or style brings its own vibe from sleek modern to the rustic charm. A chimney-style, for example, with its tall profile and round body, can create a country ambiance.

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