Dragonback Chainmaille Tutorials



Dragonback Chainmail is a weave by Fenrir. It’s very similar to Persian Dragonscale in that it’s two chains of Half Persian 3-1 connected with European 4-1. However, the two chains differ in where they connect the HP3-1 chains. If you stare at it long enough, you’ll see the difference.
For my next trick, I’ll be describing this tutorial in terms of ‘eyes.’ If you don’t know what the terms TE and AE mean, check out this article that explains it all.


Dragonback can be made with rings with AR’s down to 5.0. Stainless 18swg 7/32″ rings work; other metals in that size might not have enough springback to reach a sufficient AR.

Metric sizes – approximately 1.2mm wire with a 6mm inner diameter.


New rings are gold-ish and old rings are aluminum-ish.

Step 1: Make a strip of E4-1. It should be somewhat longer than you want the final chain to be.

Step 2: Put a ring through two edge rings. This is a TE connection. Subsequent rings will have both TE and AE connections.

Step 2a: A closeup of how the rings should be arranged.

Step 3: Add another ring, above the ring added in the previous. This time, there will be a AE connection on the left, and a TE connection on the right.

Step 3a: A closeup of how the rings should be arranged.

Step 4: Continue all the way across the side. Note that the last ring should have only an AE connection.

Step 5: Do the same thing on the other side…

Step 6: Adding rings all the way across…

Step 7: To the end of the side.

Step 8: Now we can start adding E4-1 rings to the top to finish up the chain.

Step 9: All the way across…

Step 10: To the end of the chain.

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