Entry Table Ideas

Most homeowners in Europe and America prefer to decorate their houses with an entry table. There are so many entry table ideas that you can try to apply for your interior decoration.


Stylish Entry Table Ideas

Entry table ideas have been becoming so much effective in providing true beauty for your home interior. Basically, this kind of entry table is placed near the entryway or the front door.

So, when your guests enter your house, they will feel amazed at your entry table decors. So, how to make such wonderful entry table ideas? Here are the following examples of entry table ideas that you may try to apply to your home interior decoration.

1. Simple and Small Entry Table Ideas

Simple and Small Entry Table Ideas
Source: Pinterest.com

This is an easy way to create such a nice entry table for decoration. You do not need to use a large entry table that does not fit a small house. Somehow, though you have a small house, you can have a beautiful small entry table ideas made from wood.

It is just a small entryway table, but it looks attractive thanks to the accent selected. In this case, you may choose an original brown wood accent, but it is also perfect to apply neutral accent like white and gray.

2. Entryway Table with Glass Top Gala

Entryway Table with Glass Top Gala
Source: starfishcottageblog.com

If you like to apply modern entry table ideas, it seems that you can try to apply this glass top gala entry table concept which looks luxurious and elegant. This becomes the most luxury entryway table because it uses glass items. The table surface itself is also designed with a glassy design.

Meanwhile, there are some glass vases on the table along with the beautiful decoration. You can use flowers or artificial plants for the decors. You may also add such a simple table lamp in white accent.

3. Midtown Mod Wooden Entry Table

Midtown Mod Wooden Entry Table
Source: indelink.com

This also belongs to a small entryway table idea that uses wall mounted entry table with a mirror. This entry table and mirror idea really look attractive despite it use simple concept. Moreover, it is also very easy to build this kind of entry table.

It is not like the common entry table because it is also completed with drawers. Meanwhile, this table is just attached to the wall without legs. For the color selection, you can use dark brown for the table while you can use a white accent for the mirror frame on the wall.

4. Delicate Eastern Inspired Table

Delicate Eastern Inspired Table
Source: hashook.com

If you need a nice entry table Christmas decorating idea, it seems that you can try to apply the delicate eastern inspired table which looks attractive with birds and flower decoration.

Basically, this entryway table is quite small and it is just made from simple timber. What makes it look more adorable that it is completed with a beautiful mirror on the wall. Meanwhile, you just put the decoration on the table.

5. Modern Entry Table Ideas

Modern Entry Table Ideas
Source: Homebnc.com

If you want to follow the current trend in order to give such a beautiful decoration to your house, then you may try a modern entry table ideas. The modern entryway table is not as simple as the common entry table, but it comes with various design and style. Let us show you an example which brings a modern concept of entry table with a blue and brown accent combination.

It is perfect because you put double layers on the table. The table itself is also completed with drawers and decorated with green plants, books, and a round mirror on the wall.

6. Stylish Sawhorse Style

Stylish Sawhorse Style
Source: ana-white.com

Modern entry table ideas are not the only option that you can try to apply in order to make your home interior look awesome. In fact, you may try the classic style of entryway table which looks rustic, but it can really add value to your room. How to make this table? Well, as usual, you only need to build a kind of simple entry table which is made from wood.

In this case, you do not need to paint the table and just keep the original accent. Meanwhile, for the decorative items, you can put some books, photo frames, and flowers.

7. Cheerfully Distressed Chic Entry Table

Cheerfully Distressed Chic Entry Table
Source: babblingsandmore.com

This entry table is also known as a welcome home table that will welcome any guests who visit your house. Somehow, the cheerful distressed chick entry table is the right choice if you need an elegant entryway table with a simple arrangement. All you need to do is just completing the table with nice artificial flowers on glass vases.

Meanwhile, the table construction itself is made from original wood in white accent. Instead of using a mirror, you may choose a blackboard to decorate the wall while you write down the text ‘Welcome to our Home”.

8. Rustic Wooden Tavern Decor

Rustic Wooden Tavern Décor
Source: danawolterinteriors.com

It is your decision to choose between modern and rustic entry table. Both of these options are great to be applied to your house. But, let us try to apply the rustic wooden tavern decor entry table which looks simple, but it is still attractive.

In this case, this table is just made from old timber without painting. Meanwhile, you can add some classic decorative items on the table like a small statue, little herbs, and some ancient arts.

9. Christmas Entry Table Ideas

Christmas Entry Table Idea
Source: Homemydesign.com

Since you are going to celebrate Christmas, it is not mistaken that you decorate your entryway table. What kinds of decoration do you prefer? Basically, the Christmas themed entry table uses a red and green accent. Anyway, you can just choose any random entry table in black, brown, and white colors while you only need to decorate it with some Christmas items.

You can put some Christmas flowers on the table along with the knick-knacks. You also can add some candles on the table along with some beautiful lighting.

10. Entry Console Table Ideas

Entry Console Table Ideas
Source: Ecastactors.com

It brings an attractive arrangement that you have never tried before. This kind of entry table ideas looks modern, but it still brings a traditional concept. This entry console table is quite easy to create because it basically is not different from the common table.

What makes it different is just the decorative items placed on the table. Ii this case, you can try to pick a console table that has double drawers with sleek coloring in brown. Then, you can complete the decorations with some items such as table lamps, flowers, books, and much more.

This entryway console table idea will be perfect for the modern home and apartment.

11. Round Entry Table Ideas

Round Entry Table Ideas
Source: Pinterest.com

When we talk about entry table ideas, you must think about square tables that are placed near the entrance close to the wall. In fact, the entryway table is not always square, but you can also choose a round table. Somehow, this table is not placed near the wall, but it is slightly placed in the middle of the entryway.

You may choose your favorite round entryway table ideas, but we would recommend you to choose the round table with three legs. Meanwhile, if you can use a big flower with a white vase for the table decoration. You can also add some photo frames, books, and other decorations on the table.

12. Wedding Entry Table Ideas

Wedding Entry Table Ideas
Source: Pinterest.com

Well, round entry table is also usually used for wedding ceremony entry table. This is a perfect option because you can just place the table in many areas. How to make such a beautiful wedding entry table concept? Simply, you can prepare a round table that is painted in brown color with four legs.

Meanwhile, you can just put some decorations on the table such as beautiful wedding flowers, happy wedding board, photo frames, candles, and much more. Apparently, you need more than one entryway table to make it look more awesome.

13. Abstract Art Glass Entry Table

Abstract Art Glass Entry Table
Source: archilovers.com

Suppose you are currently living in an apartment, you may not want to apply such a traditional themed entry table ideas, but you prefer abstract art glass entry table. This entry table really looks futuristic and modern because it is no longer used timber for the construction. In this case, you may choose metal table legs with the ceramic table surface.

Anyway, this becomes one of the most favorite entryway tables for modern homeowners. Meanwhile, you can put some wonderful decorations on the table such as beautiful flowers, photo frames, abstract items, and much more.

14. Provincial Pantry Entryway Table

Provincial Pantry Entryway Table
Source: countrygirlhome.blogspot.com

Another cool entry table ideas come with modern and traditional combination themes. Let us call it as the Provincial Pantry Entryway table which looks adorable in white accent and it is made from hardwood material. It is not perfect when it has no decorations.

So, you can just put some pieces of decorative items such as beautiful vases, glass candles, and much more. It will look best if you choose the same white accent for the decoration. In this case, it does not only make your room look beautiful, but it also brings such harmony.

15. Refinished Wooden Folding Entry Table

Refinished Wooden Folding Entry Table
Source: house-of-five.com

If you have a small folding table, then you may also use it as a nice entryway table. Somehow, this table is totally made from wood and it also does not need any coloring.

It also has a different design from the common table because it uses an X leg design. The table surface is relatively small, but it can hold some pieces of decorations such as small flowers, small photo frames, and other decorative items.

16. Victorian “Slice” Styled Table

Victorian “Slice” Styled Table
Source: gypsybarn.com

Do you want to use a very small table for your home entry table ideas? Well, it seems that you can try the Victorian Slice styled table which only has two table leg. Somehow, it cannot stand alone, but you can attach it to the wall.

Though it is just a tiny table, it really looks unique and specia.. It is also very easy to create this table by yourself. This table is perfect for flower vase hold, photo frame holder, and keys holder.

17. Fun & Functional Entryway Table

Fun & Functional Entryway Table
Source: gdrarchitects.com

If you do not want to create such an entry table for decoration only, then you can apply the fun and functional entry table ideas. It is not only used for placing some decorative items, but you can really use it to do some works.

Somehow, this table is also completed with chairs so you can sit on the chair while doing your stuff.

18. Robin’s Egg Blue Entry Table

Robin’s Egg Blue Entry Table
Source: Thehouseofsmiths.com

This entryway table design becomes one of the most beautiful options which is perfect for modern houses. Though it is basically made from hardwood, the blue painting can make it look attractive and awesome. It is not just an ordinary entryway table because it is also designed with some small drawers to store items.

Meanwhile, the table surface is the right place to put some decorative items according to your wishes like photo frames, flowers, and others. If you want to add more value, you can put a round mirror on the wall.

19. Black And White Entry Table Ideas

Black And White Entry Table Idea
Source: Homebnc.com

The easiest way to bring a new concept for your interior design is by using an entry table. In a certain case, you have no idea the kind of entry table that suits your house. You are no need to worry because you can use any kinds of tables, but you only have to choose the right accents.

We would like to recommend you to choose black and white accents for the neutral entryway table theme. For instance, you can paint the table in white while you choose the black accent for the surface.

20. Classical Study Entryway Table

Classical Study Entryway Table
Source: Pinterest.com

If you want to combine some neutral accents in one room, then we would recommend you to apply the beautiful classic sturdy entry table idea. This entry table uses a larger table made from wood and it is painted in dark accent.

The dark accent resembles the neutral color which makes the room look more harmonious. In addition, you can add some table decorations such as glass flower vases with artificial cherry blossom. You can also add a simple square mirror on the table for the additional value.

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