Media Room Ideas

Media room ideas are here to blow your mind! You don’t have to be a millionaire to talk about the media room. While everyone can have an entertainment room at home, it is important to know how it should look like.

Just like any other room, this space consists of several elements that build it up. Most of them are electronic devices such as TV screens, home theatre, decent audio systems, DVD players, and many others. It is also worth mentioning to have cozy seating to offer convenience.


Media Room Ideas You Can Copy

What is the media room? The media room is also called the entertainment room, which means you should be entertained whenever being in the room. There are no specific rules on how to design or decorate the media room. While you can choose any interior styles, the following ideas will help you out!

1. Man cave with a strong masculine accent

bedroom media room ideas

The entertainment room is often associated with man cave. This media room comes with masculine interior style, thanks to cozy beige and maroon sectional sofas that allow you to enjoy the movie while resting on it.

The presence of an overhead projector accentuates the nuance of the entertainment room. As an emphasis, you can rely on reels as wall ornaments. Combined with task lighting, this unique ornament creates a dramatic effect on the area.

2. Futuristic media room with lighted dome

basement media room design ideas

Modernity overload! The futuristic media room decor ideas take you beyond your wildest imagination. This media room looks outstanding, thanks to the dome with an LED projector light that becomes a center point.

This man cave is a complete package as you can find not only an entertainment room but also a home bar. Watching a current movie while enjoying a glass of drink becomes a perfect getaway. To promote your convenience, sets of armchairs are ready to use.

3. Super cozy and artsy media room ideas

media room ideas australia

Get the best out of your home media room. This cozy space facilitates your entire family to enjoy the home theatre while reclining or lying down on the sofa. Cushions that match the ottoman delivers comfort feeling to space.

What’s inside the media room? The flat TV screen and audio system are enough to transform your space into a home media room. Abstract wall ornaments lend an artistic touch to the interior.

4. Modest home media room with mid-century style

media and game room ideas

A simple media room will do. The following media room ideas look modest with TV enclosure and sets of armchairs. Thanks to the wooden coffee table that enables you to put some popcorns or drinks on it.

Adopting the concept of mid-century, this one of media room design ideas comes with a blue area rug that matches the curtain. Meanwhile, the purple wall delivers subtle darkness, allowing you to enjoy the movie or TV show just like in a theatre.

5. Superb media room with chesterfield sofa

media room ideas on a budget

Black Chesterfield sofa can easily steal your attention right here. Combined with armchairs and ottoman, it undoubtedly provides you with enjoyment you always dream of. While blue dominates the room walls, white doors and cabinets create a fascinating contrast.

Being a media room, an overhead projector and a large screen enable you to watch any movies or shows conveniently. The vaulted ceiling that resembles the starry sky makes this media room look more adorable.

6. Modern contemporary media room ideas

media room bar ideas

Make the best of your media room by adopting the modern-minimalist design. To accentuate its minimalist style, you can opt grey fabric sectional sofas with fluffy cushions and armchairs. White coffee table resonances modernity and minimalism.

On the other side of the room, a modern fireplace adds warmth and cozy ambiance with a wall-mount flat TV screen over it. Some wall ornaments are also added to bring in decorative touch to the room.

7. Media room in earth tone

black media room ideas

The following contemporary media room ideas borrow the style of contemporary design. Dominated by earth tone, this space does not only look comforting but also feels cozy. Thanks to the fabric sectional sofa with a coffee table in a similar nuance.

The overhead projector supports the function of this entertainment room. A large flat TV screen is mounted on the wall, providing you with more space without a TV cabinet.

8. Small home media room for family

media room paint color ideas

The following small media room ideas on a budget look nice. The size of this room is just right for a small family. You can simply transform the basement or attic into a functional and nice media room at home.

You don’t need to involve too many elements for this media room. Sets of chairs and an ottoman are enough to promote your coziness. Ambient lighting suits best with the media room, providing sufficient illumination to enjoy the movies.

9. Traditional decor with a stone archway and round table

media room ideas pinterest

This media room idea adopts the goodness of traditional style. At glance, you can see how magnificent the man cave is. The stone archway accentuates traditionalism while the black round table provides a strong accent of masculinity.

A set of maroon fabric sectional sofa and an ottoman match the hardwood flooring. The element of area rug creates a nice mixture with room walls and a coffered ceiling.

10. Trendy media room designs with large TV screen

media room ideas houzz

Do you always wish to have a trendy media room? Try to adopt the following media room ideas. The mixture of teal sectional sofas, round coffee table, and blue walls create a fascinating look.

The large TV screen provides you with more excitement while watching the movies. A decent audio system is just the right complement to make you say Wow! And you shouldn’t forget the TV cabinet that adds a modern flair to the room.

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11. Super cozy media room with vaulted ceiling and draperies

media room ideas for small spaces

This may be one of the best media room ideas that you can copy. The ultimate entertainment room is equipped with a wall-mounted TV screen in a large size. On the other side of the room, there is a fireplace to offer warmth and cozy ambiance.

From the interior style, this media room looks mesmerizing with draperies and rug in a similar tone. The vaulted ceiling with LED strips matches the sets of media room seating ideas that look in contrast with the other elements.

12. Modern media room with urban style

decorating ideas for a media room

If your house doesn’t provide much space, the living room and media room can share space. This modern living room is also your media room. It looks casual as a living room but it is nice for a media room.

There is a wall-mounted TV screen on the wall, sectional sofas, and a coffee table. These elements enable you to welcome the guests while enjoying the media at the same time. A wall graphic adds an artsy look to the interior.

13. Cozy media room with large glass windows and coffered ceiling

media room curtain ideas

If you want to spend time watching movies but don’t want to miss the beauty of nature, the following media room ideas will help. Coming with a huge TV screen, this entertainment room realizes your dream.

The mixture of dark grey sectional sofas, ottoman, and black coffered ceiling evokes a cozy atmosphere to the interior. Most importantly, large glass windows allow you to enjoy the picturesque natural beauty outside.

14. Small media room for a small family

media room ideas gallery

The essence of a media room is to build an intimate bond among family members. You can spend quality time with the beloved ones by watching favorite TV shows or box office movies and feel the enjoyment.

This media room on a budget is great for a small family or couple. Coming in a small size, you can feel the intimacy and warmth inside. The room adopts a tropical style, thanks to earth tone armchair and couch, bamboo wall ornament as well as a small palm tree.

15. Media room with a tall TV cabinet, so wonderful!

media room basement ideas

The following decorating idea will bring your media room to the next level. An espresso floor-to-ceiling TV cabinet evokes magnificence and blends nicely with other room elements, including the ivory armchairs.

A huge TV screen allows you to feel an engaging experience while watching the movie. The semi-circular vaulted ceiling adds grandeur to this media room.

16. Adorable home theatre with starry sky vaulted ceiling

media room colour ideas

If you often invite friends or relatives to watch box office movies or play games, the following media room ideas make you the best host ever!

The cozy entertainment room provides you with a large wall-mounted TV screen covered by draperies. If you are a hardcore gamer, you can change it into a gaming room; just be sure to include things like a programmable gaming mouse to make it perfect.

Couches and sectional sofas are also employed so that you can recline or lie down while watching. And, you shouldn’t miss the attractive vaulted ceiling with an LED projector as an adorable media room lighting ideas that create a starry sky effect.

17. Media room idea for basement

best media room ideas

Do you need an inspiring media room that fits best with your basement? The following basement media room ideas, or man cave, look great to escape from the crowd. A 50-inch flat TV screen is mounted on the wall, providing you with superb visualization.

Cozy leather armchairs are there to promote your coziness. Meanwhile, a white coffee table enables you to put the drinks or popcorns. LED stripe lighting creates a dimensional look and dramatic nuances.

18. Perfect man cave to escape

attic media room ideas

Another inspiration for the basement media room is coming! Transform your old and boring basement into a super cool media room and home theater. Simply mount a flat-screen TV on the wall, locate some armchairs and voila!

This design idea is also suitable for the man cave. The black leather sofa brings in a masculine accent while the vaulted ceiling with wood wainscoting creates a strong and firm look, just like what men want.

19. Monochrome media room looks appealing

media room wall color ideas

Are you looking for the media room paint ideas to color up the entertainment room? Grey and white offer appealing monochromatic effect to reface the media room. The mixture of white sectional sofas, black coffee table, and the grey wall is just right.

Inside the room, you can install an overhead projector and wall mount flat TV screen. A monochrome wall graphic enhances the value of your space.

20. White minimalist home theatre and media room

media room ideas 2019

The following media room ideas borrow the clean look of white elements consisting of walls, armchair, and sectional sofa. Since white media room colors ideas resonance neutrality, you can easily mix-match with other elements such as navy blue area rug, evoking a minimalist flair.

The room is also equipped with a flat LCD TV in a black color scheme that matches the standing racks. Coffee table in a similar tone also becomes a nice complement.

21. Rustic man cave with pool table

media room art ideas

Transform your basement into a tranquil man cave where you can spend time with old mates. The man cave adopts a rustic style, accentuated by the stone arch bar and pool table in the center.

As for the media, you can find a wide TV screen featuring sets of armchairs in a similar tone.

22. Blue media room ideas for small space

media room cabinet ideas

If you love blue that much, this entertainment room idea comes to pamper you. Not only is it covered by refreshing blue paint, but the media room is also equipped with a set of home theatre including such as audio systems and widescreen.

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This room inspiration fits best for your small space as it does not need too many furniture pieces. Modern armchairs in the blue color scheme will do.

23. Extraordinary home theatre with bar table

bonus room media room ideas

Extraordinary home media room ideas are well represented by this picture. While black walls provide a dramatic effect, the vaulted ceiling with LED stripes makes it look outstanding.

This room is equipped with the black sectional couch as well as a bar table and stools to promote your convenience.

24. Basement media room with basic design

media room ceiling ideas

You can rely on a basement media room to provide excitement for the whole family members. This large basement is transformed into a cozy media room, featuring sectional sofas, widescreen, and oval coffee table that looks nice.

25. Small basement man cave to getaway

media room ideas furniture

Enjoy yourself and watch the newest box office in this basement man cave. Spiral stairs provide not only function but also add style to space. A wide TV screen with backlighting provides a dramatic nuance you’ll always dream of.

Now you believe that everybody can have a home media room. The media room ideas above can be adjusted with your circumstances, especially the budget.

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