Modern Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas

Some people are willing to spend money or just do the DIY tricks to have a modern farmhouse interior design ideas. To have a design you’ve always wanted, but you have limited space for it. Meanwhile, the approach of the decoration in this modern interior design embraces the uniqueness that is a little bit imperfect and irregular.

You can browse our DIY collection and how to choose the right decoration to make your room more spacious. Since you will find a way to add more charm and personality even your room is very simple.


Amazing Modern Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas

1930s farmhouse interior

Modern design is also strongly related to wooden furniture and ceiling. The choice of the color scheme also is simpler, calmer, and sometimes brighter. You can choose the white, gray, and brown color scheme for having a cleaner and sleek look.

These best modern farmhouse interior design ideas may help you get some inspirations you’ve never thought about!

1. Living Room Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas

1930s farmhouse interior
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Having a farmhouse interior design is surprisingly relaxing. The reason is that those two terms of modern and farmhouse can bring a fresh look on rusting stuff, so your house feels cozy and one of a kind with such a modern spirit.

2. Beautiful Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas

vintage farmhouse interiors

If you are looking for a classic idyllic style, this modern farmhouse interior design will surely fit what you want. The approach is beautiful and comfortable with a simple design that can bring an inviting and warm atmosphere. You can feel the natural ambiance in your house.

3. Farmhouse Style Interior

1930s farmhouse interior

You can put a beautiful kitchen table which is near an amazing bay window as a modern farmhouse interior design, it can bring more warmth and light inside. Choose a rustic for the construction. You can also pick a large, shabby bottle as the center of the attention.

4. Modern Farmhouse Style Interior Design

vintage farmhouse interiors

For choosing the interior for your modern design, you can opt for open cabinets. They are more efficient, yet bring the rustic look too. You can put stunning items on it since you can see everything from the distance. They can be an amazing display.

5. Modern Farmhouse Sliding Doors

farmhouse interior ideas

A sliding door in the kitchen can be an alternative for farmhouse interior design ideas. It evokes a barn in a rustic style. You can also mix and match with a more modern coffee table to put a great contrast to the touch of vintage. Cozy furniture is good for the kitchen table.

6. Masonite Farmhouse Doors

1900 farmhouse interior

One of the door styles you can have for a modern farmhouse interior design is a Masonite craftsman. It is the perfect entrance to welcome your family and friends into your home. It combines clean, crisp lines inspired by well-known craftsman architecture.

7. Stardew Valley Farmhouse Interior

small farmhouse interiors

Another modern farmhouse interior design is from the popular game, Stardew Valley. One of the inspirations here is that you can add classic, wood fireplace as well as the fridge. You can also choose to install wooden floors to bring the farmhouse to look stronger.

8. Old Farmhouse Interior Ideas

greek revival farmhouse interiors

Utilitarian light fixtures and sliding doors can bring the old farmhouse interior more alive. By hanging a big mirror can also create a design. You can also hang a beautiful landscape painting in your hallway to bring a sense of nature.

9. Modern Farmhouse Interior Paint Colors

farmhouse style homes interior

You can try to apply this accessible beige color for your kitchen. This color matches with any farmhouse interior design ideas you want to create. It will be a great color to make your kitchen looks more spacious and warm.

10. Beige Farmhouse Interior Color

white farmhouse interiors

Another warm color you can choose is sea salt for your lovely bathroom. It has a strong rustic theme, but also the classic vibe. It can make your guest bath walls look amazing.

11. Alabaster Color Schemes

farmhouse interior decor

Alabaster is the perfect color scheme for your master bedroom. It will create a relaxing and calm nuance to the room. As a farmhouse interior design ideas in the master bedroom, you can choose a classic bed with white bedsheets to make your room neater and cleaner.

12. White Shiplap Paneling

rustic farmhouse interior

To bring the vintage style into a farmhouse interior design, you can expose wooden beams and brick arch together. For the interior wall, white shiplap paneling is one of the greatest choices. Bring your white stoneware plates and pitchers on the table too.

13. French Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas

farmhouse interior design pictures

French farmhouse interior is a unique theme of a modern farmhouse interior design you can pull off. Some of the decorations in the wall are hung pans, jars, and jugs. The purpose of French home décor is usefulness in an undertone color scheme.

14. Characteristic 80s Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas

medieval farmhouse interior


A door panel along with a gorgeous floral wreath in white on the wall or the door is one of the characteristics of the 1880 design. You can combine with a tinny lettered sign to welcome your family and friends as the modern farmhouse design.

15. Modern Farmhouse Doors Interior

craftsman farmhouse interior

If you think that the barn house will be a great decoration of modern farmhouse interior design, then you should buy one.  It will be one of those doors you will never get tired of. Even though it’s pretty expensive, it will complete the whole look of a modern farmhouse.

16. Victorian Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas

farmhouse interior decorating

The next modern farmhouse interior design that is worth it to apply is a Victorian style. You can apply this style to your breakfast room. Try to choose vintage wallpaper like Farrow and Ball. Vintage furnishings can also provide a low-key, cozy atmosphere like a high-end inn.

17. Wooden Contemporary Interior Ideas

contemporary farmhouse interior

More wooden furniture can pull off the contemporary farmhouse interior. You can shop for wood beams or remnants to build a shelf in your lovely dining table. The key to creating a modern interior design is to have large weathered pieces of wood.

18. Natural Farmhouse Decorating Interior

victorian farmhouse interior

One of the ways to decorate your modern farmhouse interior design ideas is to bring the outdoors to it. Think about linen, natural wood, or even hemp finishes and fabrications. Avoid unnatural stuff including plastic and leucite since they are not relatable.

19. Craftsman Kitchen Interior Design

farmhouse doors interior

A modern farmhouse interior design will not complete without the brass touch like this kitchen, it is also one of the decoration ideas of craftsman. Choose a very pale gray color scheme to be applied to the kitchen. It will look cleaner and sleeker.

20. Medieval Farmhouse Interior Living Room

1880 farmhouse interior

Look at this living room of medieval farmhouse interior design, it applied cream stone for the old touch. Choose simple sofas and patterned carpet to bring back the medieval era but still in modern interior design. This style fits for those who like ancient nuances.

21. Modern Farmhouse Interior Design Pictures

french farmhouse interiors

A modern farmhouse interior design is all about beauty imperfection. You can try this rough-hewn, white bam door for your guest room, it will be a surprise addition to make the room looks bigger. You can install a railing-thin metal frame’s bed and poured-concrete floors.

22. Rustic Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas

farmhouse lights interior

Rustic touches in your modern farmhouse interior design can be from crisp white shiplap walls and well-worn repurposed, reclaimed antique treasures. You can also display wooden stools in the dining room along with the wooden kitchen set table.

23. Master Bedroom Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas

Master Bedroom Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas

A modern farmhouse interior design for the master bedroom is by having a sliding door. Meanwhile, to bring the oasis of calm to your master bath is by installing rough stone walls. It can create an amazing contrast to the smooth, classic countertops. Don’t forget the sink!

24. White Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas

farmhouse interior colors

For another beautiful farmhouse interior design, you can peek at this cottage, soft atmosphere kitchen. It contains chicness and elegance of a contemporary style. The crisp tile floors and the white foundation is a great combination to an easy blend foundation.

25. Modern Farmhouse Style Homes Interior

farmhouse interior paint colors

Look at this gorgeous kitchen! It is surely a modern farmhouse interior design we’ve been looking for. The sink, darker and crisp white hardware option provide you a one of a kind look for house style interior. You can choose white cabinets too.

26. Greek Revival Farmhouse Interior

old farmhouse interior

Do you need a modern farmhouse design for the master bath? Why don’t you try the Greek theme? This master bath is used in Benjamin Moore’s Ebony King’s dark gray to provide highlight and contrast architecture details. There is also a simple style chair, too!

This master bath is used in Benjamin Moore’s Ebony King’s dark gray to provide highlight and contrast architecture details. There is also a simple style chair, too!

27. Small Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas

stardew valley farmhouse interior

In order to create a highlight in your small modern interior design, you can combine two different styles by using bright, pop colors. Try this yellow of sunshine color scheme for a unique, cheerful space stuffed with organic elements. This is a very typical farmhouse.

28. 1900 Farmhouse Interior

farmhouse interior doors

If you want to time travel to the 1900s, then why don’t you apply 1900 as your modern design? The two classic lamps can be the focal point of this kitchen. Applying hard, a wooden floor can be also a great idea since it is classic and vintage.

29. Inviting Modern Farmhouse Living Room

modern farmhouse interior doors

You can create an inviting living room by having an oversized painted clock, it is a unique modern farmhouse design you can try. You can include a soft gray throw and big cushions too. Choose a vintage coffee table with two classic armchairs and turned legs.

30. Old-Fashioned Meet Farmhouse

farmhouse style interior design

A vintage house usually possesses design elements that are old-fashioned mixed with a modern touch. For bringing a modern farmhouse design, you can complement the look with the extra-wide pan on the wood floor. For a cozy feeling, add wood beams and ceiling.

31. 1930s Wooden Floor Farmhouse

farmhouse style interior

A modern farmhouse design will not complete without a wooden floor. The sofa and armchair in the picture can be found at IKEA. The color schemed that involves brown and white reflects cleanliness and coziness feel.

32. Industrial Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas

modern farmhouse interior design ideas

Industrial modern design is related to a dark accent wall, it can bring a focal point to the decorative arrangement’s table. Deer antlers on the wall can be uniqueness in the room. Choose a table that has a combination of topiary plants to old-fashioned.

33. Interior Farmhouse Shutters

farmhouse interior design ideas

Who says that you can’t decorate your window as the modern design? This bathroom is the example that you can beautify your window with shutters. The shutters have a crisp finish. Open them in the morning to let natural, fresh lighting to the room.

“Keep It Simple”

The quote above represents how modern farmhouse design ideas should be. The Styling of a modern farmhouse is a combination of a juxtaposition and era of modern minimalism. Sometimes people also relate a modern farmhouse a tiny bit country.

One of the things you should remember is that you need to keep decorative objects that are not perfect on a small scale to avoid them overpower your room and distract your guests’ attention. That’s how you organize an interior design.

For more inspirations, you can check out home magazines and articles to find the perfect design for the type of room you need. No matter what style you are going to apply, make sure that it fits with the budget that you prepare. Happy decorating!

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