Bohemian Home Decor Ideas

Home is a private place where communicates the character and personality of the owner throughout the design. If you want to impress people by unorthodox decoration, it is the perfect time for you to try bohemian home decor ideas and blow people’s minds with it.

When everyone is desperately renovating their home to be modern minimalist or lavish classic, adding playful energy with the creative element will never lay you down.


Best of Bohemian Home Decor Ideas

bohemian decor on a budget

Maybe some people will see it as an old fashion choice but as long as you know how to use it, nobody can resist it!

1. Bohemian art

bohemian decor on a budget

Once you hear the term “bohemian”, maybe you feel like it doesn’t seem right. No wonder. Because applying the bohemian style, whether for your mix and match fashion style or home decoration, it is always related to unconventional and out of the box style.

Even though we cannot hide the odd details of bohemian art, it turns out the demand for renovating a home using bohemian art home design is significantly increasing. Especially for an energic and creative couple who want to show their taste of design.

2. Bohemian Furniture

boho modern living room

Let’s be crazy to explore bohemian furniture. You will find fringe and tassel in every bed, couch, or any other fabric materials to establish a sense of boho style. You are also can add some natural elements like bamboo or rattan to warm the ambiance of the room.

In every bohemian home decoration, there is always a rope swing for your comfortable nook. It can indoor or outdoor, depend on your preference, remaining space, and the availability of the backyard. To elevate the comfy level, put a pillow with a soft texture on it.

3. Boho Definition

urban boho decor

Boho’s definition is often wrongly recognized as rustic. Probably it is because of the same characteristic of the typical vintage and old fashion details. But you have to understand what the difference is.

Rustic design is inspired by nature and organic things. The vibes are always fun and lure people to casually mingle with each other. But boho is more likely to be edgy and chic. Boho also looks more hippie that leads people to consider the owner as a creative human being.

4. Boho Living Room

cheap bohemian decor

This favorable elegant chic style can be confusing because no rules on how to decorate the boho living room. But a neutral palette for the wall is always a great start. Put a rug under the table enhances the texture of your house.

Don’t be afraid to do mix and match with different characteristics. Moreover, don’t mix two completely matching elements in the same room except for the set of sofas.

5. Boho Shower Curtain

bohemian style furniture

Don’t let the warm ambiance from bohemian home decor stops your decoration only in the main room. Expand it until the bathroom by changing the shower curtain from boring white plain into colorful with interesting patterns to liven up your shower time.

It is going to be your big leverage if the wall and every bathroom kit are off-white palette colors. The more neutral your bathroom looks, the more pattern and color variations of shower curtain you can choose.

6. Boho Wall Decor

bohemian style curtains

At the moment you choose bohemian home decor ideas, you have to deal with many knickknacks that have been influenced by the culture of eastern countries. For example, woven tapestry, a macramé wall hanging or other rope material decoration.

Remember that natural vintage element contributes a lot to your bohemian art feeling. However, these decorations will elevate the comfortable level of your guest since organic materials usually offer a unique sensation of visual pleasure to your eyes.

7. Bohemian Bathroom

boho chic furniture

The bathroom is one of the best rooms to relax your body and enjoy my time after tiring day. That is why good decoration will perfectly boost your mood. Thanks to the bohemian style because you can enjoy the sensation of a tropical island in your private space.

First, choose the old fashion tub with an antique look in the middle of greenery kinds of stuff like plants inside a pot can bring the freshness. If you want to put a drawer or basket for your amenities, choose the wooden materials or rattan for bringing more natural vibes.

8. Modern Bohemian Home Decor Ideas

bohemian color palette

Who said the bohemian home decor is always conservative without any modern element?

To embrace modernity, you can put a variety of patterns at the same time. If you don’t brave enough to be as bold as that, make sure the pattern won’t clash with the usage of different types, ex: polka dot versus animal print.

9. Bohemian Bed

home style furniture

The warm feeling is good for your mind and soul especially before you end the day with the quality of sleep. Either way, your day is always started when you open your eyes in the morning. So, the decoration inside your bedroom determines your mood all day long.

Creating a bohemian bed isn’t that hard. You can decorate your pillow sheet with intricate beadworks. Lacey valance on top of your bed gives dramatic boho art sensation which worth trying. Lastly, don’t forget to use a vintage pattern for your bedsheet!

10. Bohemian Kitchen Decor

bohemian apartments

To make the bohemian kitchen décor nailed, all you have to prepare is mixing two or more distinguish textures and patterns alongside with vintage appliances and accessories. You can pick a reddish-brown tone and wooden furniture to establish a warm and rich ambiance.

Neutral open shelving combined with a bold pattern of ceramics on the floor and industrial lamps on the ceiling will make it more elegant and playful at the same time. Whenever you want to apply backsplash or decorate the island, don’t hesitate to mix the color or pattern.

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11. Nursery Bohemian Home Decor Ideas

bohemian dining room

Avoid the mainstream decoration for your baby’s room. If usually, the dominant colors are always about white or gender-based (pink for girls and blue for boys), let’s decorate this room for our little angel with a bohemian style furniture.

Your nursery room is supposed to be energizing and visually pleasing. Put some thumbs or cacti to release your tiredness during taking care of the baby. Instead of the usual basket to store the clothes or any other baby kit, braided baskets are a brilliant idea.

The vintage pattern for pillow floor, tribal hanging picture, and fluffy geometric pattern rug are the interesting supporting details.

12. Bohemian Couch

bohemian headboard

There is a lot of couch style you can choose to communicate a boho style. Feeling amazed with the style in mid-century? Choose wooden legs couches with tufted backs and round shapes. But if you avoid “too girly” kinds of stuff, it is okay to choose leather coaches for industrial bohemian looks.

Bear in mind, the more colorful and bolder pattern, the more playful your room will be. So, don’t be afraid of suede green, blue, or red tones.

13. Boho Coffee Table Ideas


It is like a missing piece if your outstanding bohemian living room lacks the existence of the coffee table. Or if there is any but you don’t put any effort to consider the design, then the atmosphere of bohemian will not complete.

You can choose a square, round, or rectangular coffee table. The square table is good if your space not big enough. But if you like to gather with many families and friends, the round shape will be more suitable. Have a long couch? Yes, it is perfect for a rectangular one.

14. Bohemian Chair

boho coffee table

As the main furniture in your room, it is a perfect way to get a stylish and fun touch. Choose upholstery or fabric that is vintage enough to catch your attention, to begin with.

15. Bohemian Headboard

bohemian couch

When most people tend to abandon the appearance of the headboard, actually you can lift your bedroom by designing it like a masterpiece.

The first idea, you can make it into a DIY project by putting wooden pieces as the board and homemade pompom wool on the edge of it. To get a shinning effect, stick faux brass into your plain headboard. Pick ramie headboard for natural effect or full customized vintage pattern of your bohemian home decor.

16. Bohemian Dining Room

bohemian nursery decor

If you want to nail this bohemian dining room, then you have to pay attention to the detail of your textiles. A good combination of layering the curtains, pillow upholstery, and rugs are the key success of out of the box boho style.

A set of vintage dining table set made of bamboo or rattan will bring classy bohemian art. Make it better with proper lighting: brass floor lamp or metallic pendant light will sew everything perfectly.

17. Bohemian Apartments decor Ideas

bohemian kitchen decor

Choosing a bohemian style for your new apartment is an excellent choice since you can explore the countless opportunity of mix and match color, pattern, and texture. You have your space to present your wildest decoration idea with minimum limitation.

Don’t only stick with furniture and ornament. Try to harmonize every single element of your apartment: wall decoration and color, lighting, roof, floor, and any other supporting knickknacks.

18. Homestyle Furniture

bohemian bed

Bohemian home decor always fits with vintage furniture. The stylish old fashion thing isn’t merely about out of date stuff. Turns out, the boho trend is already increased.

Fringe, tassels, beaded and braided details are very common in bohemian style. Perfect for you, creative unconventional people.

19. Color Palette for Bohemian Home Decor

modern bohemian

You may think that the bohemian color palette is always about a warm tone. It’s not always like that since there are no strict rules on what the best color for bohemian home decor is.

Most people who are into this style will consider picking warm earth tones and jewel colors. Deep brown, grey, and green are good to be foundation color. A combination of layering colors with violet, neon blue, and fiery orange will strengthen the design statement.

20. Chic Bohemian Home Decor Ideas

bohemian bathroom

It is hard to find boho-chic furniture in common shops. The best advice to fulfill your expectation of hippie-chic vibes is throughout the vintage shop or maybe in the second-hand store.

Overall, lavish couches and other furniture in the same room with the saturation of colors will never go wrong. However, forget about the straight-backed chairs since it doesn’t support people to stay any longer. Prioritize daybed and relaxing chaise is a brilliant idea.

21. Bohemian Home Decor Curtains

boho wall decor

Forget the ordinary of off-white or pastel curtains. The bohemian decor will let you pick an earthy or jewelry tone with a vintage pattern.

22. Bohemian Style Furniture

boho shower curtain

Choosing the most proper furniture for your bohemian looks can be overwhelmingly tricky. To make it easier, start it with choosing the materials first.

Bohemian home decor is the perfect way to freely doing mix and match or applying unique furniture which will be considered as “too much” when you don’t stick with bohemian art. Sisal and burlap mixed with silky light crochet and fringe are the best fineries for your house.

23. Cheap Bohemian Home Decor Ideas

boho living room

Hippies enthusiast surely understand that bohemian decor is the perfect answer for you who want to cut the cost of decoration budget. Even though cheap, but it doesn’t mean you have to compromise the quality and aesthetics.

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Instead of visiting a lavish furniture shop, try to hunt your favorite piece of treasure on the second-hand market where sells unconventional vintage bohemianism kinds of stuff.

24. Urban Bohemian Home Decor Ideas

boho definition

To accentuate urban boho decor isn’t always talking about furniture. Lightings and any other ornaments offer you improvement of bohemian art at the same level as furniture does. Lighting is an essential part to embrace the welcoming atmosphere.

Candles, table lamps, and several lanterns are the key to establishing the real vibes of bohemian home decor. Either way, the existence of these additional lighting ornaments brings the intimate dim light effect that perfect for a special moment with family or best friends.

25. Boho Modern Living Room

bohemian furniture

The living room is the first spot where all the eyes of your guests and relatives get caught by your decoration. Put your animal printed rug under a coffee table and set of sofas alongside with another vintage furniture.

26. The Bohemian Home Decor Ideas on a Budget

bohemian art

Don’t make a budget as your obstacle to establish bohemian home decor. If you don’t want to buy new furniture or another ornament, you can always use the plant to spice up the color and element combination. Either way, plants never fail to present visually appealing to you.

So, what do you think? You can combine all the ideas above and make your signature taste of bohemian home decor ideas. Ready to establish your astonishing house?

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