Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas

Do you love rustic decor style? Or, are you looking for bathroom decor inspiration? If your answer is yes, you must read this article carefully. We will show you 30 best rustic bathroom decor that will inspire you.

When it comes to home decor, a homeowner can choose wide ranges of home decor style available.  I personally love rustic home decor, and so for my bathroom. Rustic bathroom decor has become popular in recent years.


Elegant Rustic Bathroom Decor

This is true as rustic bathroom decor will make your bathroom look more beautiful and elegant. To help you to find the right bathroom decor, here are 30 best rustic bathrooms decor that you haven’t seen before:

1. Beautiful rustic bathroom decor ideas

rustic bathroom towel rack

White is a neutral color that can be combined with another color perfectly. Some people may get surprised seeing that white can create a rustic bathroom beautifully as you can see in the picture.

This is beautiful rustic bathroom decor ideas that feature exposed brick. The interior designer of this beautiful bathroom successfully brings the outdoor atmosphere into the bathroom.

2. Amazing rustic bathroom wall decor

rustic bathroom medicine cabinets

To create rustic bathroom decor, the homeowner needs to pay attention to every aspect of the bathroom such as furniture and wall decor. When it comes to rustic bathroom decor, many homeowners use wooden furniture as it will bring a natural feel into the bathroom.

This rustic bathroom looks amazing with wooden vanity and ladder towel rack. Moreover, the wall decoration of a torch lamp and beautiful vanity mirror make this bathroom even more interesting.

3. Simple, but amazing rustic bathroom lighting ideas

rustic bathroom shower curtains

Just like decorating any part of your room, decorating your bathroom need to be done perfectly. On this picture, you can see how simple rustic bathroom lighting can bring the whole bathroom environment more natural and elegant.

For rustic bathroom space, homeowners need to choose rustic bathroom lighting that can bring an outside element to the bathroom. On this particular bathroom, the lighting system complements well with wooden decorative of the wall.

4. Rustic bathroom sink ideas with wooden wall

rustic master bathroom

When income to rustic bathroom decor pebbles, stones, and wood are the classical elements that will make your bathroom look more natural. So, having such an element in your rustic bathroom is highly recommended.

Additionally, you can have a mirror.  This rustic bathroom sink shows how the mirror and wooden wall bring amazing effect to your bath space.

5. Rustic bathroom vanities ideas with open storage

rustic bathroom vanity with sink

Every bathroom needs a proper storage system. Rustic bathroom vanities are no exception. This particular rustic bathroom has a perfect open storage system below the sink. You can notice a natural wood stain match perfectly with the color of the marble countertop.

6. Rustic bathroom vanities with a wooden board

rustic bathroom storage

There is no doubt that wood is one of the most important elements in rustic bathroom decor.  Wood brings a natural element to tour a rustic bathroom.

Rustic bathroom style can be applied for any sizes of room. This small size rustic bathroom has a basin attached to the beautifully made wooden slab. The rustic bathroom mirror on the board enhances the rustic look that you need.

7. Amazing rustic bathroom mirror ideas

rustic bathroom rugs

We have mentioned earlier that the mirror plays a great role to make your room more interesting. The something goes to rustic bathroom decor.

On the picture, you can see how this beautiful rustic bathroom gets the benefit from the mirror install on the wall. Wide wooden frame mirror brings a warm and rustic environment to your bath space.

8. Clave rustic bathroom shelves the idea

rustic bathroom shelf

Can I have standing shelve for my bathroom with limited floor space? The answer, yes you can. This owner of this bathroom is really clever. This shelf lean over-the-toilet makes it more beautiful and space effective.

This wooden shelve is not only functional but also bring a natural atmosphere to the bathroom. Wooden element is a crucial element to bring a natural and rustic look to any room.

9. Rustic bathroom accessories

rustic bathroom cabinet

To create a rustic bathroom, you will need rustic bathroom accessories. Rustic bathroom accessories will not only make your bathroom more beautiful but will also enhance the rustic look you need.

On this picture, you can see different rustic bathroom accessories, they are not only adorable but at the same time also functional.

10. Amazing rustic modern bathroom

rustic double bathroom vanity

Do you love modern style bathroom with rustic touch? If your answer is yes, I am sure you will love this bathroom. This particular bathroom has all modern bathrooms style its need, but at the same time also has many rustic bathroom elements.

The exposed log on the ceiling and wooden wall on this room make this room look natural and warm. This particular bathroom is a great example of how rustic modern bathroom should look.

11. Rustic bathroom vanities light

small rustic bathroom vanity

Every room should have proper lighting system. The good lighting system will not only bring a good amount of light to your bathroom but at the same time will also enhance the look of your bathroom style decor.

12. Out of the box rustic bathroom decoration

rustic bathroom tile

Sometimes to create rustic bathroom decoration, you need to think out of the box. This particular rustic bathroom shows how rolling barn door makes everything in this room look natural and classically beautiful.

13.Perfect rustic bathroom light fixture you should have in your bathroom

rustic bathroom sets

Properly chosen rustic bathroom light fixture help you to create a beautiful rustic kitchen that you need. Rustic light fixture helps you bring your rustic kitchen look more classic and elegant. This particular lighting fixture is really beautiful and adorable suitable for a rustic room that you need.

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14. Rustic wood bathroom vanity with dark wood

rustic bathroom signs

Unlike other rustic bathroom decor, this particular rustic bathroom uses dark wood as its main feature. We have mentioned earlier that wood is an important element in any rustic home decor.

This dark wood rustic bathroom is really beautiful and adorable. I am sure that you want to have this kind of bathroom in your house.

15. Rustic bathroom faucets


To create a perfect rustic bathroom, you need to pay attention to every detail of your bathroom. Lighting feature, wall, vanity faucets are a few examples of bathroom feature that you need to pay more attention. Rustic faucets on this picture show how beautiful facet can make your bathroom more beautiful and elegant.

16. Rustic bathroom vanity plan for the better DIY result

rustic bathroom faucets

Any DIY project needs to be done properly. The successful DIY project usually started with proper DY project plan. The same thing when you want to DIY your rustic bathroom.

Proper planning helps you to use all your space available more effectively. To have better storage space, you need to create the best vanity design with many storage compartments as shown in the picture.

17. Rustic bathroom sign

rustic wood bathroom vanity

To make your bathroom look more interesting, you need to have the right bathroom decoration. For rustic bathroom style, rustic bathroom style as shown on the picture is not only functional but also will make your room more interesting.

18. Luxurious rustic bathroom set you should have

rustic bathroom light fixture

Every homeowner wants to have a beautiful bathroom. Most homeowner wants to decorate their bathroom. Bathroom decoration and accessories play a significant role to make your bathroom look more beautiful and interesting. This luxurious rustic bathroom sate is adorable and amazing.

19. Rustic bathroom tile to make your room glamorous

rustic bathroom decorations

This rustic bathroom design combines several elements create elegant rustic look it needs. As you can see on the picture neutral color of woodwork and stone perfectly match with the neutral color of the tile of the floor. The ceiling too looks great with exposing beam that brings a warm atmosphere to the bathing space.

20. Small rusting bathroom vanity

rustic bathroom vanity lights

Do you have a small bathroom? Don’t worry; you still can create be amazing rustic bathroom as shown in the picture. This small bathroom vanity has everything to be called perfect rusting vanity bathroom.

21. Rustic double bathroom vanities with distress barn door and drawer

modern rustic bathroom

This is a stunning rustic bathroom with double bathroom vanities. As you can see on the picture, the distress drawer and barn-door look excellent on this vanity. The natural green looks perfectly match with the dark walnut stain that makes this bathing space beautiful.

22. Rustic bathroom cabinet

rustic bathroom accessories

Pain to distress and rough wood are often featured in many rustic home decor. Wood is an important element to create any rustic home decor. This rustic bathroom cabinet is beautiful and adorable.

23. Rustic bathroom shelf

rustic bathroom shelves

When it comes for bathroom shelve, the homeowner can choose a different style of shelve they need. However, if your bathroom style is rustic bathroom style, you obviously need to choose a rustic bathroom shelf. On the picture, you can see the beautiful hanging bathroom shelf that suitable for a rustic bathroom.

24. The best rustic bathroom rugs to make your bathroom space look warmer

rustic bathroom mirrors

There is no doubt that properly chosen rugs play a significant role to make your room look warmer. This particular rustic bathroom has dark color rugs that perfectly match the rest of the room interior.

This rustic room has a beautiful wooden rustic door. The dark color of the rug enhance the color of the door that makes this room warm and elegant

25. Rustic bathroom storage system you should have in your house

rustic bathroom vanity

To make your bathroom clean and tidy, you need to have proper bathroom storage system. There are different bathroom storage systems that you can choose. However, it is very important to choose the right storage system that goes well with your bathroom decor styles.

Created from repurposed wood, this particular rustic bathroom storage is not only beautiful but also suitable for the rustic bathroom you have.

26. Rustic bathroom vanity with sink

rustic bathroom vanities ideas

Homeowners need to know that they can choose different types of rustic bathroom vanity. On the picture, you can see a really beautiful log cabin style bathroom vanity. I love the beauty of natural look of textures of copper sink that perfectly match with the color of the cabin rustic style of the bathroom.

27. Amazing rustic master bathroom

rustic bathroom sink ideas

Rustic bathroom style is suitable for those who want to bring the outdoor element into their bath space. This particular bathroom style usually brings many natural elements to the bathroom. On this beautiful design rustic master bathroom, you can notice how stone element perfectly fit with exposing wood bar.

28. Rustic bathroom shower curtain

rustic bathroom lighting ideas

There is no doubt that choosing the right bathroom accessories is very important especially if you want to create a perfect bathroom theme and style.  If you have a rustic bathroom, for example, you need to have rustic bathroom accessories.

The picture shows a beautiful rustic bathroom shower curtain that will fit for any bathroom with rustic decor style. This particular shower curtain is not only beautiful but also adorable.

29. Rustic bathroom medicine cabinet

rustic bathroom wall decor

Most people will keep their medicine in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Your medicine cabinet should complement well with bathroom decor style that you have.

If you have a rustic bathroom, for example, you have to need a rustic bathroom medicine cabinet. This particular medicine cabinet will go well with any rustic bathroom style.

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30. A rustic bathroom tower rack

rustic bathroom decor ideas

We have mentioned earlier that every bathroom should have a proper storage system. This is true especially if you want to keep your bathroom clean and tidy. For rustic bathroom style, you may need to have a rustic bathroom tower rack as shown on the picture.

You have read 30 best rustic bathroom decor ideas that you never have seen before. I hope that you find this article useful. Please do not hesitate to share this article with your families and friend.

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