Modern Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas

Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas – Becomes the most favorite choice if you want to remodel your living room, kitchen, and bedroom. All you need to do is to combine some attractive decorative items to make your room look more artistic and awesome.

Somehow, there are a lot of creative ideas to apply to your house. It comes with various accents and beautiful accessories, either you make them by yourself or you can buy them in the market.

If you want to try the amazing creative farmhouse wall decors, then you probably would like to check these following tips and ideas.


Modern Rustic Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas

diy farmhouse wall decor

If you cannot remodel your home interior design totally, then you may simply give a little touch on the wall. In this case, you can try to apply the farmhouse wall decoration which can add value to your home interior. Here are a few examples of wonderful farmhouse wall decor ideas that you can try by yourself.

1. Modern Farmhouse Wall Decor

urban farmhouse wall decor

You probably like to apply the modern farmhouse wall decor ideas which look extraordinary for a minimalist home. It brings a new look for a different style which is still imitating from the old-fashioned decor.

Suppose you want to try this futuristic concept, you can simply use some photo frames, but it does not contain regular photos, but some natural plans images in green colors with white background.

2. Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Decor

french farmhouse wall decor

You are not only able to remodel your living room, but you can also redesign your kitchen with an attractive farmhouse kitchen wall decor. Somehow, the kitchen needs more decorative items from various elements.

It combines a lot of stuff that can bring more harmony and a natural atmosphere. It is also really good for keeping our environment healthy because you can just use some herbs to add more decors.

3. Farmhouse Bathroom Wall Decor

farmhouse kitchen wall decor ideas

You may also try a farmhouse concept for your bathroom. It looks so charming which will make your bathroom look like a five-star hotel. Somehow, it is really easy to create such a farmhouse bathroom wall decor.

All you need to do is just to build simple wall mounted shelves, then you can put some decorative items on the shelves. In this case, you can put anything to make it look attractive. For instance, you can put some small herb pots or you just fold some towels on the shelves.

4. Farmhouse Style Wall Decor

farmhouse chic wall decor

The farmhouse style wall decor is suitable for any rooms depending on what you would like to attach. For instance, you can change your dining room wall to have such a great five-star restaurant decoration. It is like a real cafe, but it is just an ordinary dining room with simple wall decor.

Simply, you can just hang some black and white items on the wall like a black spoon and fork, black photo frame, white texts, and much more. If you want to bring more harmony, you are recommended to use a neutral accent for the background such as white or gray.

5. Farmhouse Dining Room Wall Decor

diy farmhouse wall decor

A dining room can be the most important place that you should put more decoration. Farmhouse dining room wall decor will be the right option if you want to have a different cool atmosphere for your dining room. How to do it?

Suppose you only have a small dining room, you do not need to use a lot of items to change the design and style. But, you can simply repaint the wall first, and then you can just add some simple decoration. You can put a minimalist cabinet near the wall or you can draw some texts.

6. Rustic Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas

industrial farmhouse wall decor

Rustic can refer to an old-fashioned style that commonly uses timber for wall decoration. This is the easiest concept which you can try at home. It is also suitable for any kind of room, all you need to do is just to collect some rustic stuff.

Anything can be rustic stuff as long as it looks old and classic. But, before you put these decorative items, you need to build a special holder on the wall. Then, you can simply put some rustic decorations like flowers with wooden vase, wooden kitchen appliances, wooden spatula, and much more.

7. Large Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas

farmhouse wall decor for living room

You may try to apply the large farmhouse wall decor ideas. This concept is a great option for living room wall remodeling, It is even more flexible because everything is up to you. You have your way to make your living room look more attractive, especially for the wall decor.

You can combine between the modern stuff and old-fashion stuff. It is free to redesign such a living room with a farmhouse wall decor ideas concept. Somehow, before you start to complete it with some cool stuff, you still need to choose the right accent for it.

8. Vintage Nest Decor

farmhouse living room wall decor

Vintage farmhouse wall decor ideas are perfect for those who live in an apartment that has a small space. The vintage decoration uses some simple stuff, but it remains attractive with the perfect arrangement. Some vintage items which decorate your room are like wooden photo frames, small glassy rack, wall mounted shelves, small artificial flowers, words decoration, family pictures, and much more. It does not focus on color selection, but it tends to be more artistic with a neutral accent.

9. Farmhouse Bedroom Wall Decor


The common stuff to get farmhouse styled bedroom them always uses timber or wooden materials. As you can apply this concept to your bedroom decor, you probably would like to have something more attractive in your bedroom.

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If you cannot remodel your bedroom completely, then you may change the appearance of your bedroom wall. Let us try the farmhouse bedroom wall decor which looks so old-fashioned with a simple concept. You can just prepare a whiteboard with a black frame accent, then you can write down some texts in black.

10. Farmhouse Living Room Wall Decor

vintage farmhouse wall decor

The farmhouse wall decor ideas will change the display of your living room. Somehow, the living room becomes the main spot that should have better creative designs. The farmhouse styled theme is perfect for it. But, you do not need to have an overall farmhouse design, you can simply design the wall with something different. If you prefer simplicity, you may use a small blackboard that you can hang on the wall like a photo frame. Then, you can draw or write down some texts on the blackboard.

You may also add a shelf above the board where you can put some flower vases, photo frames, and other accessories.

11. Industrial Farmhouse Wall Decor

large farmhouse wall decor

Suppose you have some industrial unused stuff around the house, you can collect them for wall decoration. You can try the industrial farmhouse wall decor ideas which look chic and elegant, especially for dining room decoration.

The industrial farmhouse theme brings some industrial items which are no longer functioning. You can take some unused vehicle components like gears, chains, and wheels and then you can just simply attach them to the wall.

You can also use the film roller which you can just put in on the wall.

12. DIY Home Font and Arrow

rustic farmhouse wall decor

DIY farmhouse wall decor ideas may be the best choice if you are looking for an easy style that you can apply to your living room wall concept. DIY means that you do it yourself. Of course, you prefer to use some simple and cheap stuff for the wall decor.

It is quite easy to apply this concept because you can take some unused stuff in your warehouse.

For instance, you can use a simple long blackboard in which you can write some text. Or you can use timbers to create some letter that resembles HOME.

13. Farmhouse Chic Wall Decor

farmhouse dining room wall decor

If you prefer to apply a chic wall theme with a farmhouse concept, then you may like to apply this concept. Well, you need so much stuff to make the appearance look perfect. It is all your decision to choose decorative items.

For example, you can use a small deer head hanging on the wall. You can also use a round clock which is surrounded by some photo frames.

It is also possible to add some flower vases, but you need to build small shelves on the wall with different levels.

14. Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

farmhouse style wall decor

Another cool and creative idea comes with a different style and it is suitable for kitchen decoration. If you do not like to utilize some expensive stuff, then you may try this one. How to apply this farmhouse wall design?

Anyway, you need some flower vases that you can hang on the wall. You can choose two big vases and small vases.

It is your decision whether you use real plants or artificial plants. Also, you can also add a small table in front of the wall in white color.

15. French Style Decor

farmhouse bathroom wall decor

A French idea uses some artistic and unique accessories that are quite expensive. But, it is not a wrong choice to try this design for your home wall. How does this farmhouse wall decor ideas look like?

It looks French because you have to arrange everything in the right place. Moreover, it also still uses wood materials.

The wall decor is still similar to other common wall decor, but it is not enough if you just decorate the wall. Some French people prefer to add more accessories in front of the wall.

16. Urban Clock Ideas

farmhouse kitchen wall decor

According to its name, the urban farmhouse wall decor ideas use rustic decorations. Somehow, the urban theme comes from the accent which you apply to every item on the wall.

It looks so classic, and it is perfect for an old-fashioned house that still uses red bricks.

You can put some stuff as you wish on the wall. You also must not forget to add some chairs in front of the wall. Anyway, this can be an amazing idea that you can easily imitate.

17. Chrismas Day Decor Ideas

modern farmhouse wall decor

Perhaps, you feel bored with the current wall decor that looks so ordinary. Christmas will come soon. So, you can try to redecorate your wall with something different. You can try using white porcelain along with wire country display.

This wall set looks so attractive because it combines a white accent and another light color, especially red and green. But, you need to build such a wall-mounted shelf to hold the porcelains.

It is very easy to make because you can just use your kitchen items to complete it

18. Match Sign Medley Wall Decor

farmhouse wall decor ideas

Another cool concept with farmhouse style for your wall goes with match sign medley. This looks outstanding because it comes with a lot of characters and words. Also, it is very easy to create this wall setting.

Simply, you can just collect some boards and paint them with various accents. Next, you can write down some wise words on the board. Finally, you can just hang every single written board on the wall side by side.

In summary, is the easiest way to make your house look different. So, it is not a bad idea that you create your own DIY farmhouse wall decor ideas based on the samples above.

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You can use any items around you, but you need to be creative to bring artistic value to the home.

You can even combine modern wall decor and countryside wall decor which can make your living room, dining room, and bedroom look awesome.

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