Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas – Everybody loves taking a bath. Cleaning this body is very fun and relaxing. We cannot imagine if there is no fresh water on earth. Every day people enter a bathroom to wash any dirt om their body. The room is very important to us all.

It needs to be cleaned up all the time otherwise it will gross. A good bathroom must smell fresh. It looks clean, nice, and tidy. It is a must, too.

No matter how big or how small your bathroom is, storage must be there to store bathroom stuff like towel, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, and the like. Messy storage is not good for your bathroom.

To have a looking-good one, you have to make the greatest small bathroom storage based on these following ideas on this article. Hopefully, you see them great.


Do It Yourself or Ask for Help

You will not need an expert to make one. However, if you do not have much time to do so, you are suggested to ask for help from an expert. Possibly, it can be expensive but you will get better small bathroom storage. It is alright.

Another possibility is that you ask for some help from your friends. It can be free of charge but at least you thank and treat them some drink.

Whoever you ask for help, make sure they are professional or at least good at such a thing. It is our custom to make everything clean, nice, tidy, and comfortable. Furthermore, buy some good materials even though they are a little expensive.

Choose colors that are good for every detail of your bathroom storage. Keep everything away from cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, and termite.

Get Inspired Perfectly by the Best Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

slim bathroom storage cabinet

For some people, it is very difficult to be creative or get inspired. They find it difficult to create something unique and creative. If you are one of those, this article makes everything easy.

There will be 16 ideas to alter your bathroom look. All of them are created by very creative people. You do not need to doubt them all. You can modify them if you like. It is up to you. Very cool!

Take some time to make one. Prepare everything well. Make sure the weather is good enough to sustain your activity. The time to finish the project can be short or long. It depends on your availability for it.

Make sure the storage that you make is done perfectly and neatly. Take some rest if you get tired while doing the activity. Do not force yourself. Slow but sure is the key.

So, let us go make one. Are you ready? Before that check out all 16 ideas below. Get inspired and be happy! Read the article carefully. Take a look at each picture.

Take some notes if it is necessary for you. You can design your sketch first based on the picture. You can also use 2d or a 3d image creating software to get a realistic view. By the way, you can be rich by design.

If you are very good at 2d or a 3d image creating software like 3D Max or AutoCAD, you can sell your creation and get some money. You can also teach other people to design something useful for human life. You can promote your design on YouTube or Instagram.

1. Simple but Nice Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

under bathroom sink storage ideas

Look at the simple but nice cabinet! It is very simple! This design is created by my sister, Lane. She is in the process of creating ideas that belong to a bathroom storage cabinet.

The wood that you see is maple. However, you can have your own wood choice. No problem.

The point is that it is strong, durable, sturdy, and can last like forever. You can finish it with a glossy look or satin look. Another possibility is that you paint it in the color you like.

You can make it bigger if you like. Place some stuff on it and take a bath with pride!

2. The Bathroom Door Will Be Just Fine

bathroom countertop storage

The door can be useful, too. Modify it based on this design. You can place more stuff on it. This design is created by my friend, Toby. He is a collegian in interior design. This design is made based on a request from my brother, Dang.

The color is your choice. The point is that you make some pouches behind the bathroom door. This one is the rare version of bathroom storage ideas.

3. The Wall Can Be Helpful

slim bathroom storage

Your bathroom wall can be good also for bathroom towel storage. It is very easy to attach some towel hanger on it. The plant is good for balancing the view. Moreover, it can give a naturally fresh environment. Make sure the material is strong and non-rustic.

Use strong nails or screws to keep it attaches to the wall perfectly. You can hang 4 or more towels depending on how big the hanger is. It looks amazing.

4. The Simplest Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

bathroom storage shelves

It is so simple and beautiful. You only need to prepare some pot to store your bathing stuff. Make sure it is made of non-rustic metal or clay. This idea is very suitable for minimalists. This one is an idea about small bathroom storage.

You can have the bigger ones or the smaller ones. It depends on how much stuff you have got in a small bathroom it is easy to manage and to clean up. If you like this then make it for real.

5. Efficient Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

bathroom wall storage cabinets

Can you see where the storage is located? It is a little bit hidden there. The basic idea is to make storage that can be hidden in a small bathroom. You can cover it up with some clean cloth. Make sure it is always clean and free from mosquitoes and other insects.

It is absolutely an under bathroom sink storage that you can make it for real. It looks nice and tidy. Make sure you have clean cloth.

6. A Small Storage on the Wall is Perfect

diy bathroom storage

Look at the wooden storage on the wall of this clean bathroom! This one is an idea from my mother, Lauren. She loves wood. Therefore, she wants to make storage that is full of wood.

The wood is made of an apple tree. It is durable and smells good like an apple.

This cool storage is bathroom wall storage. You can make it bigger or wider if you like. Do some modifications to it.

7. Amazing Hangers for Towel on the Wall

bathroom storage furniture

Wow, it looks fantastic! You can hang your towel on this hanger. You can have two or more than that depending on your needs. It is a bathroom towel storage. Make sure it is non-rustic and easy to clean up. Paint every hanger with your favorite color.

Your bathroom wall must be very clean so that your towels are clean too. Make sure it is reachable by kids.

8. A Rack for All Bathing Stuff


A rack is needed to store your bathing products. It is very cheap yet sturdy enough for decades to come. You can have a bronze version or copper one. Make sure it is non-rustic and easy to clean up. Hygiene is key.

The small holes are needed to balance the view of the rack. You can have more than 40 holes. It is alright as long as it is functioning. This one is a bathroom over the toilet storage.

9. DIY Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

bathroom storage tower

It is terrific! The small wooden storage is above the toilet. This one is very easy to build because it is one of the DIY bathroom storage ideas. The storage is made of rosewood.

The owner loves simplicity and efficiency. Make sure you make everything clear and clean.

You can build one and modify it. Mahogany is good to make one. Another possibility is maple.

10. Flat Wood Design for Storage

small bathroom storage

You make small storage with flat wood. Attach it on the wall by nailing it or something. You can have three or more as you wish. Maple is very good to make such a thing. You can also make one out of applewood. Polish the surface with a glossy or satin finish.

Make sure you attach it firmly so that it can last for a very long time. Add some green plants to give jungle nuance. This unique idea is of bathroom wall storage ideas.

11. Metal Storage Looks Nice and Simple

under bathroom sink storage

It looks gorgeous. It is simple but modern. This sleek design is one of bathroom towel storage ideas. It is made of metal. Iron is the best for this design. You can have copper or bronze, too. Your towel will be saved hanging on it.

You can add some glass with blur finish and put some plant in a pot on to balance the atmosphere between metal and forest.

12. A Jar is another Cool Small Storage

bathroom storage over toilet

Cotton buds and some cotton will be saved in a glass jar. Make sure you add some carbon coal to absorb humidity so that there will be no fungi or germs. DIY bathroom storage has something simple and nice small storage such as this one.

You can have a transparent jar so that you can see what is inside clearly. You can also have a transparent color to make some varied look.

13. Elegant Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

bathroom cabinet storage

look at that mirror! It looks amazing with small storage which is attached and united with it. This amazing storage is created by my grandfather, John. It looks clean and elegant. You can put bathing stuff and other small things there.

This one is absolutely a bathroom mirror with storage that is very famous among people who like small bathroom storage design. Perfect!

14. Another Cool Hanger on the Small Bathroom Wall

bathroom towel storage

This design is very impressive! It is creates based on the imagination of my little brother, Patrick. You can make the hanger out of bronze or copper or aluminum or steel. Make sure it will not rust. It looks cool.

You can see that this design is a bathroom wall storage cabinet. You can make one by yourself. Screw it on your bathroom wall and there you have it.

15. Colorful Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

bathroom storage ideas

It looks colorful. It has good contrast. The small buckets are useful to store your small belongings in a small bathroom. You can have plastic or metal buckets. The point is you have non-rustic storage because the bathroom is humid enough.

This one is one of very small bathroom storage ideas that are very easy to make. You only need to buy some buckets and there you have it.

16. Nice White Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

bathroom storage cabinet

This is the most amazing white storage that I have ever seen in a small bathroom. You can see that it is above the toilet. It looks elegant, classic, European, and warm. The wood is from an apple tree. The honeycomb windows are very unique. This one is my favorite.

Making Small Bathroom Storage

It is very easy if you want to make a small storage for your small bathroom. I hope that those 16 ideas can inspire you. If you need some help, please ask for some help from an expert. It can be cheap or expensive. It is not a big problem. Have your dream bathroom with storage inside.

It can be cheap or expensive. It is not a big problem. Have your dream bathroom with storage inside.

If you are having so many ideas, you can upload your design on YouTube and be rich. You can also teach other people who are not good at home design including how to make storage. You can also have so many followers on Instagram. Post your best pictures! People will love it.

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