Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

It is argued that the kitchen is the heart of a home. Space becomes a witness how hectic your morning can be. As the kitchen is where you reload energy before starting daily activities, it requires the best treatment to boost the mood. Among a few ways, kitchen wall decor is one to take into account.

Kitchen wall decor ideas are not only effective but also money-saving. Most of the stickers, typography, or murals are less expensive than purchasing new furniture piece. Be ready for loads of inspiration down here.


Upgrade Your Kitchen Wall with These Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Stickers, typography, even kitchen appliances can do a great job to elevate kitchen interior. You can also add some artistic touch by placing wall painting. If you have no idea what to do with the kitchen wall, grab some inspirations below!

1. Permanent writing on the kitchen wall to express your thought

apple wall decor for kitchen

Sometimes it is hard to choose the right kitchen concept that defines your thought. Refer permanent writing on the wall and it does a great job. You can write what’s on your mind and let other people read your thought. As it is permanent writing, it is good to choose inspiring quotes.

Monochrome permanent writing works for a minimalist kitchen concept. You can also choose another color according to the concept you bring to the room.

2. Kids friendly kitchen decor idea

kitchen wall decor sets

If you often involve kids to prepare the dishes, this wall decor for the kitchen should be an attractive idea to adopt. Rather than leaving your kitchen wall plain, cute cartoon fruits wall decor makes a great addition. You can say goodbye to boring kitchen interior!

Choose cute cartoon murals that are associated with the kitchen. You can opt for cartoon fruit, cartoon vegetables, or cartoon food to make the space livelier.

3. Cups, cups everywhere!

kitchen wall decor Pinterest

Try to open your cupboard and find how many cups you have. At the time you don’t want to spend a dime for intriguing wall decor, cup collections will do!

On your kitchen wall, mount some racks and shelves to display a variety of cups and saucers. The catchy arrangement is what you need to transform a plain wall into an attractive focal point inside the kitchen. If you don’t have many cups, feel free to combine with tiny vases and other accessories.

4. Monochrome decor idea with a minimalist touch

kitchen sign wall decor

Catchy kitchen wall decor is not always striking. Even subtle nuance such as monochrome decor can do. Minimalist wall decor with chalkboard and permanent writing is what you need to make a statement inside the kitchen.

As a complement, you may also involve teapots, vases, and mugs. This wall decor idea makes your kitchen interior looks adorable.

5. Inspiring wall graphic is all you need to boost the mood

Tuscan kitchen wall decor

Wall graphics and typography are now-trending wall decor for any room, including the kitchen. Both things are easy to make but great to enhance kitchen interior. Inspiring quotes, aside from its aesthetic value, also redefine your statement.

To get the best result, adjust the size of your wall graphic. The smaller size needs a smaller graphic, thus it does not make your kitchen look cramped.

6. Kitchen appliances for wall ornament, yes, please!

wall decor kitchen

Do you know that kitchen appliances offer other function than making your dishes ready? They can be fascinating wall decor, too! This wall ornament is one of a kind, allowing you to store the appliances as well as improve the value of kitchen interior.

You can use any kitchen appliances to adopt this kitchen wall decor idea. Just make sure you clean it up after each use.

7. Hang it up and save space

Italian kitchen wall decor

Having a small kitchen is not a big problem if you know what to do. Sometimes, you can combine two purposes in one. For instance, you can hang up kitchen appliances and get an aesthetic touch at the same time! This helps free your cabinet, too.

Consider the best area to hold the ornaments. It should be reachable and offers aesthetic value. Feel free to combine with wall painting or graphics.

8. Functional wall art to offer convenience

kitchen wall decor fork and spoon

If you always spend minutes only to find egg beater or can opener, you are not alone. There are many people with unorganized kitchen, spending the extra effort to find items. Why don’t you hang it up and get double functions?

The ideas of this kitchen wall decor provide not only function but also beauty. Hanging the accessories allow you to grab it fast even in a hectic morning. As a bonus, it makes your kitchen interior looks great!

9. Chalkboard ornament for brick kitchen wall

large kitchen wall decor

Chalkboard is a trending wall ornament for any places, such as a cafe, restaurant, and even private kitchen. This wall art looks simple but is effective enough to make a statement. Interestingly, you can change the writing anytime you like.

But wait! Chalkboard is not the only interesting element here. The presence of a brick wall that looks intriguing allows you to add texture and pattern to the interior. Use up the wall to keep kitchen items in place.

10. Oversized clock wall art for rustic kitchen idea

kitchen wall art decor

An industrial rustic kitchen should receive the best wall decoration. An idea to consider is mounting wall clocks in various sizes, including oversized one. With this rustic kitchen wall decor, you cannot lose track of time!

To evoke industrial nuance, even more, you may also consider hanging a giant key. This kitchen wall decor makes a great addition to the interior.

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11. Printable kitchen wall art is a piece of cake

copper kitchen wall decor

Sometimes you are in a dilemma of upgrading kitchen wall and being busy with your work. Worry not, printable kitchen wall art is here to offer convenience. Without effort, you can have the incredible wall art to redefine your kitchen wall.

12. The expressive mural is today’s trend

decor for kitchen wall

The mural is a way to express your thought! A creative mural can bring a significant enhancement to your kitchen interior. You may choose to write it permanently on the wall or refer wall stickers that are far more practical. Besides, this modern kitchen wall decor brings an update to your kitchen space.

13. Wall rack for storage and ornament in any kitchen


Wall rack is not only functional to keep things but also offer an aesthetic touch to your kitchen. Think creatively to transform boring wall rack into a catchy wall decor just like this. The arrangement is the key point. To add more value, wall graphic brings a nice addition to your kitchen interior.

14. Chopping board can be rustic kitchen decor

coffee wall decor kitchen

Even chopping board has its beauty. This kitchen wall decor looks intriguing with an impressive pattern. Also, you can make this ornament for a challenging DIY project. Though it may require more effort, the result is worth trying.

Chopping board wall decor looks great for the kitchen as well as a dining room. Combine with other decorations or accessories to elevate its beauty.

15. Vinyl wall sticker for the kitchen is super easy!

country kitchen wall decor

When it comes to wall decor, chances are that you consider wall painting and ornaments. It can be much simpler! Vinyl wall stickers do a great job to upgrade your kitchen wall. If you are a busy person or are not an artsy personality, stickers are worth choosing.

Kitchen wall decor stickers are available in various sizes. You can opt for sticker size based on available space on your kitchen. Furthermore, there are plenty of designs that are going to live up your kitchen.

16. Add color to your plain kitchen wall

kitchen wall decor pictures

Do you ever imagine to have some fruits decorating your wall? Hanging counterfeit fruits may be too usual for your kitchen. If you need something different, put them in frames.

Fruit wall decor kitchen in frame fruits give a fresh and colorful touch to your plain kitchen wall. Thanks to the vibrant color presented by nature. This kitchen wall decor is suitable for space in any size.

17. Evoke rustic flair with rustic wall decoration

kitchen wall decor stickers

At the time you have fallen in love with the rustic concept, this rustic vintage kitchen wall decor becomes a good treat for your kitchen. Rustic typography with a meaningful quote is what you need to boost the mood.

Distressed wood is best chosen to evoke old and wear effect to the ornament. You can place anywhere in the kitchen, importantly space with a large plain wall. Feel free to combine this wall decor with a desk or vanity.

18. Farmhouse wall decor looks adorable

vintage kitchen wall decor

The farmhouse is a good idea to upgrade your kitchen. If you are on a mission of giving perfect finishing for the kitchen, consider farmhouse kitchen wall decor. If you have spare time, you can also create DIY wall ornament with farmhouse touch.

There are many design ideas when it comes to farmhouse wall decor. Wood makes a great option for material and metal plays a role to complement its nuance.

19. Simple wall art for white brick kitchen wall

red kitchen wall decor

White brick wall offers a warm and vintage atmosphere. If your kitchen comes with this wall option, there are few options to enhance its appearance. As brick gives distinct texture to the wall, you don’t need to go too far for wall decor.

To avoid the crowded wall, spend your money on wall racks. Jars, cups, and other accessories can do a great job to decorate your wall naturally.

20. Sweet chic wall art for minimalist kitchen space

metal kitchen wall decor

Some kitchen wall decor represents the characteristics of its owner. It never goes wrong to involve your character in choosing pretty wall decor for the kitchen.

This wall decoration idea looks sweet and chic with the choices of wall graphics. The pink frame makes a subtle shot while flowers and black heart wall graphic show your feminine character. On a white wall, it creates a sleek combination for kitchen decor.

21. Open shelving kitchen wall decor is space-saving

modern kitchen wall decor

Transform your wall into giant open shelving. If you have limited kitchen space, large kitchen wall decor is a savvy idea to keep clutter away.

Pegboard becomes a versatile wood option to allow you to make instant wall shelving. Surprisingly, this pegboard shelving is so flexible that you can change the arrangement anytime you like. It means you change the wall decor at the same time!

22. Cute stickers as practical kitchen wall art

farmhouse kitchen wall decor

Stickers always make a great decoration for any room. Regarding the variety of designs and patterns, this wall art option is reliable to enhance your interior.

The following kitchen wall decor ideas look so fun with cute stickers. This gives you a good time and good mood while working in the kitchen. Good news, it also works for ceramic tile!

23. Tosca-white ceramic tile for permanent kitchen decor

rustic kitchen wall decor

Wall decor can be as simple as subway tiles. This wall decor uses the combination of Tosca and white ceramic to create a permanent wall decor. Subtle color creates a calming atmosphere in the kitchen.

Still, need some decorative touch? Don’t go too far with wall decor. Simple wall addition such as wall clock and open shelving are enough to be called as kitchen decor. You may also refer small greeneries to fresh up the interior.

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24. Typography canvas painting looks perfect for any kitchen

wall decor for kitchen

Typography canvas painting can be called as simple yet powerful wall decor. Behind its simplicity, there are meaningful quotes to express your mind and thought. Without too much effort, everybody knows what you want to deliver.

This kitchen sign wall decor is suitable for any kitchen concept, particularly minimalist, modern, and contemporary. Choose your favorite quote and let it change the way people see you.

25. Choose pegboard for smart kitchen solution

kitchen wall decor ideas

Smart is when you can achieve many purposes through a single thing. Just like this pegboard that serves as wall decor as well as a storage solution.

Pegboard helps declutter your small kitchen. When cabinets give nothing but cramped space, pegboard is a savvy solution to decorate the wall as well as save your kitchen appliances. Choose the right wall side to get the right feeling.


In short, kitchen wall decor is not merely about decoration to upgrade kitchen interior. Going further, some wall decors also provide a storage solution for a tiny kitchen. Either you choose wall decor for its aesthetic touch or function, make sure it suits best with the entire kitchen element!

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