Master Bathroom Ideas

Master bathroom ideas can ensure your coziness. It is unarguable that a bathroom is a place in which you can relax your body and mind. A master bathroom should provide tranquility, thus you can soak and refresh your body peacefully to restore the energy after a tiring day.

The right bathroom design and style takes a major contribution to its coziness. A well-arranged bathroom with catchy interior can indulge your eyes. As a result, you can recharge the body in the master bathrooms.


Luxury and Beautiful Master Bathroom Ideas You Should Adopt

Luxury and Beautiful Master Bathroom Ideas

A master bathroom does not always come in a large size. Even a narrow space can be transformed into a fascinating, cozy master bathroom. Take a look at these inspiring ideas to revamp your space and make it a jaw-dropping master bathroom just like magic!

1. The glass shower enclosure is a must-have

master bathroom vanity ideas

Most, not all, master bathrooms come with a glass shower enclosure. This cabin is a special nook to enjoy the shower. Aside from its function, shower enclosure also elevates the value of your master bathroom.

It can be combined with a bathtub or just come along. If you want to make sure the water does not splash here and there, the shower enclosure is what you need in the master bathroom.

2. I-shaped bathroom becomes a solution

master bathroom floor plans with walk-in closet

Do you fall in love with the master bathroom but only have narrow space? This I-shaped master bathroom offers you a savvy alternative. The master bathroom looks classy with the right arrangement.

Locate a glass shower enclosure and a master tub in one side. Get a master bathroom vanity across the shower enclosure and a tub. This arrangement allows you to move freely inside the bathroom. To create a visually wider space, install a large wall mirror.

3. Decorative hanging light to define a master bathroom


Never think a decorative light fixture is only for the living room. You can also have one to enhance the bathroom. Beautiful hanging light makes the bathroom looks luxurious. If you usually access the room at night, this lighting can relieve your soul.

Choose a hanging light that can emphasize the bathroom style. The following master bathroom comes with contemporary style, thus a light fixture with a contemporary flair makes a great addition.

4. Bathtub as a center point, why not?

luxury master bathroom ideas

Where is the best spot to locate a bathtub? Some people choose a certain corner while some others are daring to make the bathtub a center point. A freestanding bathtub in the center of your spacious master bathroom is a great idea.

Soak your body and indulge your eyes with adorable panoramic beauty in the outside. Thanks to the large glass tile windows that free your gaze.

5. Half glass shower enclosure with marble-top vanity sink

dream master bathroom

Glass shower enclosure gives too much exposure to your body. If you are not the one who uses the bathroom, half glass shower enclosure may be a good choice to opt for. This shower enclosure idea keeps your privacy as it combines wall and glass.

A corner is the best place to build the enclosure. To enhance your experience when using the bathroom, double vanity sinks gives easier access to wash your face.

6. Rustic master bathroom with wood wall coverings

spa-like master bathroom

Bring inside the warmth and friendly nuance of a rustic style to your bathroom. The following master bathroom ideas adopt rustic concept as presented by the wall coverings.

Wood wall coverings provide warmth feeling while glass room divider makes the narrow space looks larger. You can also spot a ladder towel storage that emphasizes the rustic concept. Thanks to Moroccan flooring style that adds texture to the rustic master bathroom ideas.

7. Enjoy the scenic nature with freestanding bathtub and large glass window

marble master bathroom

What is better than soaking your body in warm water while seeing the scenic nature? It is a fascinating treat for your body and soul. If you live surrounded by mesmerizing landscape, the following bathroom idea is a must-have.

The master bathroom comes with a glass shower enclosure as well as a freestanding bathtub. Thanks to the glass door that indulges your eyes with panoramic beauty.

8. Dreamy master bathroom with chandelier

master bathroom floor plans 10x12

The right interior design idea can elevate the value of your master bathroom. It gives you priceless private time, tranquility, and energy that you need to start and end the day.

If you dream of a simple, luxurious master bathroom, the following master bathroom ideas can be taken into your consideration. The dreamy master bathroom evokes a luxurious nuance with the presence of a chandelier. Dominated by the gray color scheme, this bathroom looks more tranquil.

9. Hardwood flooring for farmhouse flair

Pinterest master bathrooms

Add farmhouse flair to your master bathroom with hardwood flooring. If you are planning to remodel the bathroom, this design idea can warm your heart.

Hardwood flooring looks matched with shiplap wall coverings. The combination of white and gray color schemes looks inviting. To add more value, decorative light fixture hangs nicely over the freestanding bathtub.

10. Minimalist master bathroom with eclectic window

best master bathrooms

When it comes to remodeling the bathroom, it does not always involve a major renovation. You can simply focus on a certain section to make a focal point for the best master bathrooms.

Transform one of bathroom corner into a cozy spot to soak your body. Locating a bathtub over an eclectic window improves your experience when using the bathroom. Wall mount decorative light fixtures do nothing but bringing this corner to the next level!

11. Patterned ceramic tile flooring works great for a bathroom

master bathroom sinks

If you want to boost up the bathroom style, patterned ceramic tile flooring is a great idea to do. Master bathroom ideas with patterned ceramic flooring can add a decorative accent to space. It makes a bold statement to the bathroom without effort.

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Patterned ceramic flooring creates a balanced look to the white master bathrooms. Make sure to bounce more light by installing a glass window.

12. Boho master bathroom feels warm and inviting

contemporary master bathroom

Boho style offers a warm and friendly feeling. This bathroom design idea comes with wooden vanity which represents Boho style that you adopt. Meanwhile, double under-mount sinks provide easy access for the rush morning.

Hardwood flooring is chosen to emphasize the concept. Hanging light serves a warm ambiance to the bathroom. Black brass faucet contrasts look to the white vanity top and master bathroom sinks.

13. Protect your wall with ceramic tiles

master bathroom cabinet ideas

If you are planning to remodel the bathroom in a short future but cannot decide the right wall coverings yet, the following master bathroom ideas will help. Ceramic tile wall coverings offer maximum protection to the bathroom wall.

Ceramic can protect your wall better than wood covering. Besides, ceramic tiles require low maintenance. This bathroom idea also presents master bathroom vanity ideas with double sinks to improve its functionality.

14. Master bathroom with architectural window

rustic master bathroom ideas

An architectural window can improve your master bathroom design. Not only does it help control light intensity, but this unique window also serves as the room’s focal point.

The white window bathroom comes in a white color scheme that creates a clean accent. It creates a harmonious look with textured ceramic tiles. Thanks to wall mount light fixtures that give a cozy ambiance to space.

15. Double sinks to offer double functions

luxury master bathroom ideas

Do you always have a rush morning? Then you need to double the bathroom! It gives quick access to the bathroom since you don’t need to take a turn.

Master bathroom ideas with double sinks looks inviting, thanks to double mirrors with wood frames that offer a warm feeling. The interior gets better with patterned bathroom rugs for your convenience.

16. The mirror can be a fascinating focal point

white master bathrooms

Your bathroom needs a focal point to be the center of attention. Among many choices, an eclectic bathroom mirror can opt. The decorative wall mirror hangs nicely over the vanity sink, inviting every eye to see it.

For the small master bathroom, the mirror also contributes to reflecting the light. As a result, your bathroom looks brighter and visually larger.

17. Small size is not a problem

mansion master bathroom

Most master bathrooms come in a large size. But you should not be discouraged to realize your dream of having a master bathroom. You can modify the master bathroom floor plans and make your definition.

The following master bathroom design idea can transform your small space just like magic. With the right floor plans, you can feel the tranquility and luxurious nuance. Subtle tone helps reflect the light to create a brighter room with larger feeling.

18. Glamorous master bathroom with chandelier and island

master bathroom floor plans with walk-in shower

This is a luxury master bathroom idea to define your statement. Glamorous touch is well presented by a chandelier above the vanity island. Drapery as a fascinating window treatment also contributes to giving an inviting look.

If you share the bathroom with your partner, double vanity sinks provide convenience for access. Making an L-shape vanity looks possible if you have a large bathroom size. Or else, an I-shape double vanity sink can provide a similar function.

19. Large glass shower enclosure allows free movement

beautiful master bathrooms

Some glass shower enclosure comes in small dimensions that you cannot move freely. Master bathroom ideas with large shower enclosure are what you need to enjoy showering time at its best.

The floor plan of this shower enclosure comes in an I-shape that gives you a wider space to move. This farmhouse master bathroom also employs textured, mosaic tile enclosure flooring to ensure your safety. Meanwhile, hardwood flooring is chosen to emphasize the farmhouse nuance.

20. Add glam to your master bathroom with marbles

master bathroom vanity ideas

Marble master bathroom is a dream comes true. The bathroom is designed with marble wall coverings and marble tiles flooring that adds a luxurious touch to your dream master bathroom.

Windows with frosted glass are chosen to bounce light to the room. It looks simple and can blend perfectly with the entire element that looks glam. Get some white roses and let the scent spread to the whole space.

21. Terrace master bathroom is outstanding

master bathroom floor plans with walk-in closet

A terrace master bathroom is an inspiring idea! A freestanding tub over the large glass window provides a jaw-dropping view while relaxing your body. Thanks to the roofless section that allows you to sunbathe without leaving the house.

Tropical nuance is well presented by its wood flooring and ceiling. Stonewall also makes an additional decoration to this master bathroom interior.

22. Eclectic light fixture makes a significant enhancement


Light fixture, despite its small size, plays a major role in determining the value of your bathroom. Master bathroom ideas with eclectic light fixture always create a stunning interior appearance.

Black and white create a fascinating monochrome look. Meanwhile, a decorative light fixture serves as a center point of this room. A floating vanity makes a great addition for the small master bathroom.

23. Luxury master bathroom and powder room

luxury master bathroom ideas

Spruce up your master bathroom with this idea! Combining a bathroom and powder room is a great idea for the sake of time-efficient. The following luxury master bathroom ideas come in quite a large size that you can enjoy private time and do makeup in one space.

Marble tiles enhance the interior while wood furniture piece creates a luxurious touch. Thanks to the glass window that makes your bathroom even brighter!

24. Master bathtub idea to soak your body

master bathroom floor plans

The master tub is an essential element of a master bathroom. This is where you soak your body while enjoying the tranquility and coziness of the bathroom. This master tub looks elegant with a footstep.

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25. Farmhouse master bathroom with freestanding tub

master bathrooms

Glamour is the word that best represents this master bathroom. A chandelier over a freestanding bathtub improves your experience when using the bathroom. White color scheme dominates this room, creating a clean and bright look. At the same time, patterned ceramic tiles serve a decorative accent.


The bathroom is arguably one of the essential places in a house. Master bathroom ideas define your style and ensure your coziness. Your private time is never this comforting with these bathroom ideas!

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