Kitchen Window Ideas

Kitchen window ideas can enhance the kitchen interior. Kitchen is not merely a place to cook. Diving deeper, the kitchen is a place where you gather all energy before starting the day.

Considering this function, it is a must to have a kitchen with a cozy ambiance and an adorable look.

There are many ways to enhance your kitchen. One of the most practical is adding window treatments that can evoke a distinct interior design as well as promote the room’s coziness. Several types of kitchen window treatments are available.


Inspiring Modern Kitchen Window Ideas You Should Have at Home

kitchen window blinds

If you have decided to give the right treatment to the kitchen window, you should find one that suits best your kitchen style.

Below, there are 25 inspiring ideas for kitchen window ideas that will blow your mind. Don’t forget to jot down your favorite kitchen window concept and realize your project soon!

1. Floral valance to perfect a vintage kitchen

kitchen bay window

Valance is a minor part that serves as decorative pieces for kitchen window treatment ideas. This short fabric panel makes your kitchen looks more adorable. Besides, it can also emphasize the style that you adopt.

If you wish to evoke a vintage flair, this floral valance can do a great job. Aside from its decorative function, the valance can also control light intensity that penetrates your kitchen. Combined with a matching rail, your valance is a nice addition to space.

2. High glass window with wood frames

kitchen bay window ideas

This kitchen greenhouse window looks intriguing, thanks to the unique ceiling design as well as windows. The green kitchen comes with glass window tiles that go to the ceiling. It creates a roomier feeling even though you have a small kitchen space.

White window sill contrasts with greenhouse kitchen. However, it looks harmonious with the cabinets and worktops. The advantage of having a large glass window is you can get a brighter kitchen without installing more light fixtures.

3. Country style cellular shade to add sweet flair

kitchen window sill ideas

The cellular shade is one of the favorite window treatments. This treatment is great for any room, including the bedroom and kitchen. Cellular shade provides an extra insulation layer to the window, thus you can reduce energy consumption.

This cellular shade comes with country style to redefine your country kitchen. You can simply roll down and roll up the shade whenever needed, thanks to the versatile fabric tie that gives you easier access.

4. Elegant fabric curtain idea with blinds for French-style kitchen

kitchen window trim

You can always combine two or more kitchen window ideas to enhance the cooking space. Aside from giving double protection, the extra treatment also provides more value.

Take a look at this French-country kitchen style that uses blind and fabric curtains at the same time. Whenever needed, the curtain can be rolled up and create a beautiful valance. Behind the curtain is a window blind to control the light intensity that comes into your kitchen.

5. Glass window tile to bounce more light

kitchen window classes

The glass window is a versatile kitchen window ideas that bounce more light to the interior. Besides, it gives you a clear sight to outdoor view, thus cooking time can never be boring.

This glass window tile looks simple but adorable for any kitchen style. Window sill can be a great place for your home and kitchen accessories. If needed, you can add a window treatment such as sheer shade or blind.

6. Large roman blinds for a marvelous window treatment

kitchen window shutters

If you have a big kitchen, chances are that you have a large window. It may be overwhelming to choose the right treatment for this kind of window. But you should not worry as large roman blinds come to offer you a solution.

Large roman blinds offer a variety of sizes that allows you to adjust with the window size. Roman blinds help control the intensity of light, thus reduces the energy consumption inside the kitchen. During the day, you don’t need to turn on the light fixture as the kitchen is loaded by sunlight.

7. Fabric window treatment looks so vintage

kitchen window shades

Fabric window treatment evokes a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This material is easy to install and requires low maintenance. The foremost, fabric comes in various designs and patterns to enhance your kitchen.

Take this adorable curtain as an example. The window curtain looks harmonious with all elements in the vintage kitchen style. Thanks to decorative hanging light that serves as a focal point in the interior.

8. White window sill with framed-wood glass for a small living room

backsplash around kitchen window

The following kitchen window ideas with white sill and cellular shade make a great addition to the interior. The large glass window is perfectly located near an under-mount sink. Anytime you do the dishes, an attractive outdoor view helps you get rid of boredom and bad feeling.

9. Adorable kitchen window treatment with a unique pattern

modern kitchen window treatments

An espresso valance serves a fascinating appearance to the kitchen interior. It unifies with a white ceiling and kitchen wall. At the same time, the unique pattern cues a distinctive style that you evoke.

A short fabric panel is an alternative if you don’t want to obstruct your outdoor view. But it remains helps control light intensity for comfortable work in the kitchen.

10. Kitchen window ideas with arch for minimalist-modern cooking space

small kitchen window curtains

Do you have a farmhouse kitchen? The following kitchen window ideas will make a notable enhancement. The kitchen window with an arch emphasizes the farmhouse style that you adopt.

Painted in white, the glass window tiles add an attractive look. It also bounces more light to create a visually larger interior. If you don’t mind about privacy, you can leave the window without any treatment.

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11. Glass window with wood frame and curtain looks harmonious

kitchen greenhouse window

A modern kitchen should receive modern concept and design in any elements, including kitchen window. This modern kitchen window idea is designed with glass tiles and a wood frame that offers a friendly atmosphere.

The kitchen windows look adorable, thanks to task lighting and fabric curtain in a white color scheme. The combination creates a clean look to promote your work inside the kitchen.

12. Aluminum window frame with glass evokes contemporary flair

kitchen bay window curtain ideas

Wood is not the only material for a window frame. You can also take advantage of aluminum. This material is known as sturdy and can elevate the value of the kitchen interior.

Kitchen window ideas with aluminum window framework well for any style, concept, and design. You can make large glass windows with upper hinges for easy opening. The see-through glass allows natural light to brighten up your interior.

13. Enjoy the outdoor view with this huge glass window

kitchen window shelf

Living in a house surrounded by a scenic view is a blessing that should not be wasted. You can enjoy the mesmerizing outdoor scenery at any time by installing huge see-through glass windows.

This window idea indulges your eyes with panoramic beauty. Preparing the dishes inside this kitchen gives you a spectacular experience every day.

14. Expand your tiny kitchen with a single, giant glass window

kitchen windows over sink ideas

There is nothing to worry about in a tiny kitchen. With your creativity, a small kitchen can be transformed into a cozy place to prepare the dish and do house works.

Kitchen window ideas with a huge glass window help expand your kitchen visually. Your sight is free, thanks to a large glass window that gives no barrier to your sight. You can also play with colors by choosing a monochrome color scheme to evoke a spacious look.

15. Rustic and industrial design concept with track lighting and curtain

kitchen window coverings ideas

If you have an interest in industrial style, this window idea may be a good option to go. The kitchen window ideas combine the industrial and rustic style that provides a distinctive look.

The black window sill makes a fascinating look with glass window tile. Meanwhile, the wooden window sill represents a rustic style that you adopt.

To emphasize the industrial look, you can install industrial track lighting over the window. The white curtain makes a perfect bend with the kitchen wall and cabinets.

16. Indulge your eyes with this huge folding glass window

kitchen sink window ideas

If seeing outdoor is not enough, you can enjoy the air by letting the window wide opened. Designed as a folding glass window allows you to open the window widely. Thanks to upper and lower tracks that promote an easy opening.

A folding glass window is suitable for any kitchen style. With the following kitchen window ideas, you can enjoy preparing the dishes while breathing the fresh air, especially during the summer.

17. Calico valance to elevate your kitchen value

kitchen bay windows

Complement your kitchen sink window ideas with calico valance. The window treatment makes a great addition to your kitchen space. Thanks to the distinctive look provided by calico fabric.

Valance is a savvy idea to control the light intensity while keeping your kitchen gets sufficient sunlight. To enhance its appearance, locate some plants on the window sill.

18. Rustic shade to emphasize kitchen design

kitchen pass through window ideas

Kitchen window shades come in a variety of styles, one of which is rustic shades. For your rustic cooking space, this window shade gives a magnificent performance to emphasize the concept.

This rustic shade is a good choice if privacy is your concern. The shade covers the lower part and it leaves the upper part uncovered, thus natural light can penetrate your kitchen. It creates a nice blend with the white window frame and subway tile surround.

19. Three-panel glass window to enjoy the mesmerizing outdoor view

garden windows for kitchen

A wide kitchen window requires more effort when it comes to choosing the right kitchen window ideas. You may be in a dilemma since a single huge glass may be unsafe while smaller tiles may be too costly.

As an alternative, you may consider having a 3-panel kitchen window idea. This idea allows you to enjoy panoramic beauty, thanks to the large glass it has. On the other hand, this window idea does not break your savings as it comes in a simple design.

20. Kitchen window sink with a clean look

kitchen window blinds

White is a reliable color to evoke clean and bright nuance. In the condition that you have a small kitchen space, white is good to go. It also prevails for window ideas.

This white kitchen window sink looks clean and soothing. Coming with glass tile, it adds a textural look to the window. No more boring activity inside your kitchen with this window sink idea!

21. Intriguing window sill and glass window tile

kitchen bay window

The window sill is a great place to display your tiny plants. You can also put a freshly-baked pie and let it cool on the sill. If you are one who thinks that window sill is important, take this idea into account.

An intriguing and spacious window sill allows you to get the best out of it. Meanwhile, the window itself comes with various glass window tiles.

22. White kitchen window blinds for Tosca kitchen

kitchen bay window ideas

Tosca is a color palette that evokes freshness. To get the best feeling, the right window idea is needed. Since white makes a subtle combination with Tosca, a white kitchen window gives a fascinating look to the kitchen.

The presence of a white blind helps keep your privacy. At the same time, it controls the light intensity that comes to the kitchen.

23. Kitchen bay windows with Moroccan treatment for a warm feeling

kitchen garden window

The kitchen bay window is a great idea to optimize window functions. There are many things to do with the bay, one of which is creating garden windows for the kitchen.

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That enhances the appearance of the bay window is Moroccan treatment. It blends perfectly with the earth-tone wall.

24. Half-window modern kitchen window treatments for small kitchen space

kitchen windows

A small kitchen space requires more light to create an eye illusion. If you want to have sufficient light intensity but refuse too bright an interior, a half window curtain is a good choice. This fabric window treatment is suitable for your small kitchen.

25. Kitchen shade for minimalist kitchen design

kitchen window treatment ideas

Sheer shade creates a dramatic effect to the kitchen. When combined with the right kitchen concept, it can enhance the interior. Take a look at this window idea that comes with a clean look, thanks to sheer treatment to control the light.


A marvelous kitchen window has nothing to do with the size. Even a small and tiny window can present an intriguing look. Just make sure you know what to do with the kitchen.

Kitchen window ideas vary widely. You can choose the right window idea that suits your kitchen style and concept. Have you decided on the right one?

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