TV Room Ideas

Doing an activity together with your kids can promote intimacy. It does not have to be a big activity, even watching TV can tighten the bond between you and your children. But this won’t happen unless you upgrade the old and boring room with these TV room ideas!

Revamping TV room should not be overwhelming. Instead, it can be a good opportunity to communicate with the family to decide the right concept or arrangement. Are you ready for loads of ideas?


Beautiful Inspiring TV Room Design Ideas to Adopt

Just like any other space in your house, the TV room deserves your utmost attention. It should be a cozy spot to enjoy your favorite TV show while having a light conversation with your kids. These are inspiring TV room decoration ideas to steal!

1. Simplicity to boost intimacy

basement tv room

It never goes wrong to choose a minimalist concept for your TV room. Simplicity is the main point, thus you don’t need to spend time to arrange the room. Hanging light becomes a focal point, providing an artistic touch to the minimalist interior.

The presence of area rug reflects cozy modern décor that improves the coziness of the room. At the same time, the glass coffee table creates a harmony with the entire element of the interior.

2. Rock your room with the dark shade

cozy modern decor

This is a great idea of TV room either for family or for a single dweller. The dark shade makes a new definition of a warm and friendly interior. A white area rug makes a beautiful contrast to your interior.

To make your TV room looks brighter, the small glass window is ready to provide natural lighting. Pendant lighting is also added to provide a cozy ambiance inside the room.

3. Rustic vintage TV desk as a focal point

tv walls design ideas

Upgrading your TV room design does not have to involve major renovation. Even minor change can create a great difference. A TV desk in rustic nuance can refresh your old and boring TV room.

Wooden TV desk in small size is a great addition if you have a space issue. Few ornaments are going to boost its appearance.

4. Embrace nature with greeneries

wall decor around tv

Bring outdoor freshness indoors! The following TV room ideas look so fascinating with real plants that fresh up your interior. Not to mention it adds more color into the room.

If you want to involve greeneries for interior decoration, make sure to choose ones with small size. Even for a narrow room, it does a great job without eating much space.

5. Small room? Add more colors

tv room decoration

Narrow space is never a problem as long as you have created inside your head. This small TV room looks adorable with a colorful interior that expresses a high level of creativity. To neutralize all the colors, plain walls do a great job.

To create a larger feeling, you can also play with the ceiling. Let natural lighting comes into your room and makes a visually wider space.

6. Unique shelves for modern-contemporary TV room

furniture under wall mounted tv

There should be a focal point inside your TV room. How about installing unique wall shelves? Aside from being a center of attention, the shelves make your TV room free from clutter. You can also make perfection with a table under the wall-mounted TV.

Especially for small room, wall shelves do not take much floor space. It can be an impressive wall ornament at the same time. Interestingly, this can be an inspiring DIY project for you!

7. Furnace adds warmth

tv on the wall idea

Locating a fireplace inside the TV room is the right decision to ensure your coziness. Even during chilly winter, you can enjoy snuggling with family while watching favorite TV shows.

The following TV room ideas come a wall mounted electric fireplace embedded in a stone wall. The metal frame creates a modern look to the interior.

8. Play with the light

tv room design

It is always nice to play with lighting. There are many lighting ideas that you can employ inside the TV room. Recessed lighting or spotlight is great to add a dramatic effect to your interior.

Place the light fixture above your TV and it is ready to bring different nuance to the room. It is okay to combine two or more light ideas in one room.

9. Blue cabinet in your TV room? Why not?

how to decorate tv stand

If you want to perform a flair of French style, this blue cabinet can be a sleek addition. Place the cabinet beneath your wall mount TV and let it evoke French nuance inside the room. The blue cabinet also works for a TV room ideas with a shabby chic accent.

Blue cabinet with glass door, despite its contrast, look, create a refreshing vibe. You can also choose other pastel colors to make a focal point as incredible TV walls design ideas.

10. Natural stone for rustic TV room

tv wall design ideas

Rustic is a popular concept for many houses. A room with a rustic concept looks warm and friendly as it comes with a distinct character. Rustic TV room ideas with stone fireplace and wooden frame provide coziness that you need.

The TV is mounted over the fireplace, allowing you to enjoy the show while warming yourself. Decorative wall ornament turns out to be a center of attention.

11. Wall-mounted TV to save space

corner tv ideas

Wall mount TV Ideas for living room are always appealing, especially for narrow space. This idea adopts the minimalist concept that it does not involve too many furniture pieces. The clean look helps create a visually larger room.

While other TV room ideas may have a sofa, you don’t need one in this room idea. Instead, an area rug promotes intimacy of your family. Besides, it helps save your purse!

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12. Unique TV stand looks futuristic

decorating around a wall mounted tv

This one of TV stand ideas for living room brings you to somewhere in the future. The metal stand is uniquely designed to hold the TV, allowing you to watch favorite show conveniently.

The sleek white sofa makes a great addition to the interior, creating harmony with the architectural floor lamp. You can also add more colors by sporting a colorful area rug.

13. Don’t forget to read!


TV is not the only one that should be present in your living room. Encourage your kids to love reading by displaying their favorite books over the TV. Fortunately, the bookshelves can also serve as a wall decoration! This idea is also suitable for a TV for the kid’s room.

14. Hidden wall storage with eclectic design

tv wall units for living room

Do you have many items but want to have a living room with a clean look? This hidden wall shelf is a new definition of storage. You can make all items out of sight for a second.

Interestingly, the wall shelf comes with a space to mount your TV. The storage with eclectic design brings your living room to the next level.

15. Wooden panel to mount your TV

tv for kids room

This is a new way to mount your TV. TV room ideas with wooden panel do provide comfort that you need. Especially when you have kids who fond of running around the house, the wooden panel is an incredible idea to promote safety for kids.

The wooden panel is equipped with racks that allow you to display collectibles. Task lighting creates a dramatic effect on the rack.

16. Floating shelves and wall mount TV

wall mount tv ideas for living room

Do you have a large wall and think it is too plain? While mounting a TV is not enough, you can also bring a wall-mounted cabinet next to the TV. Combined with floating shelves, they create a fascinating living room interior.

The cabinet serves as a wall decoration and storage at the same time. Under-cabinet lighting makes sure your collectibles get the light.

17. The garage is a perfect spot for the TV room

tv stand decoration ideas

You’ll be surprised how a garage can be transformed into a cozy spot for a TV room! TV room ideas in a garage sound fantastic, especially when you have an adorable view outside. This can be a perfect spot to spend time with family or friends.

The garage TV room ideas come in a simple design. A wall-mounted TV with an electric fireplace is enough to create a cozy spot for everyone.

18. Transform your TV room into a gallery

tv stand ideas for living room

The plain wall can be boring! If you think wall ornament is not good enough, get wall shelves and transform your living room into a gallery. You have enough space to display collectibles, photo frames, and accessories.

Variety of ornaments around the TV can tone up your interior. Then you can say goodbye to the plain wall!

19. The wooden ladder looks good on your TV desk

bedroom tv ideas

Express your creativity by creating DIY ladder shelves. This black wooden ladder idea can add elegant touch inside your living room. The most important, this wall decor around TV is one of a kind

The ladder that serves as shelves helps store your books, photo frames, or accessories. To add elegant touch into the room, you can also employ a floor lamp in the corner.

20. Chevron wooden wall for minimalist background

small living room layout with tv

Having a small living room is a real challenge. You have to pay attention to detail to create a larger feeling. TV room ideas with chevron wooden wall give texture without making your wall looks cramped. Thus no ornaments needed in the interior.

The wall-mounted TV also helps save floor space, thus you can move freely inside the room. Meanwhile, earth-tone color option evokes warm and friendly nuance.

21. Maximize your corner

shelf above tv

The urban house usually comes in small size. But this is not a problem if you know how to get the best out of it. Corner TV room ideas are best applied to maximize every inch of your dwelling.

Corner TV room does not need to be crowded. Wall-mounted TV and floating shelves are enough to boost your interior, especially corner.

22. Make a new definition with contemporary concept

tv room furniture

A living room with a contemporary concept does not require much attention. It is characterized by simple design as you can see in the following TV room ideas. The white cabinet serves to frame the wall-mounted TV, providing decoration and function at the same time.

A floor lamp also gives a stronger touch of contemporary in the interior. On the other side of the wall, a giant glass window offers a clear look to the room.

23. All white TV room ideas will do

tv wall design

White, white everywhere. If you are obsessed with the clean and clear interior, white living room will do. This room idea employs a white ceiling and white wall that satisfy your desire. The TV is mounted nicely on the white wall, creating a contrast look to your eyes.

But wait! This living room is not completely white. You can spot the cement floor that provides different nuance to space.

24. Floor lamp for an architectural touch

tv on wall idea

If you don’t want to see the crowd in the living room, this minimalist-modern concept is what you need to adopt. This TV room decoration looks clean, allowing your eyes to enjoy the unobstructed view. Whitewall blends nicely with a wooden panel.

But those things are not as attractive as the architectural floor lamp. Coming in white color scheme, it adds an aesthetic touch to your TV room.

25. The Scandinavian TV room in the attic

beautiful family

Basement TV room ideas may be usual. But attic TV room ideas is a new definition of a room transformation. You can renovate the horrible attic and transform into a cozy spot to watch TV.

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White walls and ceiling create a larger effect to the room. Also, the glass window allows the room to receive sufficient sunlight during the day. To offer coziness, this room is equipped with a sofa and coffee table just like other living room.


Variety of TV room ideas are there to upgrade your living room. After all, decorating a room requires your creativity. These inspiring ideas help you find the best combination and decoration to create coziness and intimacy inside the interior. Are you ready for the room project?

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