Walk in Pantry Ideas

Walk in pantry ideas are here! If you have a plan to renovate the kitchen in a short future, finding out some references for pantry ideas is a must. Just like any other room in a house, kitchen pantry can be decorated with a variety of styles such as minimalist, farmhouse, even modern!

It cannot be denied that the pantry plays a major contribution to the kitchen. A well-organized pantry enables you to work efficiently. You can store kitchenware, appliances, and food supplies in the pantry. Anytime you need them, simply walk into the pantry and grab anything you need.


Unique Walk in Pantry Ideas to Enhance Any Kitchen Concept

How can you transform the small space into a functional, decorative kitchen pantry? There are loads of ideas to enhance your walk in pantry. Get ready for mind-blowing inspirations below!

1. A minimalist upgrade for small walk in pantry

walk-in pantry
Source: skljocni.me

Renovating your kitchen is not always costly. In a condition that you have a tight budget, a minimalist upgrade can create a significant enhancement. One of the ways to upgrade the kitchen is by employing a new pantry cabinet.

This freestanding pantry cabinet can be a versatile addition to your kitchen. The cabinet with minimalist design brings an upgrade to your old and boring kitchen. The idea of open shelving and wire racks allows you to find anything in a second.

2. Modest walk in pantry in your kitchen corner

corner walk in pantry
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Many people find it is hard to make use of the kitchen corner. The truth, kitchen corner can be a perfect place to build a pantry. This walk in pantry ideas does not require spacious room to accommodate your ware and supplies.

Even a modest corner pantry ideas can serve a maximum function. You only need to install open shelving or racks to keep kitchenware and food supplies in place. Make sure to give sufficient illumination into the room.

3. Farmhouse pantry idea with tidy organization

freestanding pantry cabinet ideas
Source: aufgeklebt.info

If you dream of a tidy and organized kitchen pantry, farmhouse walk in pantry ideas are good to adopt. The custom cabinet is designed with open shelving and pull out drawers, giving you various storage options.

White is the perfect color choice for several reasons. White enables you to find ware and food supplies easily. At the same time, it also bounces more light to the pantry space.

4. Walk in pantry with vintage shelving and hardwood flooring

open pantry ideas
Source: critcrit.club

Having a spacious walk in pantry is a blessing. It is far easier to decorate the room. Large pantry enables you to accommodate more wares and supplies. As a bonus, you can move freely inside the nook.

The following walk in pantry ideas come with vintage style as presented by the cabinet and shelving. Hardwood flooring enhances the decoration of its interior. To maximize the function, this spacious pantry is equipped with an under-mount sink.

5. Door organization to maximize space

small walk in pantry ideas
Source: carolinashowcases.com

It is a real challenge to organize a small pantry. While you cannot expand the cabinet, you should expand your mind for useful pantry plans. Bring your creativity to the next level by taking advantages of anything available in the pantry.

To maximize space, you can give a new function to the cabinet door. Wire racks can transform your cabinet doors into versatile storage. You can keep herbs, spices, and jars on the door racks and save space in the cabinet.

6. Corner walk in pantry for a busy kitchen

corner pantry ideas
Source: innovate.co

When you are having a busy morning, it can be overwhelming to run between the kitchen and pantry. As a solution, corner walk in pantry ideas in the kitchen gives you easier access. Everything is within reach to support efficient work.

You can employ open shelving and cabinet over the worktop. This storage helps keep any kitchenware, appliances, and even herbs and spices. To enhance kitchen interior, opt for cabinets and worktops that match each other.

7. Walk in pantry with sliding barn door looks so rustic

walk-in pantry
Source: uslugiziemne.info

Are you interested in rustic style? The sliding barn door is the best choice to define your style. The pantry door ideas with an upper metal track give a warm and friendly welcome to you. Inside the pantry, open shelving allows you to find anything you need in a few seconds.

Brick wall enhances the value of a walk in pantry. The following walk in pantry ideas creates a harmonious look with hardwood flooring used in this I-shaped spacious pantry. To support the function, an undermount sink is included.

8. Creative walk in pantry idea with unique door

corner walk in pantry
Source: michaelandrewcreative.co

How to upgrade the old and boring kitchen pantry? Be creative with the door! This is an effective way to show your style without effort. How about using woven wire mesh to elevate the door appearance?

The wooden door with unique ornament is combined with woven wire mesh that allows you to see through the mesh. Inside the pantry, open shelving helps secure and organize your ware, liquor, and supplies.

9. Rustic shelving for small kitchen pantry

freestanding pantry cabinet ideas
Source: aldomenini.info

Do you love canned food that much? If you do, then pantry with a special design is what you need to keep the canned food securely. This walk in pantry gives a new definition of food storage. Coming with rustic nuance, you can spot a uniquely designed canned food container.

The walk in pantry ideas works so nicely that you can apply the principle of first in first out. Besides, the container can also be used to organize your canned drinks.

10. Open shelving and pull out drawers for extra storage

open pantry ideas
Source: kusse.co

Spacious L-shaped walk in pantry ideas offers easy access to anything inside of it. But the ample space does not work properly without appropriate storage and shelving ideas.

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Consider using L-shaped cabinet and pull out drawers to enlarge the storage space. Cabinet with drawers can keep your kitchenware and appliances while the open shelving can be a cozy home to a variety of food supplies.

11. Walk in pantry with sliding doors

small walk in pantry ideas
Source: homeaisha.co

Walk in pantry size never becomes a matter. As long as you have created on your mind, even a narrow space can offer a wide array of functions to promote efficient work.

This pantry idea shows how small walk in pantry ideas dimensions cannot prevent you from using the space at its best. The pantry employs cabinets in a subtle color that bounces more light into the room. Besides, the cabinet also comes with a sliding door that helps save space.

12. Nicely organized I-shaped walk in pantry

corner pantry ideas
Source: hgtvhome.sndimg.com

An I-shaped pantry gives ample space to move freely. This minimalist walk-in pantry looks indulging, thanks to the harmonious combination of white open shelving and hardwood flooring.

That makes the pantry looks inviting is the presence of double hinged doors. Frosted glass with frame wood gives an attractive appearance to the pantry itself. At the same time, it gives a wide opening to the pantry.

13. Tiered shelving to expand the storage

unique pantry door ideas
Source: homestratosphere.com

Walk in pantry ideas with tier shelving is what you need to optimize the narrow space. When you cannot go horizontally, you can always go vertically.

Tiered shelving enables you to expand the storage up to the ceiling. The more storage you have, the more wares and supplies can be accommodated inside the pantry. To add more light, you can consider painting the wall and shelves white.

14. Small walk in pantry ideas with shiplap wall and extra shelving

walk in kitchen pantry
Source: decoholic.org

If you want a separated pantry but don’t have sufficient space, the following walk in pantry ideas does relieve your pain. Technically, the small pantry is connected to the kitchen. But the presence of room partition gives you a different feeling when entering the kitchen and pantry.

Regarding the small size, tiered open shelving expand the space to store wares and appliances. To create an eye illusion, white shiplap wall makes the room visually larger.

15. Dreamy walk in pantry with wicker container

walk in pantry shelving
Source: onekindesign.com

Do you dream of having a spacious and well-organized walk in pantry? Elevate the value of your kitchen pantry by adopting this design idea.

A dreamy walk in pantry ideas comes with open cabinet and shelving to keep your wares in place. To create a tidy look, wicker container keeps a variety of supplies and appliances out of sight.

16. Folding door for easier access to walk in pantry

pantry doors ideas
Source: onekindesign.com

You can still have a pantry even though there is no much space left. The following pantry idea comes with small dimensions but with big functionality. Thanks to the folding door that gives you easy access to the pantry.

This door type offers a wide opening, thus you can grab anything inside the pantry without squeezing yourself. Despite its small size, this pantry can accommodate a variety of food supplies, liquors, and kitchenware.

17. I-shaped walk in pantry with upgraded shelving

butler pantry ideas
Source: homestratosphere.com

Among a few ways to make up your pantry is by upgrading the shelving. Walk in pantry ideas are incomplete without savvy shelving that provides extra storage.

This shelving idea is upgraded with under cabinet lighting. Besides providing more light, it also brings the interior to the next level. Open shelving idea enables you to snatch any herbs, spices, and supplies without effort.

18. Get a clean look with minimalist design

pantry door ideas
Source: i.pinimg.com

Cleanliness should be an important aspect to consider in a pantry. As it becomes the place to store food supplies and kitchenware, it is necessary to keep the area clean.

The minimalist design adopted in this pantry idea evokes clean and spacious look. All-white cabinet and shelving bounce more illumination that boosts up its cleanliness. Besides, an organization also takes a major contribution to keeping the room clean.

19. Spacious walk in pantry in French-style

walk in pantry floor plans
Source: bruneidiary.info

French style is characterized by its elegance and inviting look. It never goes wrong to adopt this style to your walk in pantry. The ample size becomes an advantage as you can emphasize the French style even more.

This spacious walk in pantry combines cabinet and open shelving. Interestingly, it is equipped with a ladder and a wooden track that enables you to access the overhead compartment.

20. Butler’s walk in pantry with see-through cabinet

walk in pantry size
Source: puneescort.info

Do you want to have a butler pantry? The following butler pantry ideas are going to bring your walk in pantry to the next level. Despite its small size, the butler pantry is nicely designed that you can feel the cozy ambiance.

This pantry comes with a see-through cabinet that enables you to find wares and appliances in a few seconds. Besides, this cabinet also defines the value of your pantry. Wall ornament can be a great addition to show your style.

21. Make your pantry a home to herbs and spices

walk in pantry dimensions
Source: maycon.info

If you love herbs and spices, you may have plenty of it in the kitchen. Why don’t you move them to the pantry? This walk-in pantry idea is an ideal home to herbs and spices as you equip the pantry with open shelving.

To create a tidy and organized look, wicker container can also be included. The natural container keeps clutter away from your walk-in pantry.

22. Freestanding pantry cabinet is portable

walk in pantry plans
Source: kvartal.co

Do you need to upgrade the pantry shelving system? The following freestanding pantry cabinet ideas are going to meet your need. If you don’t want to install wall mount shelving, this shelving idea is good to go.

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A metal freestanding cabinet can keep your wares and supplies securely. Not to mention the floor to ceiling design gives extra storage to the pantry.

23. L-shaped walk in pantry with dark flooring

walk in pantry design
Source: dontbetrayindiana.com

A walk in pantry ideas with L-shape offers a spacious area to walk and move freely. From its appearance, white wall and shelving together with dark flooring create an inviting monochrome look. This can be a great home to your wares and supplies.

24. Farmhouse pantry design idea with open shelving

how to build a walk in pantry
Source: fas3.info

If you have a kitchen with farmhouse style, chances are that you need a farmhouse pantry design to create harmony. This walk in pantry ideas provides open shelving and undermount sink to offer more functionalities.

Stone tile flooring along with wooden ceiling emphasizes farmhouse nuance that you adopt, creating unique pantry door ideas. Thanks to industrial lighting that creates a focal point to the room.

25. Wooden shelving with a metal rod to secure your supplies

butlers pantry vs walk in pantry
Source: tanemura.info

Wooden shelves with a metal rod can be a simple shelving idea for your walk-in pantry. The metal rod provides strong support to the wooden shelves, allowing you to store a variety of items on it. To evoke natural look, wicker containers are ready to keep your things in place.


Walk in pantry plays a major role in achieving time-efficient when working in the kitchen. Plenty of walk in pantry ideas provides mind-blowing inspiration to upgrade your old pantry.

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