Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

Wedding Seating Chart Ideas – Generally, people want to get married. They want to feel happiness through marriage. In fact, they want to live happily ever after with the beloved one. It is a must to have a successful wedding ceremony. Everything must be prepared well otherwise disaster may occur.

A master ceremony is needed to make sure everything is under control and run structurally as planned. There are several things that must be organized carefully.

Make sure you organize the whole thing perfectly. You can be happy. The bride can be happy. The groom can be happy. Everybody can be happy too.

First, the food and beverages must be prepared based on the amount of the guest. It will be excellent if the guests can eat and drink in after the ceremony.

It will be a nightmare if you are lack of those things. Second, the seat of the guest must be arranged and managed well based on the name of each attendee.

In order to make everything perfect, you have to make sure that every guest sits on his or her own seat. Hence, you need to make a wedding seating chart.

Make sure you make it as unique as possible. This article is able to inspire you on how to make such a thing. You can make it yourself or ask for help from a wedding expert.


1. Rustic Guest Chart Board

seating chart at wedding ideas yarn and clothespin

This remarkable idea is one of the wedding seating chart board ideas. It looks rustic and ancient. It is created by a professional wedding artist. His name is Lucas. This board is made of used wood from an abandoned house.

It is then cleaned up from dirt and dust. He finished the wood with clear satin polish. The contrast is clearly seen because the letter is written in white. Yes, it is handwritten style font. You can use any kinds of the font as you wish.

2. Another Amazing Rustic Wedding Seating Chart

large wedding seating chart ideas

As you can see that the board has one of destination wedding seating chart ideas. The guests will not get lost finding their own seat. The color is pretty decent. The font is also clear to read. The board is made of wood.

My friend, August made it a month ago. His sister asked him to make one for her wedding ceremony. I like this one. Everyone can see where the seat is located.

3. Black and White are Everlasting

nautical wedding seating chart ideas

This is originally created by my sister, Emily. This is one of the wedding seating chart display ideas. She likes black and white. The contrast is pretty clear to see here. You can make it by yourself. The board is made of drywall. The paint has a satin finish.

Some people say that white represents holiness. While black represents God or the pure energy of emptiness. A wedding ceremony will be done great if you use this board to arrange the seat.

4. Simply Small Wedding Seating Chart

wedding seating chart ideas trees

It brings back a nostalgic memory of 1885. The idea is to separate the chart part by part in a small size. It is one of the vintage wedding seating chart ideas that has many fans. My brother, Andy made this board with the inspiration of the old days in Norway.

If you love European touch, this idea will be perfect for you. The small part is easier to see. However, some say that it takes a little more time to read the whole list.

5. Like Coffee Like the Board

unique wedding seating chart ideas

It is made by my father, Jorge. He likes white and light brown. He likes coffee a lot. 2 weeks ago, he made it for his friend’s wedding ceremony. It is one of the creative wedding seating chart ideas. The idea is to put coffee feeling on a board that is made of drywall.

The font is uniquely designed by my mother, Penelope. The combination of the colors and the font create a fantastic chart. The guests love it a lot.

6. Fun and Simple Wedding Seating Chart

elegant wedding seating chart ideas

The basic idea is about simplicity and fun. My best friend, David made it several days ago for his sister’s wedding ceremony. This cool idea is one of the ideas for wedding seating chart display ideas. He added a photograph to give casual nuance onto the board.

The writing is very easy to read. It looks clean, fun, and casual. The board is made of pine wood. A lot of my friends love this one.

7. The Lines Make the Chart Unique

Christmas wedding seating chart ideas

This one is created by an expert, John de Logz. He is very creative at making a board. This belongs to rustic wedding seating chart ideas. The idea is to make lines i.e. the zigzag lines to connect every guest’s name with the number of the seat row.

The board is made of Dragon wood. It is very rare to find one nowadays. The ivy on the top sides of the board gives a natural look.

8. Bottles are Perfect for the Chart

winter wedding seating chart ideas

This is made by my neighbor, Michelle. She likes to make ornament and accessories. The bottles are really amazing when they are made for the place of the seating chart. This one belongs to elegant wedding seating chart ideas.

The flowers give a natural touch to each bottle. The chart is written on a piece of paper. The result is amazing. Every guest said that he or she liked it a lot.

9. Tiny Pieces of Paper

vintage wedding seating chart ideas

This one is created in winter. It is one of winter wedding seating chart ideas. The tiny pieces of paper are very unique. However, some say that it is a little bit difficult to read the name. In contrast, some others say it is a unique design for the chart.

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It depends on each person actually. If you think that it is good to make one, go for it. It is really easy to make. You will not need any help from your friends or an expert.

10. Surfboard Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

destination wedding seating chart ideas

This is made by my brother, Andrew. This belongs to wedding reception seating chart ideas. It is actually a surfboard that he alters into a wedding seating chart. He paints it with premium paint. The white and black are all over it.

The orange color makes it contrast. You can see the number very clearly. The bride loved it so much. The groom thought that it was made by Aquaman.

11. Green and Brown Wood Board

rustic wedding seating chart ideas

This one is a little bit different from other templates. It is because this is one of the wedding seating chart ideas templates. Photographs are added to build a casual and warm feeling. Hopefully, by looking at the board, all the guests will be happy to attend the ceremony.

The numbers are made pretty big. Everyone can see it very clearly. The guest will not read their name. Instead, they will see their own picture in every number of the seating area.

12. A Ladder Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

wedding seating chart board ideas

I like this one. This is made of a ladder. This one of DIY wedding seating chart ideas. It is a present from a firefighter, James. He is my friend. Then, I change it into a medium for the chart. The piece of paper is considered unique for showing the seating chart.

The brown color gives a natural and warm feeling to the guests. I got many praises from my friends. They like it very much.

13. Another Ladder for the Chart

ideas for wedding seating chart display

This one is very elegant. It belongs to elegant wedding seating chart ideas. The ladder is bought from a material shop. I made this one for my neighbor, Scott. The flowers are useful to balance the view.

The candles are useful to enlighten the ladder so that the guests can see the list clearly. It is simple and easy to make. I made it by myself while I was listening to Michel Jackson’s song, Billy Jean.

14. Brown Rustic Wedding Seating Chart

creative wedding seating chart ideas

This is pretty large. That is why it belongs to large wedding seating chart ideas. It is 3 meters long. It is rustic in the look. The brown color makes it perfect. It uses some cloth to add vintage view. This one is ordered by my uncle, Tommy.

He likes rustic color. Moreover, he wants something brown. I decided to create this design based on those two things. It is pretty long. You can make at any length you want.

15. The Asbestos will Do Seating Chart Ideas

fall wedding seating chart ideas

This one is the king of the rustic chary board. You can be sure that it is one of speakeasy wedding seating chart ideas for 25 plus tables. The really old brown papers make everything perfect. You can read the list easily.

The idea comes from my student, Mark. He is clever and creative. He comes up with this idea. I like this one. The asbestos is a used material.

16. Vintage Brown Paper Based Board

wedding table seating chart ideas

The key is to make a chart board that is made of the tree skin. This one belongs to wedding seating chart ideas trees. The outer layer of an old tree is taken to make this one.

The tree is 2,000 years old. It is located in Borneo jungle. You can see the genuine of the board. The letter is white. It is useful to make it contrast with the brown board.

17. Trunks are Pretty Good

wedding seating chart ideas templates

Everybody loves this one. This idea is one of the unique wedding seating chart ideas. The green plants are useful to make it more natural and fresh. The trunks are taken from the river. They floated freely from the upstream of Kapuas river.

This one looks very cozy and warm. It is created in the fall. I love fall and winter. Those two seasons give a peaceful feeling to everyone.

18. Glass and Gild are Enough

wedding seating chart display ideas

It is created with the fun and love of an expert, Nichola Linga. He is a creative Italian expert in wedding charting board creation. This one belongs to fun wedding seating chart ideas. The glass has a modern look. While the gold ink has a luxurious view.

My friend loves it very much. She was the one who ordered this fantastic chart board. The ivy makes it more amazing.

19. Glass Board with Frame

wedding reception seating chart ideas

This one is placed in a garden where the wedding ceremony was held yesterday. This beautiful board belongs to a creative garden wedding seating chart ideas. The ivy is absolutely gorgeous. It makes the board look more elegant and formal.

The garden looked more beautiful and sacred when it was placed there. The golden stand was added to support the great look of the board.

20. Only Wood Frame will Do

circlar table seating chart

Even though it is small, it looks very terrific. This is the simplest chart board for a wedding seating list. small wedding seating chart ideas. The wood is very rare. It is called Tigerwood. The wood can be found in Utachala jungle, Papua.

Simplicity is amazing. More people love it day by day. The tusk white color is perfect for this design. Everyone can step forward to it. The writing is clear to read. The small papers are easy to make.

Make the Best Chart Board Now

I hope that you get inspired now after reading this article. The 20 ideas are very amazing. You will not get stuck with ideas. Every design is unique and fantastic. Interestingly, you can modify each design with your own creativity.

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You can upload a video on YouTube about how to make a wedding seating chart board. If you are very good at making ones, you can make a lot of money. Every day, people get married.

They must need such a thing for their wedding ceremony. It is your chance to promote your skill. If your work is neat and perfect, other people will call you for help.

Be creative and build the most unique chary board in this world!

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